Varieties of Proofs for the Existence of God I. Experience II. Psychic Phenomena III. Revelation IV. Reason overview

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Proofs for the Existence of God

Religious Experiences

Varieties of Proofs for the Existence of God

I. Experience

II. Psychic Phenomena

III. Revelation

IV. Reason
I. Experience

A. DirectEncounter with the supernatural

Mystical experience- union with the deity/ supernatural



Psychic Phenomena
C. Existence of the spirit or soul


Reincarnation memories


NDE –near death experiences

Death Bed Observations

B. Existence of deity/ deities channeling
III. Revelation Sacred Texts-

Inspired by the deity/intermediary

Dictated by the deity/intermediary

Written by the deity/intermediary

Proofs for the Existence of God

Religious Experiences

I. Introduction

II. The Questions

III. The Mystical Experience

IV. Problems with Religious Experiences

I. Introduction

The heart of religion is in the religious experience. Just what is it and what can be deduced from it?

For many religious people there is in the center of their religious nature the feeling that there is something more than their individual consciousness could contact. There is a sense of something "more" or bigger than anything in the known universe. This issues into a hypothesis or idea of a supernatural reality or dimension of reality beyond that which normal sensation can encounter.

A Religious experience is an encounter of a human being with a supernatural being, be it a deity or an emissary or intermediary for the deity, nevertheless a spiritual entity.

It is a numinal experience. Religious experiences are for the most part, individual and esoteric.

The MYSTICAL experience is a particular variety of religious experience in which the subject is transformed and reports the loss of individuality, the oneness of all reality, union with the deity, the unity of the subject of the experience with the object of the experience.

The commonalities in such experience around the world is termed the consensus mysticum.It has been described by Rudolph Otto as involving an experience characterized as being tremendum et fascinans

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