Valencia Fall Invitational 2003 Semi-final Round

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Valencia Fall Invitational 2003

Semi-final Round

Questions by CB, Matt C. and Amy Harvey with assorted science by Seth of Cal and the Two Rajs
1. In Allen Ginsberg Supermarket in California, the speaker continually addresses this earlier poet, wondering which way does your beard point tonight? His own experience with the effects of war led to works like The Real War Will Never Get in the Books and The Wound Dresser, the latter of which reflects his work as a volunteer nurse. Other poems of his include Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking and Crossing Brooklyn Ferry. FTP name this exuberant poet who wrote When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomd and Song of Myself.

A. Walt Whitman

2. At a boundary between two media, the reflection coefficient for an electromagnetic wave is zero only if this complex quantity is the same on both sides of the boundary, so signal loss results when it is not matched from one component to the next. The inverse of this complex quantity is the admittance, and this quantity's value in a vacuum is 377 ohms. FTP name this complex quantity formed by adding i times the reactance to the resistance.

A. electrical or electromagnetic impedance (do not accept acoustic impedance)

3. Though principal leader of his people, he refused to sign the 1868 Treaty of Fort Laramie, giving his tribe full control of their hunting grounds. During a Sun Dance Ceremony in 1876, he had a vision of the slaughter of US soldiers, leading him to tell his people to stand and fight when army cavalry began to try to force them off their land because of gold strikes. After his 1881 surrender and four years of incarceration, he joined Buffalo Bills Wild West Show and toured the US and Europe. FTP name this leader of the Hunkpapa Sioux during Custers defeat at Little Big Horn.

A. Sitting Bull

4. This term provided the title of a posthumous 1972 book by its greatest explicator, Melville Herskovits, who viewed it as a methodological approach for anthropology. When misinterpreted in a normative sense it is prey to arguments that it contradicts itself. Meant to combat “scientific racism” and the unilineal evolutionary theories of the 19th century, it went hand in hand with the historical particularism of its first advocate, Franz Boas. FTP identify this theory opposed to ethnocentrism which argues that no morals are accepted by all societies.

Answer: Cultural Relativism (prompt on relativism)

5. This paintings artist tried to imitate the precise realism and severe countenances of 15th-century northern artists in this 1930 work. The figure on the left wears a maroon brooch, and just over her right shoulder plants can be seen on the porch of the house. A faded red barn can be seen over the male figures left shoulder. Between the two the front facade of the house rises, giving the painting a triangular arrangement. Painted in Iowa with the artists sister and their dentist modeling, FTP name this famous painting by Grant Wood.

A. American Gothic

6. In the traditions of many people of the plains, this figure took mud from the earth and used it to create people. According to the Wasco, he used knowledge gained from the Spirit Chief to defeat Thunderbird, who had been devouring humans. He’s not always considered so positively, though, as in some stories he is vengeful or mean, as when he attacks Duck and his children, perhaps similar to what his real-life animal incarnation would do. Best known as a trickster hero of Native American myth, FTP who is this canine figure, also a real-life predator and scavenger of the Midwest and West?

A. Coyote

7. The protagonist loves Nina, a neighbor’s daughter, and he writes a one-character play for her. Nina, unfortunately, lusts for Trigorin, his own mother’s lover, and eventually becomes Trigorin’s mistress. In Act II the protagonist, Konstantin, presents the title creature to Nina, saying he will someday kill himself in the same way he killed it. Named for the bird Konstantin kills and stuffs, FTP name this play by Anton Chekhov.

A. The Seagull

8. Her reign was the subject of the third volume of John Foxe’s Acts and Monuments. After a raid from exile Thomas Stafford she declared war on France and subsequently lost Calais. Her public speech at Guildhall helped her put down the younger Thomas Wyatt’s rebellion and she rallied supporters at Framlingham to suppress Northumberland’s attempt to place Lady Jane Grey on the throne. Hugh Latimer and Thomas Cranmer were among those put do death in her attempt to restore Catholicism. FTP identify this English Queen, the wife of Philip II and sister of Elizabeth I, known as “Bloody.”

Answer: Mary I or Mary Tudor.

9. For ten juicy math points, what is the center of the circle with equation

x2 – 4x + y2 + 9y = 5?

A. (2, -4.5) or x = 2 and y = - 4.5
10. They typically have a kilometer-thick iron-rich crust, and baryons in their cores may pair to form a superfluid. Hypothesized by Zwicky and Baade, they are bound above by the Oppenheimer-Volkoff mass limit. They have a typical density of about 100 trillion grams per cc and a mass between 1.4 and 3 solar masses. Produced by some supernovae, FTP name this class of objects which includes pulsars.

A. neutron stars

11. A short memoir of time this author spent alone with his five-year old son, titled Twenty Days with Julian and Little Bunny by Papa, has recently been published 152 years after it was written. The work includes one charming episode where the author and his son come upon a mounted rider saluting them, whom the author mistakes for a military man, but who turns out to be family friend Herman Melville. The book also relates how when the author was married, Ralph Waldo Emerson hired Thoreau to plant a garden for the newly married couple. FTP this all happened to what author of Mosses from an Old Manse and The House of the Seven Gables?

A. Nathaniel Hawthorne

12. Access to this site is so restricted that a presidential order is needed to get in, and only two presidents have ever visited: FDR and Harry Truman. At various times it has housed the British crown jewels, the Declaration of Independence and a copy of the Magna Carta, and currently it houses a copy of the Gutenberg Bible among its treasures. Not officially associated with the military installation next door by which it is usually referred, it is guarded by US Treasury guards. Officially called the United States Bullion Reserve, FTP name this Kentucky installation which houses the majority of the countrys gold reserves.

A. Fort Knox (acc. US Bullion Reserve before mentioned in question

13. His first movie appearance came in Tim Robbins’ 1992 film Bob Roberts, in which he played a demented adherent of the title character. Robbins liked him so much he also cast him in small but significant roles in Dead Man Walking and Cradle Will Rock. The few episodes of his little-known Fox TV series Heat Vision and Jack are cult classics, but he really broke through playing the obnoxious clerk Barry in High Fidelity. Paired with Kyle Gass in the odd band Tenacious D, FTP this is what actor currently on screen in School of Rock?

A. Jack Black

14. They account for the sizable proportion of the repetitive DNA in eukaryotes, and they can disrupt gene expression or cause deletions and inversions. Composite types, large and complex, consist of a central portion, possibly containing functional genes, flanked by insertion sequences at either end. The simplest types, known as insertion sequences, typically consist of 700-1500 base pairs and have numerous short repeated nucleotide sequences at either end. FTP, identify these mobile genetic elements first discovered in maize in the 1940s by Barbara McClintock.

A. transposons (prompt on jumping genes)

15. Camps in this park include Ramsey Cascade, Mt. Sterling, and Derrick’s Knob, and one hiking path is the charmingly named Boogerman Trail. A central feature is the 6,800-acre valley known as Cade’s Cove, the last native resident of which died in 1999. Congress authorized the area to be protected as a national park in 1926, partly due to residents’ fears about deforestation by the Alcoa Company. Home to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, FTP name this national park found mostly in Southeastern Tennessee.

A. Great Smoky Mountains National Park

16. Born in 1783, he fled to Paris soon after revolution broke out in his native land. There he was repulsed by the opulence of Napoleon’s self-coronation, leading him to return home, but not before he toured the U.S., visiting the new republic and raising money for his independence fight further south.. Name this Creole Venezuelan general, FTP, known as “the Liberator.”

Answer: Simon de Bolivar

17. They developed in England around the Corpus Christi festival, and there are four extant cycles: the York, Chester, Coventry and Towneley, the latter of which contains Noah, Herod, and The Second Shepherd’s Play, written by the best writer of this genre, the Wakefield Master. The Passion play was a sub-category concerning Christ’s life and, while in England they are synonymous with Miracle Plays, in France that term denotes plays just about the saints and Virgins. FTP identify this type of Medieval play which usually chronicles biblical events from the Fall of Satan to the Resurrection of Christ.

Answer: Mystery Play or Mysteries (accept Miracle Plays until it is mentioned)

18. Deviations in this law cause the formation of azeotropes. A solution that obeys this law is termed an ideal solution. In general, it only holds true for dilute solutions, and those that are non-dilute and follow this law are termed perfect solutions, and occur when the intermolecular forces between molecules of the pure substances are similar to the forces between molecules of one and molecules of the other. FTP, identify this law of chemistry that states that the partial vapor pressure of a solvent is proportional to its mole fraction.

A. Raoult’s law

19. Leaders of this entity were instrumental in setting up the Women’s Trade Union League, and under the guidance of Florence Kelley it did sociological research regarding factories and the urban poor. Modeled on London’s Toynbee Hall, it began as a kindergarten but soon added an art gallery, a library, and a gymnasium. Eventually occupying thirteen buildings centered on an old mansion located at 800 South Halsted Street, it ceased operation in 1963 when it was sold to the expanding University of Illinois - Chicago campus. FTP identify this social settlement begun by Jane Addams.

Answer: Hull House.

20. This man’s fifth book of madrigals was the first to display the use of basso continuo, or the use of a double bass figure. As a boy he was a chorister in Cremona, where he studied music with Ingegneri (ing-uh-nyair-ee). During a stay in Florence in the early 1600s he heard Jacopo Peri’s vocal piece Euridice (yoo-rih-dee-chay), inspiring his best known work. Known for The Coronation of Poppea, FTP who is this composer of what many consider to be the first opera, L’Orfeo?

A. Claudio Monteverdi

Valencia Fall Invitational 2003—Semi-final Boni
1. Three films have swept the Oscars in the categories of Best Actor and Actress, Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay. Identify them from clues FTPE.

A. This 1935 classic starring Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert features Colberts famous hitchhiking scene in which she gets a ride by showing some leg.

A. It Happened One Night

B. This 1975 movie won Jack Nicholson an Oscar for playing Randle Patrick McMurphy.

A. One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest

C. The third film to win was this 1991 picture based on a Thomas Harris novel and directed by Jonathan Demme (DEH-mee). It popularized the accompaniment of a main dish by fava beans and a nice chianti.

A. Silence of the Lambs
2. Answer the following about Andy Warhol FTPE.

A. Andys Manhattan studio, a magnet for New York hipsters in the 1960s, was called this, reflecting his idea of art as consumer good.

A. The Factory

B. Warhol created a series of massive silkscreens of this communist leader in 1975; one hanging in Chicagos Art Institute shows him with seemingly rouged cheeks.

A. Mao Tse Tung

C. Warhol was born in this city, which now features a museum dedicated to his work.

A. Pittsburgh
3. Identify these monsters from Greek myth FTPE.

A. This creature mated with the horrible Typhon to produce many of Greek myth’s coolest monsters.

A. Echidna

B. This three-headed dog was one offspring of Typhon and Echidna.

A. Cerberus

C. This other offspring of Typhon and Echidna had the upper torso of a woman and the lower body of a serpentine fish having six foreparts of dogs for legs.

A. Scylla
4. Name these Newberry-Award winning books for young readers FTPE.

A. The 1972 winner, this book details the efforts of the title character to free rodents from a testing facility; its a favorite of seven-year Valencia player Kevin Kelley.

A. Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

B. The title character of this 1970 winner is the dog of an African-American family that goes off to search for the familys father when he is wrongly arrested.

A. Sounder

C. This novella by Katherine Paterson, winner of the 1978 award, focuses on the fourth-grader Jesse, who with Leslie Burke creates the title location in a forest.

A. Bridge to Terabithia

5. Stuff about Charlemagne FTPE.

A. Charlie was crowned emperor of Rome (not Holy Roman Emperor, as John Mathews will tell you) on Christmas day in this year.

A. 800 CE

B. The accession to the throne of Charlies dad Pepin ended what Frankish royal house?

A. Merovingian

C. Charlemagnes empire was divided between three of his grandsons in what 843 treaty?

A. Verdun

6. Surprisingly, some of the guys drafted into the NBA back in June actually went to college for a while. Given a player, name the school for which he hooped FFPE and a bonus five for getting them all.

A. Dwyane (pronounced Dwane) Wade A. Marquette

B. Kirk Hinrich A. Kansas

C. Nick Collison A. Kansas

D. Reese Gaines A. Louisville

E. Carmelo Anthony A. Syracuse

7. Identify these reformers of the Christian faith FTPE.

A. This author of Institutes of the Christian Religion brought his stern version of the Reformation to Geneva.

A. John Calvin

B. Along with George Whitefield and his own brother Charles, this man founded Methodism.

A. John Wesley

C. In 1652 this man founded the Society of Friends, later to be known as the Quakers.

A. George Fox

8. Stuff about a guy and some literary forms FTPE.

A. This Japanese poetic form consists of three lines and 17 total syllables.

A. haiku

B. This 17th-century author of the The Narrow Road to the North is often considered the greatest master of haiku.

A. Matsuo Basho

C. The haiku was separated from this five line form which has 29 total syllables.

A. Tanka

9. Identify the following concerning chemical bonding FTPE.

A. This is a type of covalent bond in which one of the atoms supplies both the electrons.

A. coordinate covalent or semipolar or dative bonds

B. This is a type of covalent bond in which parallel p orbitals share an electron pair.

A. pi bond

C. This is the process of forming coordination complexes of an ion in solution. It often involves the formation of chelates and is used to prevent the chemical effect of an ion without removing it from the solution.

A. sequestration
10. Stuff about an important political hot potato of the 19th century FTPE.

A. This two-word term was first used by Lewis Cass in 1847 and referred to the doctrine that the people of any new U.S. territory could vote to decide whether to allow slavery in their area.

A. popular sovereignty

B. Popular sovereignty was incorporated into this 1854 act that repealed the Missouri Compromise and brought the two titular states into the Union.

A. Kansas-Nebraska Act

C. This Illinois senator, nicknamed the Little Giant, sponsored the Kansas-Nebraska act.

A. Stephen Douglas
11. Identify the works of Virginia Woolf on a 5-5-10-10 basis.

A. (5 pts.) Woolf’s best known work, this stream-of-consciousness novel chronicles a day in the life of the titular society woman who senses her life has been misspent once a man she had loved passionately returns from India.

A. Mrs. Dalloway

B. (5 pts.) In this essay, Woolf declares a woman needs two things--money and privacy--to develop her own kind of writing.

A. A Room of One’s Own

C. (10 pts.) Composed of multiple interior monologues, this novel describes the relationships of six persons living in England. The titular phenomena symbolize the progress of time.

A. The Waves

D. (10 pts.) Based on Victoria Sackville-West, the titular character begins life as young nobleman but 300 years later is a contemporary young woman, showing the author’s notion of women being intellectually equal to men.

A. Orlando

12. Identify these rivers central in the biography of Valencia’s coach Boris Nguyen FTPE.

A. As a boy, Boris wore a loincloth and caught prawns in this Vietnamese river, whose name also refers to any personal aromatic enhancement.

A. Perfume River

B. In France, Boris as a teen painted sad portraits of clowns and big-eyed dogs for tourists on the banks of this river, the longest in France, near where it empties into the Atlantic at Nantes. He was disappointed by its lack of prawns, though.

A. Loire River

C. Boris someday will retire to study the works of the Buddha in an elegantly appointed shack on the banks of this Florida river which flows north and empties into the Atlantic in Jacksonville.

A. St. John’s River

13. Identify these WWII aircraft FTPE.

A. Officially called the P-51, this fast fighter plane gave the Allies air superiority in dogfights.

A. Mustang

B. Used in the Doolittle Raid over Tokyo, this bomber was nicknamed for an earlier Air Force booster.

A. B-25 or Mitchell

C. The Japanese dominated early encounters with American fighters in the Pacific theater with this fast, lightweight fighter.

A. A6M2 or Zero

14. Given a figure from mythology, name both his/her mother and father FFPE.

A. Zeus A. Cronus and Rhea (any order)

B. Hel or Hela A. Loki and Angerboda

C. Perseus A. Zeus and Danae
15. Identify the following parts of a root FTPE.

A. This is the part of a root system that develops into the root system. The tip is protected by a root cap and points towards the micropyle. On germination, it breaks through the testa and grown down into the soil.

A. radicle

B. This is the region at the tip of a root in which cell divisions are continually occurring to produce new root tissue.

A. apical meristem

C. These structures are swellings on the roots of certain plants that contain bacteria capable of fixing atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia, which is subsequently converted into nitrates and amino acids.

A. root nodule

16. Name the American who wrote these poems on a 10-5 basis.

A. (10 pts.) Sweeney among the Nightingales

(5 pts.) The Hollow Men A. T.S. Eliot

B. (10 pts.) Maud Muller; The Barefoot Boy

(5 pts.) Snowbound; Barbara Freitchie A. John Greenleaf Whittier

C. (10 pts.) The Wreck of the Hesperus

(5 pts.) The Village Blacksmith; Evangeline A. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

17. Stuff about the 1787 Constitutional Convention FTPE.

A. When the Convention was called for in 1786, its sole purpose was to revise this governing document of the Continental Congress.

A. Articles of Confederation

B. The Virginia Plan, which provided the basis for the conventions work, was drafted by this man.

A. James Madison

C. Delegates from the small states resisted the Virginia Plan and proposed this alternative, which called for a unicameral legislature and one vote per state.

A. New Jersey Plan
18. FTP find the following numbers, given a series of numbers:

A. The common ratio for the geometric series with consecutive terms

2, 6, and 18;

A. 3

B. The common difference for the arithmetic series with first term one third and second term two thirds;

A. 1/3 (one third)

C. The fourth term of the geometric series with first term -2 and common ratio 3.

A. -54

19. 30-20-10 Name the composer from works.

A. (30 pts.) Connotations for Orchestra; Our Town; Quiet City

B. (20 pts.) A Lincoln Portrait; El Salon Mexico; Of Mice and Men

C. (10 pts.) Appalachian Spring; Billy the Kid

A. Aaron Copland
20. Identify the following radiochemistry dating techniques given a description FTPE.

A. Based on the use of the 14 isotope, this is the most common dating technique.

A. carbon dating

B. This method gives dates of several billion years and involves one element’s isotope 87 into another of similar isotope number. The ratio of the radioisotope to the stable element is used to determine the age of the specimen.

A. rubidium-strontium dating

C. This method gives reliable results for ages of the order 107-109 years. The 238 radioisotope decays into the stable 206 isotope of a different element. Typically, the amount of helium trapped in the rock is measured and compared to the radioisotope. A. uranium-lead dating

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