Valencia Fall Invitational 2003

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Valencia Fall Invitational 2003

Round 9—Questions by Matt C. of Iowa St. (edited for gentleness by CB)

1) The reader first meets her at a train station where she talks about sleeping in a cherry tree and “dreaming of marble halls.” Among her misadventures are breaking an ankle while walking the ridgepole of a house and a reenacting the “The Lady of Shalott” with a leaky boat. She immediately becomes “bosom friends” with Diana Barry and despite an initial exchange of insults becomes close to town gossip Rachel Lynde. However, it takes her five years to forgive Gilbert Blythe for calling her “Carrots.” FTP name this orphan adopted by Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, the title character of a Lucy Maud. Montgomery novel.

Answer: Anne of Green Gables or Anne Shirley.

2) On the victor’s right Augustino Barbarigo anticipated the enemy’s flanking movement and routed him. However, on the left, Andrea Doria maneuvered so poorly that he was accused of treason and his squadron was saved only by the timely arrival of Santa Cruz’s reserve force which had earlier decided the fray in the center by rescuing the flagship Real and killing the enemy admiral, Ali Pasha. The victor’s use of large, heavily-armed galleases in advance as floating fortresses signaled the end of traditional galley warfare. FTP name this 1571 battle in which an Ottoman fleet was defeated by forces of the Holy League led by Don Jon.

Answer: Lepanto.

3) It began forming over 200 million years ago when its highlands developed from rains falling on Gondwanaland. The first European to see it was Vincente Pinzon in 1500, and in 1540 Francisco de Orellana sailed from its tributary the Napo to its main body and named it for a tribe he saw, the Icamiabas, a fierce group of warriors whose name translates as “women without husbands.” FTP name this river which carries one-fifth of the fresh water in the world, the second longest on earth.

Answer: Amazon River

4) It was discovered by Aaron B. Lerner at Yale in 1958 and has been extensively studied by Richard J. Wurtman. Studies have indicated that it may be helpful as an anti-oxidant and that it may even slow the growth of tumors. Most stunningly one study on rodents showed that it caused a 20% increase in their lifespan. A derivative of tryptophan, it is secreted by the pineal gland and is intricately involved in the body’s circadian cycles. FTP identify this hormone used to ease the affects of jet lag and to fall sleep quicker.

Answer: Melatonin or N-acetyl-5methoxytryntamine.

5) With the help of Felipe Angeles he integrated artillery into his cavalry heavy forces and went on to win victories at Torreon, Ciudad Juarez, and Zacatecas. His apogee occurred during the Aguascalientes conference which his men dominated and where he split with Venustiano Carranza, his nominal commander during the campaign to depose Victoriano Huerta. However, he was soon defeated by the armies of Alvaro Obregon at Celaya and Agua Prieta and became incensed at the United States recognition of Carranza. FTP name this Mexican bandit-soldier infamous for his raid on Columbus, New Mexico.

Answer: Francisco “Pancho” Villa.

6) Lisa Simpsons grandmother tells her that this 1960 novel is hardly . . . ninth grade level. A critical early event in the book takes place when a founding member of the Super Suicide Society falls from a tree, shattering his leg. Later, after the protagonists responsibility for his friends fall becomes commonly known, that friend re-injures the leg, improbably leading to his death. FTP Gene regrets ever jostling the tree and making Phinny fall in what John Knowles novel?

A. A Separate Peace

7) The Old King by Georges Rouault shows how this movement’s style could be used to express social concerns. The Paddock at Chantilly by Raoul Dufy and The Charing Cross Bridge by Andre Derain are also exemplify this movement. Another member, Maurice de Vlamink, said that he tried “to paint with [his] heart and [his] loins” and it was his work at the Salon d’ Autonme of 1905 which caused Louis Vauxelles to utter the words which gave the group its name. Attempting to portray emotional depth through the use of expressive brushwork and contrasting vivid colors, FTP, identify his group headed by Henri Matisse, whose name means “Wild Beasts.”

Answer: Fauvists or Fauvism.

8) The seventh most abundant metal in Earth’s crust, this element also composes .34 percent of the mass of the human body. It is the most abundant cation in intercellur fluids of human cells and, together with sodium, it regulates nerve impulses and keeps bodily water levels constant. It is used in glass manufacture when it is combined with carbonate to form potash, and when combined with nitrate it makes saltpeter. FTP identify this alkali earth metal with atomic number 19 and symbol K.

Answer: Potassium.

9) It was originally serialized by The New Yorker and was parodied in the pamphlet “The Desolate Year” by the Monsanto Corporation. It was sparked by a letter from Boston Post journalist Olga Owens Huckins who was concerned birds dying and was backed by 55 pages of notes and a list of authorities who approved the text. Its most famous passage is the opening “A Fable for Tomorrow,” in which the author tells of an a fictional American village where “a strange blight crept over.” FTP identify this 1962 attack on chemical pesticides, especially DDT, written by Rachel Carson.

Answer: Silent Spring.

10) He left his native Odense for the big city in 1819 to try his hand at writing plays, of which the first performed was Alfsol, though none of his 30-plus plays has been translated. His lack of success spurred him to try different publishing avenues, like travel writing and most successfully, adaptations of folk stories like “The Ice Maiden” and original children’s tales like “The Fir Tree” and “The Red Shoes.” FTP name this Dane, author of beloved children’s works like “The Little Mermaid” and “The Ugly Duckling.”

Answer: Hans Christian Andersen

11) Medieval ones included Raimbaud of Auvergne and William of Palerne while Peter Stubbe of Bedburg was perhaps the most famous 16th century one. In his eighth ecologue Virgil said that Moeris used herbs from Pontus to become one. In Norse myth Sigmund and his son Sinfiotli nearly killed each other while fighting in the form of these creatures. In Greece they were most associated with Arcadia: Damarchos an Olympic boxer from there was supposed to be one and Zeus turned their king Lycaon into one after he fed him human flesh. FTP identify this legendary creature associated with Lon Cheney Jr., full moons and silver bullets.

Answer: Werewolf. (accept lycanthropes and prompt on wolf or wolf man).

12) The title is the same. The first was a poem written as an epistle to the Pisones and may have been given its title by Quintilian. Among its highlights are the author’s explanation that although he often “strives to be concise,” he “proves obscure” and his advice that “the wood-born satyr” should not attempt “amorous verses, as if bred at court.” The second, published in 1926, asserts that “all the history of grief” could be expressed by “An empty doorway and a maple leaf” and ends with the lines “a poem should not mean/ But be.” FTP identify these poems by Horace and Archibald MacLeish whose title is Latin for “Art of Poetry.”

Answer: Ars Poetica (accept “Art of Poetry” before “1926”).

13) Born in 1972, at eight he won a starring role in the PBS kids show The Voyage of Mimi. Two current projects include the upcoming Paycheck, in which he’ll co-star with Uma Thurman in a film directed by John Woo, and Glory Road, a TV movie in which he’ll play basketball coach Don Haskins. His first big-screen role came when he played O’Bannion in Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused. Though he also starred in Chasing Amy, his big fame came when he played second banana in the film he co-wrote with Matt Damon, Good Will Hunting. FTP name this on-again, off-again Beau of J-Lo.

Answer: Ben Affleck
14) The dark streaks seen near it are caused by geysers throwing up sooty debris which is then blown downwind in its thin nitrogen atmosphere. It is composed of roughly 75% rock and 25% ice and has very active internal heating. With a surface temp of 37 Kelvin it is the coldest known spot in the solar system. Slightly smaller than Europa, it also has extreme seasons as the sun can be directly overhead as far from the poles as 50 degrees North or South Latitude. Scientists assert that it was formed outside of its planet’s orbit and later captured in order to explain its retrograde motion. FTP identify this largest satellite of Neptune.

Answer: Triton.

15) Plutarch said that he composed a summary of Polybius on the eve of the battle of Pharsalus. Cicero once censured him for money-lending while in Cyprus and this man criticized Cicero for backing Octavian against Antony shortly after Julius Caesar‘s assassination. He had become governor of Cisalpine Gaul and then praetor of the city of Rome during Caesar’s dictatorship despite siding with Pompey during the Civil War. His maternal uncle was Cato the Younger and his mother, Servilia, was Caesar’s longtime mistress. FTP identify this loser of the battle of Phillipi the ringleader of Caesar’s assassination along with Cassius.

Answer: Marcus Junius Brutus.

16) Throughout this novel the narrator propounds the virtues of line marriages best exemplified by his own, the Davis family. The action escalates when, after the death of Shorty Mkrum at a meeting in Stilyagi Hall, the four protagonists meet in Room L of Raffles and make Adam Selene Chairman of a revolutionary movement which culminates in the bombing of earth with two large catapults. The theme of libertarianism is present throughout the book best seen in the slogan TANSTAAFL. FTP identify this novel in which Bernardo de La Paz, Wyoming Knott, Manuel O‘Kelly, and Mike the sentient computer, lead a lunar revolt, written by Robert Heinlein.

Answer: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

17) Among the characters are “Lawyer” Frazier who sells divorce papers for an unmarried woman and Jake, a fisherman who sings “A Woman is a Sometime Thing.” Others include Serena, who sings “My Man is Gone Now” at the wake for her husband Robbins and Crown, his murderer, who sings “ A Red-Headed Woman” and is eventually killed for his involvement in a love triangle with the title characters. It ends when the male lead leaves on a goat cart to find the female lead whom he believes has left for New York with Sportin’ Life. FTP name this opera set in Catfish Row and featuring the song “Summertime” composed by George Gershwin.

Answer: Porgy and Bess [accept just Porgy before first song (as this was the name of Dubose

Heyward novel it was based on)]

18) Clarence Darrow chaired a review board which determined that it was dominated by big business. It used the slogan “We do our part” and the symbol of a bald eagle in a successful propaganda campaign but came to an end with the “sick-chicken” decision in Schecter Poultry Corp. v U.S. when it was declared unconstitutional. It created over 500 codes of fair practice for different industries which set limits on working hours, created minimum wages, and fixed prices. FTP identify this New Deal entity headed by Hugh S. Johnson and created in a similarly named 1933 bill which has nothing to do with Charlton Heston.

Answer: National Recovery Administration.

19) In 1930 banks of them were used by Cockcraft and Watson in the first atom smasher. Although Edwald Von Kliest made the first one, its invention is usually attributed to Peter Von Musschenbroek and it is named for the Dutch University where he worked. It consists of a connected rod, chain, and stopper which is placed in a plastic or glass jar coated on both the inside and outside with metal foil. Rarely used now, they were called condensers but in actuality were the first capacitors. FTP identify this early apparatus used to collect and discharge electricity.

Answer: Leyden Jar.
20) Recently adherents to this religion in Canada have been criticized for using tables and chairs in their temples. It emphasizes good conduct over blind ritual, prohibits idol worship, advocates a life of honest work rather than ascetiscim, and posits a single, formless deity which has many names. Believed by historians to be associated with the Bhakti movement of Hinduism and Sufi branch of Islam, its symbol is the Khandra and more strict followers abide by the five K’s. Its holy book is the Adi Granth and its spiritual center is the Golden Temple in Amritsar. FTP identify this religion centered in the Punjab and founded by Guru Nanak.

Answer: Sikhism.

21) His first novel, about Hugh Bart’s trials in the post-bellum south entitled Tournament, was received coldly while other novels including Love in a Dry Season, Jordan County, and Follow Me Down have drawn comparisons with fellow Mississippian William Faulkner. He dealt with race issues in his novel about rednecks kidnapping a black youth, September, September, and his novella Shiloh details that battles furious fighting. FTP, name this author of the three-volume The Civil War: A Narrative who received hundreds of marriage proposals after appearing as a commentator in Ken Burns Civil War documentary.

Answer: Shelby Foote.

Valencia Fall Invitational 2003—Round 9 boni
Bonus 1: Identify the following about English prose works of the 17th century FTPE.

A. This Dean of St. Paul’s wrote the tract Pseudo-Martyr trying to get Roman Catholics to take oath of allegiance but is better known for Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions and other sermons.

Answer: John Donne.

B. Consisting mostly of a dialogue between Venator and Piscator this 1653 Izaak Walton work about fishing is usually read as an allegorical protest of Parliamentary and Cromwellian rule.

Answer: The Complete Angler or the Compleat Angler.

C. The title of this 1643 classic defense of free speech by recalls the speeches of Isocrates and is subtitled “A Speech of Mr. John Milton for the Liberty of Unlicensed Printing, To the Parliament of England.

Answer: Areopagitica.
Bonus 2: Answer the following about Sparta FTPE.

A. Legend has it that this man was the Spartan lawgiver and created the legal and political systems it observed for centuries.

A. Lycurgos

B. Usually conquered people from nearby and their descendants, these were the Spartan serfs.

A. helots

C. Sparta led this league of Greek city states.

A. Peloponnesian League
Bonus 3: Identify things related to a concept in physics.

A. First give the name for an object which perfectly absorbs radiation at all wavelengths.

Answer: Blackbody.

B. This laws relates temperature to the wavelength at which radiation from a blackbody is brightest. It states that lambda max is equal to a constant over Temperature. Essentially, bluer is hotter and red cooler.

Answer: Wien’s Law.

C. This classical law approximates the energy density of blackbody radiation for a specific wavelength by counting the number of standing waves in the body. It only holds for long wavelengths although Planck revised it to apply to short wavelengths.

Answer: Rayleigh-Jeans Law.
Bonus 4: Identify these tight ends which don’t belong to Mike Falk (note: Mike’s a player at ISU—the TD makes no comment regarding his tight end) FTPE.

A. He led all NFL Tight Ends in yardage and receptions last year with the Giants in his rookie season. He caused waves in the off-season by calling Bill Parcells a “quitter” and a “homo.”

Answer: Jeremy Shockey.

B. The best tight end in most fantasy circles last year, this man became the go-to guy with the Baltimore Ravens last year finishing second among tight end in yardage and receptions.

Answer: Todd Heap.

C. Last year this four-time pro-bowler and former University of California basketball star struggled somewhat in the Dick Vermeil led Chief’s offense although he tied for the lead among tight ends in touchdowns with seven.

Answer: Tony Gonzalez.
Bonus 5: Identify these playwrights from around the world FTPE.

A. This Irishman wrote Waiting for Godot.

Answer: Samuel Beckett

B. The winner of the 1986 Nobel this Nigerian dramatist is the author of The Trials of Brother Jero, Death and the King’s Horseman, and Kongi’s Harvest.

Answer: Wole Soyinka.

C. This 17th century Frenchman wrote the Comical History of the States and Empires of the Sun and the Comical History of the States and Empires of the Moon but is best known as the inspiration for an Edmund Rostand work.

Answer: Cyrano de Bergerac, Savinien.
Bonus 6: Identify the following about the geography of Ukraine.

A. This main river of Ukraine passes though Kiev. It rises in the Voldai Hills and flows to the Black Sea.

Answer: Dnieper.

B. The Pripyet Marshes are on Ukraine’s border with this nation with capital at Minsk.

Answer: Belarus

C. At 2,061 meters Hora Hoverla is the hightest peak in Ukraine. FTP, to what mountain range that runs into Romania, Poland and the Czech Republic does it belong?

Answer: Carpathians or the Ukrainian Carpathians or the Eastern Carpathians.
Bonus 7: Although Warren G. Harding’s presidency wasn’t anything to brag about some of his cabinet members were quite capable. Identify some of them from clues FTE.

A. This secretary of state for Harding and Coolidge arranged the Washington Naval Conference. He had previously been governor of New York and would later become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Answer: Charles Evans Hughes.

B. This graduate of Iowa State Agriculture College was secretary of Agriculture and author of Our Debt and Duty to the Farmer. His son of the same first and last name would become VP for FDR’s third term and run for president as a progressive in 1948.

Answer: Henry Cantwell Wallace.

C. Also an Iowa native, this secretary of commerce for Harding and Coolidge held so much sway he was referred to as “secretary for domestic affairs.” He would go on to become President of the U.S. and get blamed for the Great Depression.

Answer: Herbert Hoover.
Bonus 8: Identify these artists of the early Renaissance from clues FTPE.

A. This sculptor of an early bronze David is also known for his Zuccone, or “Pumpkin Head.”

Answer: Donatello

B. A onetime apprentice to Filippo Lippi this painter’s masterpieces include Primavera and The Birth of Venus.

Answer: Sandro Botticelli.

C. A native of Padua this painter later worked for the Gonzaga family in Mantua. His works include The Agony of the Garden, Triumph of Caesar, and the Dead Christ.

Answer: Andrea Mantegna.
Bonus 9: Stuff about Poseidon FTPE.

A. Poseidon vied with Athena to be the main god of Athens; her prize of the olive tree was judged better than what creature that Poseidon created for the Athenians?

A. horse

B. This three-pronged spear is Poseidons trademark weapon.

A. trident

C. Poseidon gave a beautiful white version of one of these creatures holy to him to King Minos, which eventually became the love interest of his wife, Pasiphae.

A. bull
Bonus 10: Answer the following about a concept in chemistry FTPE.

A. My old chemistry textbook defines this term as “the energy change occurring when separated gaseous ions are packed together to form an ionic solid.”*

Answer: Lattice Energy. *(from Zumdahl 3rd edition).

B. Lattice energies are best estimated by viewing them as this series of reactions named for two German scientists. The idea is to calculate the changes in energy and enthalpy that occur in each step as the elements involved form the ionic solid.

Answer: Born-Haber cycle or Born-Haber analysis.

C. This law is closely related to the Born-Haber cycle and justifies its usage. It asserts that because enthalpy is a state change, the final change in enthalpy will be equal to the sum of the changes in each individual step regardless of how many steps or which path is taken.

Answer: Hess’s Law.
Bonus 11: Identify the following about old Earth Patterns from clues for fifteen points each.

A. About 120 mounds, including the enormous Monk’s mound containing 22 million cubic feet of earth, are located within six miles of this old Amerindian town on the banks of the Mississippi near St. Louis.

Answer: Cahokia.

B. Near the foothills of the Peruvian Andes lies this series of earth patterns consisting of various animal shapes and straight lines converging on central spots. They were studied extensively by Maria Reiche and believed by Erich Von Danikan to be an airfield for alien ships.

Answer: Nazca Lines.
Bonus 12: Join clues to make a phrase. For example, if I were to ask for a seaside Matthew Arnold poem and a 1965 Frankie and Annette movie involving mermaids, bikers and cheesy songs you would answer “Dover Beach Blanket Bingo.” You may have to omit a “the” from the first one. FTPE:

A. An SNL sketch and movie involving Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, and a cable access show and a Wordsworth poem rejecting the materialism of modern life.

A. Wayne’s World is too much With Us

B. A Robert Frost poem reminding us that “good fences make good neighbors” and a movie where Michael Douglas’s Gordon Gekko tells us “Greed is good.”

A. Mending Wall Street

C. Soft Cell’s 80s anthem for unhappy lovers and a T.S. Eliot poem where “the women come and go talking of Michelangelo”

A. Tainted Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Bonus 13: Parts of the Kidney related to the nephron FTPE.

A. This part of the nephron contains the glomerulus which is the primary filtering device of the nephron. After filtering, blood exits through the efferent arteriole while waste product is moved out through the proximal convoluted tube.

Answer: Bowman’s Capsule or Bowman’s Space.

B. Together with the convoluted tubule this U-shaped tube with ascending and descending branches makes up the renal tubule. It carries urine out of the nephron.

Answer: Loop of Henle.

C. This recess in the internal medulla of the kidney receives the waste, via the ducts of Bellini, from the Loop of Heinle and funnels it into the renal pelvis.

Answer: Calyx or Calyces. (also accept Major or Minor Calyx as both are acceptable).

Bonus 14: Identify the 20th century female philosophers for 15 points each.

A. Her philosophical works include The Existential Political Myth and Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals. However she is best known for the novels Under the Net and A Unofficial Rose and for having her slow decline from Alzheimers detailed in a book by her husband that became a movie.

Answer: Iris Murdoch.

B. This long-time companion of Sartre won the Prix Gancourt for her novel The Mandarins but is remembered for her groundbreaking The Second Sex.

Answer: Simone de Beavoir.

Bonus 15: 1Stuff about a political economist FTPE.

A. A curate of the Church of England, this man believed that increasing population would lead to eventual starvation for many.

A. Thomas Malthus

B. In his second edition of his Essay on the Principle of Population, Malthus suggested five necessary checks on population growth; name any two FTPE (any order).

A. crime, disease, war, vice, moral restraint (any two–accept reasonable synonyms/equivalents)

Bonus 16: Identify some of the works of Joseph Haydn from clues FTPE.

A. Regarded as one of the best pieces of the sturm und drang movement this symphony ends with the musicians stopping play and leaving one by one. It was meant as message to Prince Esterhazy that the musicians wanted to return to their homes.

Answer: Farewell Symphony or Symphony 45.

B. Haydn’s last twelve symphonies, 93-104, which include “The Surprise” and “The Military” were given this geographical name from where they were performed from 1791-1794.

Answer: London Symphony.

C. This symphony, Haydn’s number 94, gets its nickname from the loud chord at the beginning of the second movement.

Answer: Surprise Symphony
Bonus 17: Identify the following authors associated with the writings of 2003 Nobel Laureate J.M. Coetzee FTPE.

A. Coetzee hails from this nation, also home to 1991 Literature Nobel winner Nadine Gordimer.

Answer: South Africa

B. In a 1987 novel Coetzee, writing in the postmodern and postcolonial tradition, revised a 1720 work about a castaway written by this Scottish author, adding a female protagonist, Susan Barton.

Answer: Daniel Defoe. (the novel is called Foe).

C. Coetzee’s 1994 novel Master of Petersburg deals with this real-life novelist’s investigation into the death of this stepson Pavel.

Answer: Fyodor Dostoevsky.
Bonus 18: Stuff about conic sections from clues FTPE.

A. This line, together with the focus, is what defines a parabola, which is the locus of points whose distance from the focus is proportional to the horizontal distance from this line.

Answer: Directrix.

B. This type of conic section is defined by as “the plane consisting of all points such that the difference between the distances from any point on the curve to the two foci is the same for all points.”

Answer: Hyperbola.

C. This Greek mathematician introduced the term hyperbola in his treatise, On Conics. He is also notable for his astronomical assertion that the planets revolved around the sun while the sun revolved the earth.

Answer: Apollonius of Perga.
Bonus 19: Identify the people and places involved in the latter stages of the Hundred Years’ War FTPE.

A. While marching to Calais after the siege of Harfluer, Henry V and a vastly outnumbered army of 6,000 men defeated the French in this pivotal 1415 battle.

Answer: Agincourt.

B. Referred to as the Dauphin and later as “The Well Served,” this ruler, who was disinherited after the 1420 Treaty of Troyes, was later crowned King of France after Joan of Arc’s successes.

Answer: Charles VII.

C. This Duchy ruled by Philip the Good became practically independent after Troyes and allied itself with the English. However, due to the resurgence of Charles it reconciled with the French King at the 1435 Treaty of Arras virtually ending the war.

Answer: Burgundy.
Bonus 20: Bonus: Identify the poems with a (fairly) similar theme from lines for ten or for five if you need the authors.

A. (15) Since then 't is centuries; but each/ Feels shorter than the day/ I first surmised the horses' heads/ Were toward eternity.

(5) Emily Dickinson

Answer: Because I could not stop for death.

B. (15) No mockeries now for them; no prayers nor bells;/Nor any voice of mourning save the choirs,-/ The shrill, demented choirs of wailing shells;/ And bugles calling for them from sad shires.

(5) Wilfred Owen.

Answer: Anthem for Doomed Youth.

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