Valencia Fall Invitational Round 5-Questions by Matt C. of Iowa State with some by cb

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Valencia Fall Invitational

Round 5—Questions by Matt C. of Iowa State with some by CB

1) He established “the Most Drunken Council of Fools and Jesters” to antagonize the Church hierarchy and, more seriously, instituted a “Holy Synod” which would oversee it. He also divided his empire into eight regions, created a Senate that would rule in his absence, increased his tax base by abolishing the distinction between slave and serf, and designed the Table of Ranks to make promotion meritocratic. Furthermore, with the Treaty of Nystadt he became the victor of the Great Northern War. FTP name this man who defeated Sweden’s Charles XII at the 1709 Battle of Poltava, the great Westernizing tsar of Russia.

Answer: Peter the Great or Peter I.

2) The title character is wandering with his dog, Wolf, when he comes upon some strangers playing nine pins who offer him a strange drink. Later in the story he is mightily vexed to see that a sign under which he had often smoked his pipe no longer features an image of George III but rather of George Washington. He’s thought to be a Tory spy until recognized by his daughter and Peter Vanderdonk, the oldest man in the village. FTP name this Washington Irving story about a man who takes a long snooze.

Answer: Rip Van Winkle

3) The ancestry of this scientific theory has been traced to Plato’s Timaeus, Teilhard de Chardin’s theory of the noosphere, and Hutton’s idea of a “superorganism.” An analogy with giant redwoods which are nearly 99% dead matter make it more believable and evidence showing that marine phytoplankton emitting cloud-condensation nuclei might influence weather also supports it. However the best evidence for it is still the stability of earth’s atmospheric gases. It was first proposed in 1979 book subtitled A New Look at Life on Earth written by James Lovelock. FTP name this theory which holds that that the earth is a survival-conscious, self-regulating, living entity.

Answer: Gaia Hypothesis.

4) One of the preliminary skirmishes to this Civil War battle saw the “Iron Brigade” meet the “Stonewall Brigade” at Brawner Farm, while another saw Rickett’s cavalry being out-flanked by Longstreet’s corps at Thoroughfare Gap. Most of the fighting occurred near an unfinished railroad on Stony Ridge where the Union threw piecemeal attacks against Jackson’s dug-in corps. The deciding action was Longstreet’s assault on the exposed Union left flank; the Federal army was saved only by rear-guard actions on Chinn Hill and Henry House Hill. FTP name this August 1862 battle, taking place at the site of the war’s first engagement, which saw Lee defeat Pope before he could join McClellan.

Answer: Battle of Second Manassas or Second Bull Run.

5) Standing 6-and-a-half feet tall, it was found in the 1820s by a peasant named Yorgos who came upon it while upturning earth with his plow. Knowing it would become the property of the Turks, Yorgos hid it in his barn until a neighbor ratted on him. The Turks sold it to officers on a French frigate who presented it to Louis the 18th, who first ordered its obvious lack to be fixed, but later changed his mind. Found on the island of Melos, FTP what is this statue of Greek antiquity missing its arms?

A. Venus de Milo (acc. Aphrodite of Melos)

6) Its n-dimensional form is topologically equivalent to the phase trajectories of a Hamiltonian system with n-degrees of freedom and possessing n-integrals of motion lying on the n-dimensional manifold. In its standard forms it has a genus of one and an Euler characteristic of zero and comes in three varieties: spindle, horn, and ring. Its volume is best found by using the theorem of Pappus and the sphere is a special case of it in which the axis of rotation is a diameter of the circle. FTP identify this solid or revolution formed by revolving a circle around a line on the same plane, which is usually doughnut shaped.

Answer: Torus.

7) The hero Frithiof inadvertently destroyed a temple to this god in order to recover a ring and later rebuilt it splendidly in atonement. Dwelling in the place of Breidablik, his wife was Nanna, and their son, Forsetti, was the god of justice. It was he, not Niord, who the giantess Skadi desired to marry and after Ragnarok he will be reborn and live in harmony with his twin brother and unwitting killer, Hodur. FTP identify this son of Odin and Frigga, the Norse god of light and spring, who was killed by an arrow of mistletoe guided by Loki.

Answer: Baldur.
8) The Introduction to the first part features a Piper making a “rural pen” and writing down his “happy songs,” while the Introduction to the second part presents a Bard “Who Present, Past, and Future Sees.” The first part contains the poems “Nurse’s Song” and “The Echoing Green” while the second part contains “A Poison Tree” and “The Sick Rose.” Both parts have a “Holy Thursday” and “The Chimney Sweeper,” while “The Lamb” in the first contrasts with “The Tyger” in the second. FTP name this poetry collection “Shewing the Two Contrary States of the Human Soul” written by William Blake.

Answer: Songs of Innocence and Experience. (accept Songs of Innocence until “ second part;” also, accept “Songs of Innocence” and “Songs of Experience” given together).

9) He argued that Hellenic Civilization was based upon ambition and well-balanced struggles in the essay “Homer’s Contest.” He advocated “perspectivism” which proposed the use of all available forms of knowledge in the face of a lack of absolute truth. He attacked the idea of linear progress, although scholars debate the seriousness of his theory of “eternal recurrence.” In his essay The Antichrist he argued that Christianity was “life-diminishing” because of its “God or bust” dichotomy. FTP identify this German philosopher who propounded the ideas of “the will to power” in Thus Spake Zarathrustra.

Answer: Friedrich Nietzsche.

10) Among their first military ventures was the kidnapping of ex-governor Castellanos Dominguez and the capture of San Cristobal de las Casas. In their Declaration of the Lacandan Jungle they appealed to Article 39 of the 1917 Constitution which placed sovereignty with the people; they also referred to Salinas de Gortari’s presidency as an illegitimate dictatorship. Their bottom-up command structure is headed by the Committee of Clandestine Indigenous Reform but they are often represented by Sub-Commandante Marcos. They first rose to rebellion on January 1st 1994 ostensibly in protest of NAFTA. FTP identify this rebellious peasant group in Chiapas named for an early revolutionary, Emiliano.

Answer: Zapatistas (or EZLN or Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional or Zapatista Army of National Liberation.)

11) The Seventh is addressed to the people of England and compares their nation to a shop owner who sets a bull dog upon his customers. The thirteenth and last advocates a union of the States while the second exhorts General Howe to make peace. The first is the most famous; in it the author remembers the repulse of England by Joan of Arc and hopes for a similar “Jersey maid” and then recounts Washington’s rescue of the garrison at Fort Lee and subsequent retreat to the Delaware. FTP name this series of pamphlets which admonishes Tories and “sunshine patriots” and begins “These are the times that try men’s souls,” written by Thomas Paine.

Answer: The American Crisis.

12) The mathematical proof of this law hinges on realizing that theta is negligible thereby making the cosine of theta equal to one. You then apply the Biot-Savart law for which it is equivalent for infinitely long, infinitesimally thin wires. It was modified by Maxwell to apply to displacement currents and is the magnetic equivalent to Gauss’s law. FTP identify this law stating that on any closed loop the sum of the length of the elements times the magnetic field in the direction of that element is equal to the permeability of free space times the electric current enclosed in its loop.

Answer: Ampere’s Law or Ampere’s circuital theorem.

13) This city was built in 1392 on the Han River to be the capital of the Yi Dynasty, which it remained until 1910. Now its southern perimeter is marked by Mt. Namsan, and the countrys royal family live in this citys Changdeokgung Palace. Home to over 10 million, the city co-hosted the last World Cup. FTP name this city, capital of South Korea.

A. Seoul

14) The libretto was pieced together from such varied sources as Moliere’s plays and the diaries of Maria Theresa. Subtitled “A Comedy for Music” its high points include the tenor’s Italian aria in Act One and the final soprano trio in Act Three. The schemers Valzacchi and Annina play a major role by helping Mariondel, who is the title character, Octavian, in disguise, make a fool of Baron Ochs. The Marschallin intercedes to save Ochs and also relinquishes Octavian as her lover so he can be with the coveted Sophie. FTP this describes what light-hearted opera, with a libretto by Hafmannsthal, composed by Richard Strauss.

Answer: Der Rosencavalier (or the Knight with the Rose).

15) It is the first name of Thomas Jane’s character in Deep Blue Sea, Cole Hauser’s character in 2 Fast 2 Furious and Paul Reiser’s character in Aliens. It is the only name given for William Devane’s character in Payback and is the last name of the Devil Rays current closer as well as the creator of the X-Files. As a surname it is also shared by the cleanup hitter for the 1993 Blue Jays, Noah Wylie’s character on ER, two former Minnesota Viking wide receivers and a catcher for the Expos and Mets recently inducted into the Hall of Fame. FTP identify this name shared by the 39th President of the U.S., a man from Plains, Georgia.

Answer: Carter.

16) Born in 1969, he grew up in a the tiny town of Kiln (pronounced kill), Mississippi, where he lettered in baseball and football at Hancock North Central High. The latter sport earned him a scholarship to a state school, though Ole Miss and Miss. State passed him over. He led Southern Miss to its greatest win ever in 1989, beating the number six Florida State Seminoles 30-26. Traded from the Falcons to his current team in his second season, he filled in for Don Magic Majkowski in 1992 and has been the starter ever since. FTP name this three-time NFL MVP and current QB for the Green Bay Packers.

A. Brett Favre (farve)

17) Twelfth century commentators on this text were called Glossators and the most famous of them was Irnerius who taught at the University of Bologna. Although it argued that only the emperor could make and interpret laws it also stated that the emperor derived his authority from the people. Consisting of four parts, the Novels, the Digest, the Institutes, and the part which gives it its name, its most important contributors were Dorotheus, Theophilus and Tribonian. FTP identify this compilation of laws completed in 533 A.D. which bears the name of the Byzantine emperor who commissioned it.

Answer: Justinian’s Code or Codex Justinian (prompt on Roman law, Corpus Juriis Civilis or any of the names in fourth line [before they are mentioned]).

18) They are colorless, have a density less than one, and are insoluble in water because they are non-polar. Best distinguished from a similar family by their unreactivity with bromine in a dark room, they are characterized by an sp3 hybridization and a tetrahedral structure. Because they are relatively inert they are useful as lubricants and as backbones for plastic materials. However, at high temperatures they will robustly and exothermically react with oxygen causing combustion reactions and making them great as fuels. FTP identify this class of organic compounds composed of saturated carbon – hydrogen bonds whose simplest member is methane.

Answer: Alkanes.

19) Ezra Pound translated some of his poems including “The River-Merchant’s Wife” and “Taking Leave of a Friend” and he was the subject of a biography and translations by Arthur Waley. Scholars think he may have died from cirrhosis of the liver although legend has it he drowned while in a drunken stupor after trying to embrace the moon’s reflection. He was a wanderer who spent time at court and was eventually exiled for his alleged part in the An Lushan rebellion. Along with Tu Fu this poet of “Drinking Alone Under the Moon” is accredited with perfecting the shih form. FTP identity this Chinese poet of the Tang dynasty.

Answer: Li Po (or Li Bo or Li Bai).

20) An Assistant Secretary of State’s reaction to a liberal Latin American coup and an economist who develops a stock forecasting model are the subjects of his novels Triumph and A Tenured Professor. He served as Ambassador to India during the Kennedy years and headed the US Strategic Bombing Survey at the end of WWII. An Ontario native, this economist expanded on his idea of “political capture” by firms in Economics and the Public Purpose and criticized the idea of perfectly competitive firms in The New Industrial State. FTP identify this Keynesian known as “The Last American Institutionalist” who attacked the idea of “consumer sovereignty” in The Affluent Society.

Answer: John Kenneth Galbraith.

Valencia Fall Invitational—Round 5 Boni
Bonus 1: Identify the German WWII commanders from clues, FTPE.

A. This commander of the Afrika corps known as The Desert Fox” was hampered by Hitler’s lack of support for his campaign, leading to his defeat at El Alamein.

Answer: Erwin Rommel.

B. This deputy in the Nazi Party once parachuted on his own initiative into Scotland; later, he was the only inmate of Spandau Prison until his death in 1987.

Answer: Rudolf Hess.

C. This man founded the Gestapo and during the war was head of the Air Force.

Answer: Hermann Goering
Bonus 2: Identify stuff about asteroids from descriptions FTPE.

A. This was the first asteroid discovered, by Giuseppe Piazzi in 1801, and at 933 kilometers in diameter, is by far the largest, containing 25% of the mass of all asteroids.

Answer: Ceres.

B. This group refers to two swarms of asteroids which share Jupiter’s orbit around the sun. There are over 500 known; the largest is named Hector, providing a clue to the name of the class.

Answer: Trojan asteroids.

C. This refers to a group of earth-crossing asteroids with an orbital period greater than one year. The largest is only 8 km in diameter but they are the most likely to hit earth. Members include Icarus, Daedalus, and Antinuous.

Answer: Apollo asteroids.
Bonus 3: Identify unread book’s sitting on Matt’s bookshelf from clues FTPE.

A. Matt got through the first few chapters of this Thomas Pynchon novel but tired of Pirate and his Banana Breakfasts before he even got to the sexual escapades of Tyrone Slothrop.

Answer: Gravity’s Rainbow.

B. Matt one day intends to read this allegorical novel by Katherine Anne Porter about the Vera’s 1931 trip from Vera Cruz to Bremerhaven.

Answer: Ship of Fools.

C. This Sartre novel sometimes called The Diary of Antoine Roquentin supposedly deals with a dude who feels shitty that his life has no meaning but then feels free because his life has no meaning. Also involved are the roots of a chestnut tree and the Self-Taught Man.

Answer: Nausea.
Bonus 4: 30-20-10 Name the 19th-20th-century man.

A. (30 pts.) In medical school he studied under Ernst Brucke, and later he learned from the Frenchman Jean Charcot, whose approach he disagreed with.

B. (20 pts.) The direction of his career changed in 1885 when his colleague Josef Breur sent him a hysterical patient named Bertha Pappenheim, whom this man wrote about as “Anna O.”

C. (10 pts.) He is the founder of psychoanalysis and probably the best known of all psychologists.

Answer: Sigmund Freud
Bonus 5: Stuff about a literary character FTPE.

A. Partly autobiographical, this character is featured in the collection In Our Time and stories like “Indian Camp,” and “Big Two-Headed River.”

Answer: Nick Adams.

B. In this story Nick tries to warn ex-prize fighter Ole Anderson about Al and Max, the titular characters who are about to take their revenge on him, but Anderson decides to accepts his violent fate.

Answer: The Killers.

C. Nick Adams was created by this American author.

Answer: Ernest Hemingway

Bonus 6: Answer the following about a certain sun goddess FTPE.

A. First, identify the sun goddess and ancestress of Emperor Jimmu and the Japanese Royal Family.

Answer: Amaterasu or Amateratsu.

B. Amaterasu is the primary deity of what Japanese religion?

Answer: Shinto

C. Finally, identify the primeval deity out of whose eye Amaterasu was born. The deity was purifying himself at the time after a trip to the underworld.

Answer: Izanagi.


Bonus 7: Identify groups associated with the French Revolution FTPE.

A. Created by the National Convention in 1793 and dominated by Robespierre, this government entity quashed counter-revolutionary movements and raised armies but also presided over the Reign of Terror.

Answer: Committee of Public Safety.

B. Before the National Convention, Robespierre had been a part of this political group opposed to the Girondists; its name came from the high seats they occupied in the legislative chambers.

Answer: The Mountain (acc. Montagnards)

C. Set up by the 1795 Constitution this entity’s five members were selected by the Council of Five Hundred and the Council of Ancients. Its conservative members were purged in the Fructidor Coup and it was overthrown by Napoleon in the Brumaire coup.

Answer: The Directory.

Bonus 8: Identify the following related to Presbyterianism FTPE.

A. A Presbyterian church is a church governed by elders, or presbyters. FTP name the church structure, used by the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches, which has a church hierarchy governed by Bishops.

Answer: Episcopal or Episcapalian.

B. In the late 1550s and 1560s this associate of Calvin founded the Church of Scotland based on Presbyterian principles combating Mary of Guise and Mary Queen of Scots along the way.

Answer: John Knox.

C. Identify the official creed of the Church of Scotland used in some form by nearly all Presbyterian churches. It shares its name with the assembly, set up by the Long Parliament in 1643, which composed it.

Answer: Westminster Confession of Faith.
Bonus 9: Stuff about a certain Ottoman (not the kind you rest your feet on).

A. This Ottoman sultan from 1520-1566 earned his ostentatious nickname from Europeans impressed by his military victories.

Answer: Sulayman the Magnificent

B. The greatest victory of Sulayman’s career came at this 1526 battle in which he completely destroyed the Hungarians under Louis II, killing the young king and paving the way for incursions in Hapsburg Austria.

Answer: Mohacs.

C. Near the end of his reign, in 1565, Sulayman’s forces were unable to take this Mediterranean island defended by Jean de la Valette and the Knights Hospitalers.

Answer: Malta.
Bonus 10: Identify the works by J.S. Bach from clues FTPE.

A. This set of thirty compositions grouped in threes was commissioned for Baron von Keyserling to combat his insomia and named for his harpsichord player.

Answer: Goldberg Variations.

B. This is Bach’s last work and most confusing work especially since he doesn’t specify what instrument it is to be played on. It is quite possible that it was intended as an intellectual exercise and not meant to be played.

Answer: Art of Fugue.

C. Regarded as Bach’s grandest work this choral composition is based on chapters 26 and 27 of the titular Gospel and meant to be played on Easter. A bass sings Christ’s part and it is characterized by a contemplative and meditative quality.

Answer: St. Matthew Passion or The Passion according to St. Matthew.
Bonus 11: Biology terms beginning with the same letter, FTPE.

A. This is a type of mimicry in which a harmless organism protects itself by looking like a dangerous, poisonous, or inedible species.

Answer: Batesian mimicry.

B. Provide the three-letter acronym or, if you want to show off, the expanded name of the prion-caused disease commonly called “mad cow.”

Answer: BSE (or Bovine Spongiform Encephelopathy)

C. This is a type of virus that infects bacteria.

Answer: bacteriophage
Bonus12: Stuff about Surrealist works FTPE.

A. There are mountains and water in the background and the edge of a box with a tree branch atop it in the front left but this Dali painting is dominated by liquidy, flowing clocks.

Answer: Persistence of Memory.

B. A mirror hangs above a fireplace - which has a clock and two candlesticks resting on top of it and, oddly enough, a train rushing out of it - in this Rene Magritte work.

Answer: Time Transfixed.

C. In Magritte’s painting The Treachery of Images, these five words are ironically inscribed beneath a common object.

Answer: Ces ne pas une pipe (acc. “This is not a pipe”)
Bonus 13: Stuff about a certain Actinide from clues FTPE.

A. First discovered by Martin Kloproth in 1789, this element’s most abundant isotope is 238 which is the parent substance of a namesake 18-member radioactive decay series.

Answer: Uranium.

B. This mineral is the best sources for uranium oxide and also contains lead and various earth metals. It often has a grape-cluster appearance and is greenish, brownish, or black in color. It is mined in the Canadian Great Lakes region and the Congo River Basin.

Answer: Pitchblende.

C. This isotope of Uranium is the parent substance of the 15-member actinium series and is the only naturally occurring fission fuel.

Answer: Uranium 235.
Bonus 14: Identify the Victorian poets from clues for fifteen points each.

A. At twelve this poet wrote a four book epic, The Battle of Marathon, and later wrote the verse novel Aurora Leigh, but his best known for the series of love poems Sonnets from the Portuguese.

Answer: Elizabeth Barrett Browning (accept either E. Browning or B. Browning.)

B. The developer of “sprung rhythm,” this poet wrote “Wreck of the Deutschland,” “God’s Grandeur,” and “Pied Beauty.”

Answer: Gerard Manley Hopkins.
Bonus 15: Identify the following concerning Jackson’s battle with the 2nd Bank of the United States FTPE.

A. The President of the bank beginning in 1823 and also one of its largest stockholders, this man curried favor with Northern leaders like his friend Daniel Webster to win a renewal from Congress.

Answer: Nicholas Biddle.

B. Only the Secretary of the Treasury could withdraw government deposits from the Bank so, after two appointees hesitated, Jackson appointed this man who withdrew the funds and was later rewarded by being made Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Answer: Roger B. Taney.

C. This is was the mocking nickname given to the state banks which received government deposits after withdrawal from the 2nd bank called so because they were chosen for their Jacksonian political leanings.

Answer: Pet Banks.

Bonus 16: Identify the Australian cities from clues FTPE.

A. Bound by the Gulf of St. Thomas and the Mt. Lofty Range this city of 1,085,000 is the capital of Southern Australia.

Answer: Adelaide.

B. The Arafura Sea lies to the North and the Timor Sea to the West of this city of 80,000 which, as capital of the Northern Territories, is closer to Jakarta than Canberra.

Answer: Darwin.

C. Located 1,000 miles inland from Darwin this city of 27,000 is regarded as the “Gateway to Southern Australia” and figures in the title of a Nevil Shute novel. Your tournament director likes the chicken named for this town offered at Outback Steaks.

Answer: Alice Springs.

Bonus 17: Stuff about some Roman playwrights FTPE.

A. This author ripped off most of his ideas from the Greek New Comedy, including his Menaechmi, or Twin Brothers.

Answer: (Titus Marcus) Plautus

B. Plautus’s Menaechmi, with its wacky plot about twins and mistaken identities, was then ripped off by Shakespeare for this play.

Answer: The Comedy of Errors

C. Author of Adelphi and Eunuchus, this other Roman dramatist is considered more sophisticated than Plautus.

Answer: Terence
Bonus 18: Identify the following about the sequel to Desperado FTPE.

A. This is the title of the film in which Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek reprise their roles as El Mariachi and Carolina. The title is reminiscent of two Sergio Leone films.

Answer: Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

B. Identify the actor who plays the Barillo, the drug dealer trying to assassinate the president of Mexico. He also played Norman Osborne/Green Goblin in Spiderman.

Answer: Willem Dafoe.

C. Writing and directing Once Upon a Time in Mexico is this man, responsible for Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn, The Faculty, and Spy Kids.

Answer: Robert Rodriguez.
Bonus 19: Stuff about quantum physics FTPE.

A. Erwin Schrodinger’s wave equation treats a hydrogen atom as this type of wave, which occurs when reflected waves interfere constructively with incident waves. The best example is a plucked guitar string.

Answer: Standing Wave.

B. This principle states that nor pair of identical particles can simultaneously occupy the same quantum or, in other words, in a given atom no two electrons can have the same four quantum numbers.

Answer: Pauli Exclusion Principle.

C. Meaning “building up” in German, this principle asserts that electrons are placed in the lowest energetically available shell, or in simpler terms, that the lowest energy orbitals are filled first.

Answer: Aufbau Principle.
Bonus 20: In Canto One of The Inferno, Dante is frightened by a menacing she-wolf. He meets Virgil who prophesizes that the she-wolf will eventually be killed by this type of animal. FTPE,

A. First, identify the animal, a breed of dog..

Answer: Greyhound

B. Second, some scholars believe the greyhound represents this Holy Roman Emperor from Luxembourg whose 1311 incursion into Italy gave Dante hope for an end to feud between Guelphs and Ghibellines.

Answer: Emperor Henry VII.

C. Lastly, another possible candidate is this man who turned back the Muslim advance into Spain at Tours in 732.

Answer: Charles Martel (or Charles “The Hammer.”)

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