V. K. Antoshkin modern components and challenges of economic security of ukraine summary

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V.K. Antoshkin
Summary. The article defines the content, modern elements and challenges of national security. The factors that affect it are defined. Measures and mechanisms to reduce and eliminate adverse effects on economic security are grounded.

Key words: economic security, structure, factors, challenges, global influences, regional ingredients, state regulation, management, storage.
The statement of the problem. The problems of economic security take important place in research of modern social and economic processes. This is due to the increasing dynamics of global development, formation and rapid spread of new technologies, worsening problems of using resources, environmental protection, poverty on a planetary scale. Global impacts and processes led to increased openness of national economies and the world market at all levels of the organization and placement. However, any country in the world today aspires to national identity, the preservation of identity and tradition while increasing the competitiveness of the economy. Resolving this contradiction leads to permanent relevance and importance of research and practical principles address issues of economic security.

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