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Scope and Terminology Introduction - informative

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Scope and Terminology

  1. Introduction - informative

This Section 3.1 is informative and summarises Section 3.

Section 3 introduces key terms used in the GBCS:

  • Messages are how Devices communicate between themselves and with organisations remote from Consumers’ Premises. Such Messages are ‘end-to-end’ and ‘unicast’ in that:

        • they all identify the sender (e.g. a Supplier) and the intended recipient (e.g. an ESME); and

        • they are all intended for processing by the intended recipient, even though they may pass through intermediate Devices, such as a Communications Hub. Most Messages pass through Communications Hubs unaltered, save for any ‘wrapping’ information needed for transport purposes. The only exception is where a Communications Hub Device is the intended recipient or is the sender (in these cases the Message is processed by the CHF or GPF), or where covered by the Tapping Off Mechanism (Section 10);

  • Messages are one of:

        • a Command to a Device or a corresponding Response;

        • an Alert from a Device; or

        • an information provision transaction (HAN Only Message) solely between Devices;

  • Organisations (such as Suppliers and Network Operators) communicating with Devices are called Remote Parties;

  • Messages to and from Remote Parties are called Remote Party Messages; and

  • Messages solely between Devices are called HAN Only Messages.

Section 3 then:

  • explains that the GBCS only covers the Messages needed for the minimum functionality laid out in the SMETS and CHTS;

  • explains that the GBCS specifies how all such Messages are constructed and related processing performed; and

  • notes that Type 2 Devices (e.g. IHDs) can only send or receive HAN Only Messages.

Section 3 also explains some technical terminology and technical conventions used in this GBCS.

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