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GPF Structured Data Items

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GPF Structured Data Items

Underlined terms in this Section 10.4 shall have their meaning in the SMETS and / or CHTS.
      1. Introduction – informative

There are GPF requirements to store structured data items which do not have a direct one to one mapping in ZSE, or the interpretation may be uncertain. These structured data items have to be constructed by the GPF.
      1. Structured Data Items

This Section 10.4.2 details how each structured data item shall be constructed by the GPF.
        1. Daily Read Log

The GSME shall record the Daily Read Log data items at midnight UTC as defined in SMETS. In ZSE terms, the GSME shall take a snapshot of the relevant items. Note that the format and data of the snapshot taken is dependent upon the operating tariff. For example if the GSME tariff is ‘TOU only’, the snapshot shall not capture the block values.

The GSME shall use the snapshot causeGeneral’ (0x0001) for the snapshot taken.

The GSME shall push the snapshot to the GPF using the PublishSnapshot command. It is not necessary for the GSME to report any attributes which duplicate those contained in the snapshot.

The GPF shall populate the relevant attributes upon receipt of the PublishSnapshot command, providing the command is received between midnight (UTC) and the next scheduled wake of the GSME.

The GPF shall store the data contained in the PublishSnapshot command in the GPF copy of the GSME Daily Read Log.

In the event of a communications outage, the GPF shall retrieve missing snapshots using the GetSnapshot command, with the UTC start time field populated based on the last received snapshot timestamp, if one has been received.

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