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Establishing a connection between an HHT and a Communications Hub - informative

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Establishing a connection between an HHT and a Communications Hub - informative

The ZSE specification defines an Inter-PAN Communications mechanism. This mechanism is used to establish an initial secure link between the HHT and the Communications Hub, with the security being provided by ZSE’s CBKE. Once this secure link is established:

  • the HHT uses the link to send its Entity Identifier and Install Code to the Communications Hub;

  • the Communications Hub adds these details to the CHF’s Device Log (so allowing the HHT to join the SMHAN); and

  • the HHT then joins the SMHAN and so can exchange Remote Party Messages within the Communications Hub, and the Communications Hub can relay them to / from the specified Device(s) on the HAN.

Both the Inter-PAN Communications and joining to the SMHAN use the CBKE mechanism that is defined in ZSE.

Inter-PAN Communications shall only be available for 60 minutes from power on of the Communications Hub. So, if needed, Inter-PAN Communications can be enabled by power cycling the Communications Hub.

The Inter-PAN Communications mechanism defined by ZSE requires the HHT to specify the Communications Hub that it wishes to link to. There may be multiple Communications Hubs available to the HHT to connect to via Inter-PAN Communications.

There are a number of options to provide the HHT with information sufficient to identify uniquely the Communications Hub it is to link to, including:

  • the installer manually reading the GPF’s Entity Identifier (which is the IEEE address of the Communications Hub’s SMHAN radio) printed on the Hub, and confirming / selecting this on the HHT; or

  • the installer using a scanner on the HHT to read the GPF’s Entity Identifier.

Two illustrative connection scenarios are provided in the following two sections

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