Values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors

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a. Something we learn

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b. Formed largely from the continuous process of socialization

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c. Can have positive or negative implications

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d. Once an attitude is formed, it is not easily changed

TRANSITION: So it was said that attitudes become and are a person’s beliefs toward something or someone as expressed likes and dislike. Lets examine this a little further.

Beliefs are assumptions or convictions you hold as true about some thing, concept or person.

6. Beliefs are in fact, assumptions or convictions that you hold as true about some thing concept or person. Beliefs are like a traffic control system; they are signals giving direction, meaning, and purpose to our lives.

Example: Brave, selfless actions such as blocking exploding grenades, personally taking out enemy fighting positions, and taking key positions to protect a withdrawal, are proven examples throughout Marine Corps history of individual belief. Beliefs are what motivate this kind of heroic self-sacrifice. The motivating force may be the member’s belief in the importance of retaining personal honor, of saving a buddy, of helping the unit, or serving a cause.
TRANSITION: Beliefs become the base and bridge over to our behavior.

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