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Scope of Cryptographic Protections

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Scope of Cryptographic Protections

The fields that shall always contribute to MAC and Digital Signature are detailed in Section 7.2. Fields that vary across Messages are specified in Section 6, and in the relevant Use Cases. For clarity, a Message instance may transit through multiple Smart Metering Entities before delivery to its target Device, and more than one Smart Metering Entity may be required to apply a Cryptographic Protection to that Message instance. Thus, the scope of protection can only be across fields in the Message instance as constructed at the point the protection is applied.

Where a Message has multiple Cryptographic Protections, the order in which the Smart Metering Entities apply these Cryptographic Protections is specified in this GBCS.

A Device verifying the Cryptographic Protections in such Messages shall undertake such verifications in the reverse sequence to that in which the Cryptographic Protections were applied. This order is also specified in this GBCS.

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