Varieties of Proofs for the Existence of God I. Experience II. Psychic Phenomena III. Revelation IV. Reason overview

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The Problem of Verification
Not all who learn of the reports of such Miracles accept them as conclusive evidence for the existence of a supernatural reality or spiritual beings. Many have attempted to give alternative accounts of such experiences that do not involve acceptance of the existence of any supernatural entities or reality.
Naturalism is an approach to religious experiences and Miracles which explains them as being the result of natural forces. It accounts for such phenomena in natural terms without recourse to anything that is beyond the physical realm. In general, all reality and all experiences can be accounted for (fully explained) in terms of physical processes.

There are different explanations for the origin and nature of religious experiences and Miracles. What they have in common is the rejection of a supernatural source or object and the attempt to offer a full explanation in empirically verifiable terms.

Examples of Miracles
Creation of the Universe
Miracles in the time of Moses

Burning Bush

Staff into snake

Plague of locusts

Plague of frogs

Nile from blue to red

Death of children of the Egyptians

Parting of the "Red" sea


virgin birth

wedding feast-water into wine

walking on water

cures of the blind, deaf, lepers

multiplication of the loaves and the fishes

raising the dead-Lazarus


More recent phenomena

statues that bleed

paintings that cry

stones that drink milk

apparitions on walls, floors, windows, bagels!

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