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Changes Protection against Replay Mechanisms

Corrections to align to Section 9.2 - Devices require fewer anti-replay counters than stated in GBCS v0.8.

6.2.4: Command authenticity and integrity verification

The sequencing of authentication checks has been made more explicit, and corrected to reflect the required anti-replay counters (above)

7.2.10: Message construction – GBZ payloads

The addition of an optional ‘From Date Time’ field (setting the earliest state date / time to read from) to cater for two ZCL commands that do not have such a field

7.2.11: Transfer of large remote party messages

Inclusion of explicit provisions for retry when parts of a message are not received (loss of blocks)

7.3.7: Pricing matrices, scripts and registers

Details the required mapping between price and register related attributes on the ESME, and provides a supporting narrative

7.3.9: ESME accounts, credits and charges

Provision of explanatory information relating to ESME accounts, credits and charges

7.3.10: ESME requirements for using Special Days objects

Makes explicit the required mapping between Special Day objects and the calendars with which each is to be associated

7.4: Device requirements - ZSE

Replacement of original material to clarify the normative / informative structure, and correct a number of detailed points. Specifically, the revised material sets out the ZigBee clusters, attributes and commands that shall be supported by Devices in their interactions with other Devices on the same HAN. The mapping includes the requirements mapping back to SMETS, CHTS and the wider GBCS

9.1: Time synchonisation

Minor drafting corrections

9.2.2: Future dated commands for the writing of attributes

Clarification that all future dated times in a single Command have to be the same ESME requirements for activiation of future datable commands

Makes explicit the requirements within an ESME for activitation of future dated commands

10: ZSE implementation

Corrections to align with the published ZigBee specification, including that a PPMID may be sleepy, and that certain notification flags must not be actioned by a GSME

10.3.4: GSME command retrieval and TOM requirements

Corrections to the list of TOM Commands Other attributes

Makes explicit where GBCS has specific processing requirements in relation to ZSE attributes which are not detailed in the ZSE specification Use Case Requirements (Pair-wise Authorisation of Devices)

Inclusion of valid Business Originator role(s) for each type of join and unjoin command

16: Event / Alert Codes and related requirements

Changes to renumber mandated alert codes to avoid clashes with pre-existing alert codes in other standards; clarify that non-mandated alerts are Type 1 (do not have payload); and correct alerts associated with restoration of supply after the load limit restoration period has elapsed Message Templates for ZSE commands between ESME and HCALCS

Addition of a section to make explicit how ZSE commands between an ESME and an HCALCS should be constructed

18.2: DLMS Cosem Message Templates

Updated to reflect changes in the Mapping Table Values of the credit_charge_configuration attribute of Account (Class ID 111) objects

Specification of five possible values for the credit_charge_configuration attribute, and an informative explanation of how these are derived ( Encoding of Billing Calendar start date-time and periodicity

Addition of a section setting out how the Billing Calendar is to be populated in the Command to an ESME

19: Use Cases

Replacement of embedded file of HTML to reflect updated Mapping Table

20: Mapping Table

See note below

All changes to cells in the Mapping Table at Section 20 are highlighted in yellow. These changes arise from the following sources:

  • alignment to the published ZigBee and DLMS specifications;

  • correction of misalignment between gas and electricity fuel use cases;

  • alignment to SMETS changes, particularly relating to ALCS;

  • correction of detailed errors identified; and

  • removal of now redundant information, for example Section 7.4 (Device Requirements – ZSE) is no longer generated from the Mapping Table so the relevant cells are now blanked.

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