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HSR creates millions of jobs

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HSR creates millions of jobs

USHSR, no date, ENEFITS -- Silver Bullet Transportation Solution,

High speed rail creates millions of jobs across many different fields including construction, engineering, manufacturing, real estate development, plus operations and management of the new system.

HSR strengthens worker flexibility

Marily Waite, August 24, 2021,, Why the US needs to get on track with high-speed rail

In the era of COVID-19 and the corresponding re-working of many workplaces, high-speed rail provides an additional benefit: worker flexibility. With many companies deciding that a full remote working or twice-a-week in-the-office policy is not only feasible but better for a number of well-being and productivity outcomes, high-speed rail could offer more choice and options for workers, and more access to talent for employers. Imagine employers in California that can have equal access to Oakland and Los Angeles employees; likewise for Dallas-Austin-Houston; Atlanta-Nashville-Birmingham; Chicago-Detroit.

HSR increases engineering jobs

IOT Marketing, February 16, 2022,, Advantages of High-Speed Rail Systems

More Skilled Labor Opportunities - High-speed rail creates thousands of jobs for professionals with construction, engineering, and urban planning backgrounds. It further opens the door to tourism and maintenance jobs.

HSR produces jobs in manufacturing and construction

Andy Kunz, President and CEO of the US High Speed Rail Association (USHSR), sets their vision and direction. He brings 30 years of successful business experience to USHSR and provides senior leadership and an ambitious vision for sustainable transportation in America. This vision includes a 17,000-mile national high-speed rail network built in phases and slated for completion by 2030. Andy holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Master of Architecture in Town Design from the University of Miami. He has served as an expert in a number of forums, speaking extensively at leading conferences and events on transportation and planning topics and providing keynote presentations on high-speed rail and sustainability at numerous international conferences., 2020,, en reasons America needs high-speed rail

Jobs are created in manufacturing and construction
A national high-speed rail system in America will create millions of well paid jobs building the infrastructure and system components, managing the rail systems and operating the stations and related real estate development.
Given all these incredible benefits, high-speed rail represents a truly transformative proposition, worthy of major federal and state investment in America’s bright future. Proof of such is evident all around the world where high-speed rail has been solving problems and providing great mobility and access to billions of people. Now its America’s turn to modernise its transportation system for the 21st century.

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