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Message Categories - informative

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Message Categories - informative

The content and processing of fields related to integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation varies according to whether:

This leads to groupings which are referred to as Message Categories. Message Categories are structured in a hierarchical way, with the more generally applicable categories being at the tiers of the hierarchy with lower numbers. A category which is derived from another category (i.e. in a tier with a higher number) is called a subordinate Message Category. A category from which another category is derived (i.e. in a tier with a lower number) is called a superordinate Message Category. Figure 5.3 summarises the hierarchy.

Figure 5.3: Message Categories

Note that the ‘Command’ part of the hierarchy covers requirements for both the Command and the corresponding Response. Except in certain error cases (e.g. cryptographic processing failure), a Command always leads to a Response.

Section 6 is structured according to the hierarchy at Figure 5.3.

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      file -> Remove this if sending to pagerunnerr Page Title Light Rail Security Recommended Best Practice
      file -> 8 Section 1 : Sport
      file -> Notice of exercise of additional powers of seizure under Sections 50 or 51 of the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001
      file -> Home office circular 004/2014 Powers to search for and seize invalid travel documents in Schedule 8 to the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014
      file -> Consultation on the Royal Parks and Other Open Spaces (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 2012
      file -> Crown copyright 2012
      file -> This is the Report to Government by the Film Policy Review Panel The brief
      file -> Impact Assessment (IA)
      file -> Dcms/Wolfson Museums and Galleries Improvement Fund a public-Private Partnership (2002-2010)

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