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Addiction treatment costs

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Addiction treatment costs. 41.9% of participants report that they received drug or alcohol treatment within the last three years with an average 1.952 visits per year with an average of 44.697 nights stayed per year. 70.45% of respondents who received drug and alcohol treatment stayed overnight while the remaining 29.55% received outpatient treatment. Drug and alcohol treatment costs were obtained directly from providers, with an average per-person annual cost of $1,033.47 and a per-person chronic homelessness cost of $3,258.65. The Nashville metro total is $2,301,547.71 and the chronic homelessness total is $1,658,717.56. These figures were derived by averaging the daily cost of service provision of multiple providers, multiplying it by the 45 night average stay in a drug or alcohol treatment facility calculated in our interview survey, and then finally weighting that number by 83%, the percentage of homeless individuals who indicated in the survey to have had recent drug or alcohol treatment.

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