V. K. Antoshkin modern components and challenges of economic security of ukraine summary

The analysis of recent researches and publications

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The analysis of recent researches and publications. Realized study and analysis of scientific publications on various aspects of national security and its components indicate that many scientists have dedicated their works to it. First of all, we should note the works by Arefyeva V.V., which reveal aspects of planning and forecasting of economic security [3]. The works of Hoychuk O.I. determine comprehensive study of the problems of formation and implementation of food safety in Ukraine, Goryacheva K.S. - the role and place of financial security system economic security. However, in-depth consideration the issues requiring determining economic security of Ukraine in terms of global challenges and threats, and reduce them to gain economic security.

Relevance and timeliness of the issue are increased by the of need leveling impact on the domestic economy of global financial crisis , reducing unemployment, external migrations, solving demographic problems, accelerating socio -economic development through increased profit badget of the country. Also it is important to study the experience of other countries in dealing with these problems as well as in the formation of civil society and to strengthen local government in enhancing economic security.

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