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Economic Development

Regional Economic Development

HSR benefits the entire region

Bella Lorenz, The Urbanist, July 20, 2020, The Urbanist, High-Speed Rail Benefits Small Towns and Large Cities,

here are many ways a high-speed rail system can benefit the urban hubs of a megaregion, but small towns along the alignment can also benefit and grow economically. According to Representative Seth Moulton (D-Massachusetts), who authored a white paper on American High-Speed Rail, “Economic development is not limited to the major city pairs that will likely serve as terminals in initial high-speed passenger rail corridors across megaregions: intermediate communities with access to HSR service will also benefit, perhaps even more dramatically.” Major cities and small towns within in a clustered network are characterized as a megaregion; the Pacific Northwest megaregion stretches from Eugene, Oregon all the way up to Vancouver, British Columbia, encompassing Portland and Seattle as well as smaller cities along the I-5 corridor such as Bellingham, Olympia, and Surrey. High-speed rail will provide a fast, affordable, and sustainable mode of transportation between larger cities and for commuters in smaller towns–optimizing travel times, boosting innovation opportunities, and providing economic growth to all cities in the region.

HSR revitalizes cities and supports economic development

Andy Kunz, President and CEO of the US High Speed Rail Association (USHSR), sets their vision and direction. He brings 30 years of successful business experience to USHSR and provides senior leadership and an ambitious vision for sustainable transportation in America. This vision includes a 17,000-mile national high-speed rail network built in phases and slated for completion by 2030. Andy holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Master of Architecture in Town Design from the University of Miami. He has served as an expert in a number of forums, speaking extensively at leading conferences and events on transportation and planning topics and providing keynote presentations on high-speed rail and sustainability at numerous international conferences., 2020,, en reasons America needs high-speed rail

8. High-speed rail revitalises cities
High-speed rail redirects regional land development patterns into TOD (Transit Oriented Development) – compact, walkable, mixed-use and focused around rail stations. Feeder rail systems spur additional corridors of redirected development into compact, walkable forms.
9. Train stations are a tool for economic development
High-speed rail has the power to attract major real estate development around its stations, while also creating whole new industries due to its extensive manufacturing needs. It will also initiate a nationwide construction boom, followed by a new travel boom that will continue for decades.

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