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Calculating the Initialization Vector for GCM and GMAC

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Calculating the Initialization Vector for GCM and GMAC

In relation to Remote Party Messages, Smart Metering Entities shall use a 96 bit Initialization Vector (IV) for the GCM and GMAC algorithms as defined in NIST Special Publication 800-38D. The IV shall be the concatenation

FixedField || InvocationField


The DLMS COSEM Authentication Key (AK), as defined in the Green Book, shall not be present.
          1. Other input parameters to MAC and Encryption / Decryption operations - informative

Other input parameters for MAC, Encryption and Decryption are not specified in this Section 4.3.3 because they vary dependent on a number of factors. These other input parameters are listed in tables of the same format as Table and their values are specified in each part of the GBCS where such an operation is specified.

The template for such tables is the Table Please note that this table does not contain any values as it is a template only.

Input Parameter



To calculate the Shared Secret (‘Z’) input to the KDF:

Private Key Agreement Key

Public Key Agreement Key

The other input to the KDF (‘OtherInfo’) shall be calculated according to the requirements of Section

As input to the GMAC function, the IV shall be constructed according to the requirements of Section, the Plaintext shall be empty and:

Additional Authenticated Data shall be the concatenation:

Table Template for other input parameters
          1. Size of MAC

The bit length of the MAC shall be 96.

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