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Attribute name

Data Type

Value (blank cells mean the command specific value is derived by the encoding process)

Mandatory, OPTIONAL or DEFAULT value






methodAInitiater (0),

methodAResponder (1),

methodB (2),

methodC (3)

See Section for valid values



Entity Identifier


The Entity Identifier of the Device which is to be entered in this Device’s Device Log



gSME (0),

eSME (1),

communicationsHubCommunicationsHubFunction (2),

communicationsHubGasProxyFunction (3),

type1HANConnectedAuxiliaryLoadControlSwitch (4),

type1PrepaymentInterfaceDevice (5),

type2 (6)


The DeviceType of the Device which is to be entered in this Device’s Device Log



The Key Agreement Certificate currently in use by the other Device.


The other Device’s Key Agreement certificate, which shall only be present if and only if this is a join between a gSME and a type1PrepaymentInterfaceDevice.

Certificate shall be as defined in IETF RFC 5912.

Table @JoinDevice.CommandPayload population

@JoinDevice.ResponsePayload shall have the structure defined in Section, and the Remote Party constructing the Command shall populate with values according to Table

Directory: government -> uploads -> system -> uploads -> attachment data -> file
file -> Remove this if sending to pagerunnerr Page Title Light Rail Security Recommended Best Practice
file -> 8 Section 1 : Sport
file -> Notice of exercise of additional powers of seizure under Sections 50 or 51 of the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001
file -> Home office circular 004/2014 Powers to search for and seize invalid travel documents in Schedule 8 to the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014
file -> Consultation on the Royal Parks and Other Open Spaces (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 2012
file -> Crown copyright 2012
file -> This is the Report to Government by the Film Policy Review Panel The brief
file -> Impact Assessment (IA)
file -> Dcms/Wolfson Museums and Galleries Improvement Fund a public-Private Partnership (2002-2010)

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