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Requirements for AuthorisingRemotePartyControl elements - informative

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Requirements for AuthorisingRemotePartyControl elements - informative

All bar two parts of the AuthorisingRemotePartyControl structure are optional. This section summarises when each of the optional elements needs to be present.

AuthorisingRemotePartyControl element



Always required


Only required if credentialsReplacementMode = anyByContingency (when it is always required)


Only required if the Device is to ignore time when undertaking Certification Path Validation, in which case it needs to have the value ‘disapply’


For a Communications Hub, always present.

For all other Devices, always present unless the Access Control Broker is replacing its own credentials (in which case it should be omitted)


Always required


If the Command is to effect a change of control, then newTrustAnchorFloorSeqNumber should be included. It can be present in all other situations


Only required on Change of Supplier where the new Supplier has decided to use a different sequence of Originator Counters for prepayment top ups.


Should be present if one role (e.g. recovery, transitionalCoS) is changing credentials for another role or roles (e.g. supplier). In such cases, this should be present to set Protection Against Replay counters for that other role or roles

Table Requirements for AuthorisingRemotePartyControl elements

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