Values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors

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(SHOW PPT SLIDE #9-12) Summarize lesson objectives.



Objective: To illustrate how values and attitudes affects one’s behavior, which in turn affects another’s’ behavior.
Procedure: Read the following instructions: “Each group needs to rank the five people involved, one to five, from the person whom you feel the most sympathetic for to the one whom you feel the least sympathetic for. Each group has approximately 15-20 minutes to reach a unanimous decision to the solution of the exercise. After you reach a decision you must choose a spokesperson for your group who will report to the rest of the class your group’s decision and why you reached that decision.”
During the exercise keep notes on the interactions of the students in the groups. If a group cannot come to a unanimous decision after 20 minutes do not allow them to continue.
After all of the groups have finished, have each group report to the rest of the class their decision. On butcher paper, chalkboard, etc. record each group’s answers. During this period you should listen carefully. Usually students will refer to the judge and doctor with male pronouns. After the exercise is over you should point out that there are female judges and doctors.
After each group has reported their decision it is recommended you immediately inform them that it is not an exercise to discover their views on abortion, but to reinforce the previous block of instruction on how your values and attitudes affect your behaviors, which affects another’s attitude and behavior. Also, point out that there are no wrong answers to the exercise.

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