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Supportive housing. Aside from being one of the 4 guiding principles in the Strategic Framework for Ending Chronic Homelessness in Nashville (The Mayor’s Task Force to End Chronic Homelessness, 2004). PSH is a widely accepted means of getting people experiencing homelessness off of the streets and into a home that they stick with. Supportive housing may be the best option for severely mentally or physically disabled individuals and may be a stepping stone toward basic housing or independent living for some people on the streets or in shelters. Currently, the cost to provide wraparound services and housing in Nashville is $11,500 Yearly or $958.33 Monthly. Although this study notes a net loss (see table 2) for permanent supportive housing (PSH), a local PSH provider reports a net savings of $3,646.21 per individual. Supportive housing provides quality of life and access to services that may be necessary or preferred by some people experiencing homelessness.
Table 2. Costs for Housing First and Permanent Supportive Housing in Nashville, TN (2007)

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