Values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors

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Read the following scenario and as a group or on your own rank the five people involved, one to five, from the person whom you feel the most sympathetic for to the one whom you feel the least sympathetic for.
Louisa was five months pregnant. She had delayed making a decision concerning her pregnancy because, at seventeen, she did not think she was capable of carrying out the responsibilities of motherhood alone, and yet she was under pressure from her friend, Joe, who was the father, to have the child. Louisa had absolutely no desire to marry Joe; she was sure that they would be unable to live together.
Joe had previously told her that he was sterile, which proved to be untrue. When Louisa became pregnant, he offered to marry her. Joe loves children and wants a child. When Louisa finally decided to have an abortion, Joe arranged for Judge Robbins to sign a restraining order against her.
On the advice of her best friend, Anne, Louisa had the abortion anyway. Dr. Presley, who knowingly violated the restraining order, performed it. Joe filed charges against Louisa and the doctor. Judge Robbins fined Dr. Presley for contempt of court, but pardoned Louisa because she was a minor.


__ Louisa __ Joe __ Judge Robbins __ Anne __ Dr. Presley


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