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Event / Alert codes shall be 2 octets in length and shall take the values specified in Table 16.2. As per the Device Specifications, all Alerts, Event Log entries, Security Log entries, Power Event Log entries and ALCS Event Log entries shall contain a UTC date time stamp, in addition to the Event / Alert code. Non-Critical Alerts can be configured to be sent / not to be sent using the relevant Commands and Responses defined in Use Cases ECS25a, ECS25b and GCS20 (all configurable Alerts can be configured in a single Message). The relevant DCC User needs to ensure that Critical Alerts are always configured on.

As specified in Table 16.2 by way of ‘x’ in a cell, deviceType (and for ESME, variant of ESME) shall determine which Alerts a device shall issue and which Event Log and Security Log entries it shall record. Where deviceType = 0x04 (HCALCS) or 0x05 (PPMID), this Section 16 only requires the sending of Alerts, since neither Device type is required to have either an Event Log or a Security Log.

Where an Alert and a Log entry have the same trigger in a Device, the Device shall record the same UTC date time stamp and the same Event / Alert code in both.

The Remote Party to which an Alert containing a specific Event Code is addressed shall be determined by the Remote Party Role as specified in Table 16.2. Where the Remote Party Role is stated as Supplier or WAN Provider, the Alert shall be addressed:

  • to the WAN Provider if deviceType = 0x02 (CHF); and

  • to the Supplier for all other deviceType values.

Where a Use Case is specified in Table 16.2 the corresponding Alert shall be constructed according to the specified Use Case. Where no Use Case is specified the Alert shall be constructed according to Section 7.

Where an Alert has two recipient roles identified, the Device shall place the Entity ID of the Supplier in the Business Target ID field and the Entity ID of the other recipient in the Supplementary Remote Party ID field.

For any Event Log entries relating to Event Codes 0x0061 and 0x0062, the Device shall record the commands input on the User Interface by including the User Interface Command Code in the Event Log entry as defined in Table 16.4.

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