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HSR revitalizes cities, reduces sprawl

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HSR revitalizes cities, reduces sprawl

Derek Markham, no date, 8 Benefits of High-speed Trains,

High speed trains could reverse the current tendency for cities to sprawl as wide as they can, with lots of new growth on the fringes and a neglected city center. A high speed rail network could revitalize America’s ‘Main Streets’.

Job Creation

HSR creates jobs – 24,000 for every $1 billion spent

American Public Transportation Association, Benefits of High-Speed Rail for the United States,

Building high-speed rail will create hundreds of thousands of jobs. Every $1 billion in investment creates 24,000 jobs. These are highly skilled jobs that will revitalize the domestic rail industries supplying transportation products and services. Many additional jobs are created through the commerce fostered through the economic activity and development which they spark.

Every job in transport creates 4.2 jobs elsewhere

Bella Lorenz, The Urbanist, July 20, 2020, The Urbanist, High-Speed Rail Benefits Small Towns and Large Cities,

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) 2019 business case study estimates that a high-speed rail system in Cascadia would bring 200,000 skilled jobs to the region. In addition to labor needed for construction, operations, and maintenance, transit-oriented development will bring employment opportunities in other sectors. According to Rep. Moulton’s proposal, “for every direct job in the railway supply sector, 4.2 jobs are supported in other industries,” which would create positions for another 840,000 people in the Pacific Northwest. In his blog, Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, explains why job creation is among the reasons why the tech giant has invested a total of nearly $600,000 in the WSDOT high speed rail studies: Job growth with high-speed rail is “a 4% increase over what Seattle and Vancouver can expect without the service… Thousands of these new job opportunities would be spread between Bellingham and Everett, Tacoma and Olympia, and all along the rail corridor.” 

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