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Requirements applicable to Device Certificates

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Requirements applicable to Device Certificates

All Device Certificates that are Authorised within the APKI for use by Devices within the scope of this GBCS shall:

  • not have a well-defined expiration date and so the notAfter field shall be assigned the GeneralizedTime value of 99991231235959Z;

  • have an empty SubjectName;

  • have a keyUsage with a value of only one of digitalSignature or keyAgreement;

  • contain a single policyIdentifier in the certificatePolicies extension that refers to the OID applicable to the environment the Device Certificate has been issued in;

  • contain a SubjectAlternativeName extension which shall contain a single GeneralName of type OtherName that is further sub-typed as a HardwareModuleName (id-on-HardwareModuleName) as defined in IETF RFC 410827. The hwSerialNum field shall be set to the Device‚Äôs Entity Identifier. In adherence to IETF RFC 5280, SubjectAlternativeName shall be marked as critical; and

  • contain a single Public Key.

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