Vce australian history Units 3 and 4

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VCE Australian history Units 3 and 4


Some of the print resources contained in this list may be out of print. They have been included because they may still be available from libraries, bookshops and private collections.

At the time of publication the URLs (website addresses) cited were checked for accuracy and appropriateness of content. However, due to the transient nature of material placed on the web, their continuing accuracy cannot be verified. Teachers are strongly advised to prepare their own indexes of sites that are suitable and applicable to the courses they teach, and to check these addresses prior to allowing student access.


Unit 3 Area of Study 1

Bate, Weston 1999, Victorian Gold Rushes, Sovereign Hill Museums Association, Ballarat.

Blainey, G 2013, History of Victoria, Cambridge, New York.

Boyce, J 2011, 1835: The Founding of Melbourne & the Conquest of Australia, Black Inc., Melbourne.

Broome, R 2010, Aboriginal Victorians: a history since 1800, Allen & Unwin, Sydney.

Broome, R 1984, The Victorians: Arriving, Fairfax, Syme & Weldon, Sydney.

Broome, R, Australian Aboriginal History, La Trobe University. Available at:

Cahir, F 2012, Black Gold, Griffin Press, Victoria.

Canning, Dr S & Thiele, Dr F 2010, Indigenous Cultural Heritage and History within the Metropolitan Melbourne Investigation Area, A report to the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council.

Gammage, B 2011, The Biggest Estate on Earth: How Aborigines Made Australia, Allen & Unwin, Sydney.

Griffith, C, The Present State and Prospects of the Port Phillip District of New South Wales, William Curry Jun and co., Dublin, 1845. Available online.

Hunter, Boyd 2014, Chapter 4, ‘The Aboriginal Legacy’, in Simon Ville & Glenn Withers (eds),

The Cambridge Economic History of Australia, Cambridge University Press, Melbourne.

Kyi, A 2009, ‘The most determined, sustained diggers’ resistance campaign’: Chinese protests against the Victorian Government’s anti-Chinese legislation’ in Provenance, Journal of Public Record Office Victoria, September 2009, issue 8, pp.35–50. Available at:

Lloyd, C 2010, Chapter 2, ‘The emergence of Australian settler capitalism in the nineteenth century and the disintegration/integration of Aboriginal societies: hybridisation and local evolution within the world market’, Ian Keen (ed.), Indigenous Participation in Australian Economies, Australian National University, Canberra.

Nanni, G 2013, The colonisation of time: ritual, routine and resistance in the British Empire, Manchester University Press, Manchester.

Pascoe, B 2014, Dark Emu Black Seeds: agriculture or accident? Magabala Books, WA.

Rose, Deborah Bird 1996, Nourishing Terrains; Australian Aboriginal Views of Landscape and Wilderness, Australian Heritage Commission. Available at:

Rule, P 1996, ‘Very Lonesome…in a Foreign Land’, pp.179–188 in Irish-Australian Studies, Crossing Press, Sydney.

Sayers, CE (ed.) 1983, Letters From Victorian Pioneers, Lloyd O'Neil for Currey O'Neil, Melbourne.

Shaw, AGL 1996, A history of the Port Phillip District, Miegunyah, Melbourne.

Weaver, JC 2003, The Great Land Rush and the Making of the Modern World, 1650–1900, McGill-Queen’s University Press, Montreal.

Weaver, JC 1996, ‘Beyond the Fatal Shore: Pastoral Squatting and the Occupation of Australia, 1826 to 1852’, American Historical Review, Vol.101, No.4, pp.981–1007.

Unit 3 Area of Study 2

Alexander, F 1967, Australia Since Federation, Thomas Nelson, Melbourne.

Altman, J & Biddle, N 2014, Chapter 24, ‘Refiguring indigenous economies: a 21st century perspective’, in Ville, S & Withers, G (eds), The Cambridge Economic History of Australia,

Atkinson, A & Aveling, M (eds) 1987, Australians 1888, Fairfax, Syme & Weldon, McMahons Point, Sydney.

Bashford, A & Macintyre, S 2013, The Cambridge History of Australia Vol. 2 The Commonwealth of Australia, Cambridge University Press, Melbourne.

Beaumont, J 2013, Broken Nation: Australians in the Great War, Allen & Unwin, Sydney.

Bennett, S (ed.) 1975, Federalism, Cassell Australia, Melbourne.

Bennett, S 1971, The Making of the Commonwealth, Cassell Australia, Melbourne.

Braddon, R 1998, Images of Australia as Seen by Russell Braddon, Collins Australia, Sydney.

Buckley, KD & Wheelwright, T 1988, ‘No Paradise For Workers’ Capitalism and the Common People in Australia 1788–1914, Oxford University Press, Melbourne.

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Gibb, D 1982, National Identity and Consciousness, Thomas Nelson, Melbourne.

Grimshaw, P, Lake, M, McGrath, A & Quartly, M 1996, Creating A Nation 1788–1990, Penguin, Melbourne.

Hetherington, M (ed.) 2013, Glorious Days: Australia 1913, National Museum of Australia Press, Canberra.

Hirst, J 2000, The Sentimental Nation, Oxford University Press, Melbourne.

Irving, H 1997, To Constitute a Nation, Cambridge University Press, Melbourne.

Keneally, T 2011, Australians: Eureka to the Diggers, Allen & Unwin, Sydney.

Kingston, B 1988, The Oxford History of Australia. Vol. 3 1860–1900: Glad, Confident Morning, Oxford University Press, Melbourne.

Lake, M 2012, ‘State Socialism for Australian Mothers: Andrew Fisher’s Radical Materialism in its International and Local Contexts’, Labour History, No. 102, pp.55–70.

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Larsson, M 2010, ‘ “The part we do not see”, disabled Australian soldiers and family caregiving after World War I’ in Crotty, M & Larsson, M (eds), Anzac Legacies: Australians and the Aftermath of War, Australian Scholarly Publishing, North Melbourne.

Macintyre, S 1986, The Oxford History of Australia Vol. 4 1901–1942: The Succeeding Age, Oxford University Press, Melbourne.

Mahood, M 1973, The Loaded Line: Australian Political Caricature, 1788–1901, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne.

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Ross, J 1993, Chronicle of Australia, Viking/Penguin, Australia.

Souter, G 1978, Lion and Kangaroo: Australia 1901–1919, The Rise of a Nation, Fontana/Collins Australia.

‘The Blood Vote’, available from Museum Victoria’s website (

‘The Anti’s Creed’, available ‘from the Australian War Memorial (AWM) website (

White, R 1994, Inventing Australia: Images and Identity 1688–1980, Allen & Unwin, Sydney.

Ward, R 1982, A Nation for a Continent, the History of Australia, Heinemann, Melbourne.

Yarwood, AT & Knowling, MJ 1982, Race Relations in Australia: A History, Methuen, Australia.

Unit 4 Area of Study 1

The Depression

Baker, C 1981, Depressions, Oxford University Press, Melbourne.

Bunbury, B 1996, Reading Labels on Jam Tins: Living Through Difficult Times, Fremantle Arts Centre Press, Fremantle.

Burgmann, V & Lee, J 1988, A People’s History of Australia since 1788, McPhee Gribble, Melbourne.

Cannon, M 1997, The Human Face of the Great Depression, self-published, Melbourne.

Eklund, E 2005, ‘10 June 1931, The Premiers’ Plan and the Great Depression: High politics and everyday life in an economic crisis’, in Crotty, M & Roberts, DA (eds), Turning Points in Australian History, UNSW Press, Sydney.

Holmes, K & Lake, M 1995, Freedom Bound II: Documents on Women in Modern Australia, Allen & Unwin, Sydney.

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Maushart, S 1993, Sort of a Place Like Home: Stories of the Stolen Generation, Fremantle Arts Press, Fremantle.

Modjeska, D 1981, Exiles at Home: Australian Women Writers 1925–1945, Sirius Books, Sydney.

Pilkington, D 1996, Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence, University of Queensland Press, St Lucia.

Potts, D (ed.) 1988, In and out of work: Personal accounts of the 1930s, History Institute of Victoria, Melbourne.

Spencely, G 1981, The Depression Decade, Thomas Nelson, Melbourne.


Caddie (film), 1976, director Donald Crombie, Roadshow Entertainment.

Evictions (short film), 1979, director Richard Lowenstein. Available online.

World War Two

Adam-Smith, P 1996, Australian Women at War, Penguin, Melbourne.

Adam-Smith, P 1994, Goodbye Girlie, Penguin, Melbourne.

Adam-Smith, P 1981, Hear the Train Blow, Penguin, Melbourne.

Bolton, G & Saunders, K 1992, ‘Girdled for War’ in Saunders & Evans (eds), Gender Relations in Australia, Harcourt Brace & Jovanovich, Sydney.

Coffey, BR 1997, Golden Harvest: Stories of Australian Women, Fremantle Arts Centre Press, Fremantle.

Damousi, J & Lake, M (eds) 1995, Gender and War, Cambridge University Press, Melbourne.

Darian-Smith, K 2009, Melbourne in wartime: 1939–1945, 2nd edn, Melbourne University Press, Carlton.

Darian-Smith, K 1990, On the Home Front: Melbourne in Wartime, Oxford University Press, Melbourne.

Day, D 2005, ‘27 December 1941 Prime Minister Curtin’s New Year Message: Australia Looks

To America’, in Crotty, M & Roberts, DA (eds), Turning Points in Australian History, UNSW Press, Sydney.

Lewis, R 1984, A Nation at War, Longman Cheshire, Melbourne.

McKernan, M 1984, All In! Australia During the Second World War, Collins, Sydney.

Potts, D & Potts, A 1985, Yanks Down Under, 1941–1945: The American Impact on Australia, Oxford University Press, Melbourne.

Ward, R 1982, A Nation for a Continent, the History of Australia, Heinemann, Melbourne.

Unit 4 Area of Study 2

All options

Peel, M & Twomey, C 2011, A History of Australia, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke.

Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War

Bassett, J & Gerster, R 1991, Seizures of Youth: the ‘Sixties’ and Australia, Hyland House, Melbourne.

Bolton, G 1996, The Oxford History of Australia, Vol. 5: The Middle Way, Oxford University Press, Melbourne.

Caulfield, M 2007, The Vietnam Years: From the Jungle to the Australian Suburbs, Hatchett, Sydney.

Cook, P (ed.) 1991, Australia and Vietnam, 1965–1972, La Trobe University, Melbourne.

Edwards, P (ed.) 1997, The Official History of Australia’s Involvement in Southeast Asian Conflicts: A Nation At War Vol. 2, Allen & Unwin, Sydney.

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Grey, J & Doyle, J (eds) 1992, Vietnam: War Myth and Memory: Comparative Perspectives on Australia’s War in Vietnam, Allen & Unwin, Sydney.

Grey, J, Pierce, P & Doyle, J (eds) 1991, Vietnam Days: Australia and the Impact of Vietnam, Penguin, Melbourne.

Ham, P 2007, Vietnam: The Australian War, Harper Collins, Sydney.

Hyde, M 2010, All Along the Watchtower, Vulgar Press, Melbourne.

Langley, G 1992, A Decade of Dissent: Vietnam and the Conflict on the Australian Homefront, Allen & Unwin, Sydney.

Pemberton, G (ed.) 2009 Vietnam Remembered, New Holland, Sydney.

Sexton, M 2002, War for the Asking: How Australia Invited Itself to Vietnam, New Holland, Sydney.

Aboriginal land rights

Attwood, B 2003, Rights for Aborigines, Allen & Unwin, Sydney.

Attwood, B & Markus, A 1999, The Struggle for Aboriginal Rights: A Documentary History, Allen & Unwin, Sydney.

Chesterman, J & Galligan, B 1997, Citizens Without Rights: Aborigines and Australian Citizenship, Cambridge University Press, Melbourne.

Dwyer, M 2003, Room for One More: The Life of Mollie Dwyer, Aboriginal Affairs, Victoria, East Melbourne.

Goodall, H 1996, Invasion to Embassy, Allen & Unwin in association with Black Books, Sydney.

Lippmann, L 1994, Generations of Resistance, 3rd edn, Longman Cheshire, Melbourne.

McGinness J 1990, Son of Ayandabu: My Struggle for Aboriginal Rights, Queensland University Press, Queensland.

Reynolds, H 1989, Dispossession: Black Australians and White Invaders, Allen & Unwin, Sydney.

Films and documentaries

Catherine Freeman episode, Who Do You Think You Are (documentary), Australian Series 1, Artemis International, SBS, 2008.

This episode covers Freeman’s great grandfather’s service in the AIF in WWI and the sequestration of his wages by the Aboriginal Protector in Queensland.

The War That Changed Us (documentary), ABC TV series, episode 4: ‘Coming Home (1918-1919)’. Aired in April, 2015.

NINGLA A NA (on the Tent Embassy – documentary)

Message Stick (documentary), ABC TV, 2008, Embassy Days, Parts 1 and 2

Exploring Indigenous Australia series 1999: The Aboriginal Civil Rights Movement (documentary)

One People Sing Freedom: The Black March (documentary), 1988, ABC Television Marketing, Melbourne, Mabo, ABC TV


The National Museum, ‘Collaborating for Indigenous Rights’:

Private site maintained by Jens Korff:

The Koori History Website Project:

Equality for women

Galbally, M 2014, Women’s Movements, Nelson Modern History Series, Cengage Learning Australia.

Lake, M 1999, Getting Equal, NSW, Allen& Unwin, Sydney.

Summers, A 2013, The Mysogyny Factor, University of NSW Press, NSW.


1969 Equal Pay Case, Sir Richard Kirby Archives:

A history of the Women’s Electoral Lobby:

Summers, A 2003, The end of equality? Pamela Dunoon lectures.

Eva Cox on the women’s movement and WEL, in Conversations with Richard Fidler (podcast):

Germaine Greer: Quotes from ‘The Female Eunuch’ (1970):

Obituary and image of activist Nancy Anderson dressed as half woman and half man, carrying a placard: ‘I work as a MAN – Get paid as a WOMAN’. (May Day parade 1969):

New patterns of immigration

Richards, E 2008, Destination Australia: Migration to Australia Since 1901, University of New South Wales, Sydney.

Tavan, G 2005, The Long Slow Death of White Australia, Scribe Publications, Melbourne.


Making Multicultural Australia.

Pauline Hanson maiden speech, YouTube.

Case study 3, Pauline Hanson’s maiden speech, Australian Human Rights Commission.

Malcolm Fraser: Life was not meant to be easy, one of his final major interviews, conducted by George Megalogenis, March 2015.

A global economy

Boland, J 2014, Chapter 19, ‘Microeconomic reform’ in Ville, S & Withers, G (eds), The Cambridge Economic History of Australia.

Broomhill, R 1986 Paul Keating’s ‘Banana Republic’ Statement and the End of the ‘Golden Age’, in Crotty, M & Roberts, DA (eds), Turning Points in Australian History, UNSW Press, Sydney, 2005.

Combet, G 2014, The Fights of My Life, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne.

Day, D 2015, Paul Keating: the Biography, Fourth Estate an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers, Sydney.


Making Australia Great: Inside our Longest Boom 2015 (Episodes 1–2) ABC TV,

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