V. K. Antoshkin modern components and challenges of economic security of ukraine summary

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Conclusions. These researches concerning the threats of economic safety, the analysis of their sources and factors lead to the following conclusions and recommendations:

It is necessary to carry out a permanent state support of entrepreneurship in the country and provide a stable socio-economic environment, ensure stable development of the economy, as well as organizational that encour effective activity and the accumulation of capital and investment, sufficient for the development of a competitive private, collective and public facilities of management entities on the basis of innovation activities, the knowledge economy and new technological paradigms that characterize the advanced countries of the world.

On the basis of program-based approach at the national and regional levels, it is important to justify the complex of social, economic, industrial and environmental measures to ensure social and environmental focus of management, profitability of enterprises, social justice, raising living standards, improving the demographic situation, especially at the village areas.

It is necessary to strengthen state protection of businesses structures from unfair competition and its manifestations (industrial espionage, corruption, fraud, deception, raiding, and collecting to continuously protect domestic market from low-quality products, promote export expansion of domestic enterprises. It is necessary to pay special attention to training local personnel who have owned the modern innovative tools and techniques of production or services, logistics, management and marketing. For this purpose, we need modernization of scientific, educational and research institutions, development of social infrastructure, modern transportation and communication, further computerization of all activities.


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