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      1. Detailed Steps

        1. Construction of Command

Activate Firmware Command Payloads shall be constructed according to the requirements of Section and populated as specified in Table

MAC Header, Grouping Header, KRP Signature and ACB-SMD MAC shall be populated as required for a Command of the SME.C.C Message Category.

Attribute name

Data Type

Value (blank cells mean the command specific value is derived by the encoding process)

Mandatory, OPTIONAL or DEFAULT value






The Manufacturer Image Hash of the image to be activated.


An octet-string of length 32 interpreted as the Manufacturer Image Hash of the Manufacturer Image that is to be activated



The date-time at which the Command is to be executed, if future dated


Table @ActivateFirmware.CommandPayload population
        1. Device processing of Command and Response handling

The Device receiving an Activate Firmware Command shall undertake processing steps in the sequence defined in this Section

The Device shall:

  1. undertake Command Authenticity and Integrity Verification as required for a Command of the SME.C.C Message Category;

  1. if executionDateTime is present then the Device shall:

        • record manufacturerImageHash, originatorCounter and executionDateTime;

        • construct and send a Response where executionOutcome is not present. Grouping Header is constructed and Response Cryptographic Protection is applied as required for a Response of the SME.C.C Message Categories; and

        • at the date-time specified in executionDateTime, undertake the processing from step 50.

If executionDateTime is not present then the Device shall continue processing from step 50 immediately;

  1. if the Device does not have a stored Manufacturer Image then set activateImageResponseCode to noImageHeld and process from step 54;

  2. calculate Manufacturer Image Hash. If the calculated value does not equal manufacturerImageHash then the Device shall set activateImageResponseCode to hashMismatch and process from step 54;

  3. attempt to activate Manufacturer Image. If the activate fails then the Device shall set activateImageResponseCode to activationFailure and process from step 54;

  4. set activateImageResponseCode to success ;

  5. populate the executionOutcome according to the requirements of Section using the activateImageResponseCode value produced by the processing in this Section, the value of originatorCounter from the Command and the version of firmware now in operation to populate firmwareVersion;

  6. construct Grouping Header and apply the Response Cryptographic Protection required for a Response / Alert of the SME.C.C / SME.A.C Message Categories respectively. In such an Alert, the Message Code shall be 0x00CA. The Response / Alert shall be addressed to the Business Originator of the Corresponding Command. If activateImageResponseCode is success then alertCode shall be 0x0066 else alertCode shall be 0x0067; and

  7. send the Response if executionDateTime was not present in the Command or send the Alert if executionDateTime was present in the Command.

On receipt of the Response, the recipient may undertake the ‘Response Recipient Verification’ for Responses of type SME.C.C. or for Alerts of type SME.A.C, dependent upon the Message received.
        1. Activate Firmware Command, Response and Alert Payloads - structure definition

Each instance of @ActivateFirmware.CommandPayload and of @ActivateFirmware.ResponsePayload and of @ActivateFirmware.AlertPayload shall be an octet string containing the DER encoding of the populated structure defined in this Section which specifies the structure in ASN.1 notation.

ActivateFirmware DEFINITIONS ::= BEGIN

CommandPayload ::= SEQUENCE


-- specify the hash of the Manufacturer Image to be activated

manufacturerImageHash OCTET STRING,

-- the Originator Counter as in the Grouping Header of the Command

originatorCounter INTEGER (0..9223372036854775807),

-- the date-time at which the Command is to execute, if future dated

executionDateTime GeneralizedTime OPTIONAL


ResponsePayload ::= CHOICE


-- if the Command is future dated, the Response will not have any details of

-- execution (those will be in the subsequent alert)

commandAccepted NULL,

-- if the Command is for immediate execution, the Response will detail the

-- outcomes

executionOutcome ExecutionOutcome


AlertPayload ::= SEQUENCE


-- specify the Alert Code

alertCode INTEGER(0..4294967295),

-- specify the date-time of execution

executionDateTime GeneralizedTime,

-- the Originator Counter as in the Grouping Header of the corresponding Command

originatorCounter INTEGER (0..9223372036854775807),

-- detail what happened when the future dated command was executed

executionOutcome ExecutionOutcome


ExecutionOutcome ::= SEQUENCE


-- Specify whether the activation was successful or not

activateImageResponseCode ActivateImageResponseCode,

-- Specify the Device’s now current firmware version

firmwareVersion OCTET STRING


ActivateImageResponseCode::= INTEGER


success (0),

noImageHeld (1),

hashMismatch (2),

activationFailure (3)



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