Usr/etc/faxd (1M) facsimile server /usr/etc/faxd recv (1M) facsimile job submission server 4ddn (1) iris-4d series decnet networking software 4Dwm (1X) The iris extended Motif Window Manager

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/usr/etc/faxd (1M) - facsimile server /usr/etc/faxd.recv (1M) - facsimile job submission server 4DDN (1) - IRIS-4D Series DECnet networking software 4Dwm (1X) - The IRIS Extended Motif Window Manager. a2p (1) - Awk to Perl translator a2ps (1L) - formats an ascii file for printing on a postscript printer abs (6D) - get the absolute value of an image accept, reject (1M) - allow or prevent LP requests acctcms (1M) - command summary from per-process accounting records acctcom (1) - search and print process accounting file(s) acctcon1, acctcon2 (1M) - connect-time accounting acctdisk, acctdusg, accton, acctwtmp (1M) - overview of accounting and miscellaneous accounting commands acctmerg (1M) - merge or add total accounting files acctprc1, acctprc2 (1M) - process accounting ACE/gr (1) - graphics for exploratory data analysis add (6D) - add two images together addborder (6D) - surround an input image with a border image addclient (1M) - allow remote printing clients to connect addframe (6D) - add a border to an image addnoise (6D) - add noise to an image Add_disk (1) - add a secondary disk to the system admin (1) - create and administer SCCS files afm2tfm (1) - convert Adobe font metrics to TeX font metrics after (1) - Execute a command after a time delay agrep (l) - search a file for a string or regular expression, with approximate matching capabilities aifc2aiff (1) - convert an AIFF-C file to an AIFF file aifccompress (1) - compress the audio data in an AIFF-C file aifcdecompress (1) - decompress the audio data in an AIFF-C file aifcinfo (1) - describes the contents of an AIFF-C or AIFF file aifcresample (1) - perform sampling rate conversion on an AIFF-C file aiff2aifc (1) - convert an AIFF file to an AIFF-C file ali (1) - list mail aliases amesh (6D) - audio spectrum analyzer analyzer (1M) - capture and decode network traffic anno (1) - annotate messages ansitape (1) - ANSI standard tape handler answer (1L) - phone message transcription system anytopnm (1) - attempt to convert an unknown type of image file to a portable anymap apanel (1) - audio control panel for input & output levels, rates and sources appdefpath (1) - supplies a server-specific path for application resource defaults apply (1) - apply a command to a set of arguments applymap (1) - Apply the color map in an RLE file to the pixel data appres (1) - list application resource database apropos (1) - locate commands by keyword lookup ar (1) - archive and library maintainer archie (1) - query the Archie anonymous FTP databases using Prospero arena (6D) - a future sport argus arp (1M) - address resolution display and control as (1) - MIPS assembler asa (1) - interpret ASA carriage control characters assemble (6D) - assemble an array of smaller images ast (6D) - 3D asteroids game at, batch (1) - execute commands at a later time atktopbm (1) - convert Andrew Toolkit raster object to portable bitmap aub (1) - assemble usenet binaries autoconfig (1M) - configure kernel automount (1M) - automatically mount NFS filesystems autoreply (1L) - Automatic mail reply system avg4 (1) - Downfilter an image by simple averaging. awk, oawk (1) - pattern scanning and processing language aXe (1) - an X editor Backup (1) - backup the specified file or directory banner (1) - make posters basename, dirname (1) - deliver portions of path names bc (1) - arbitrary-precision arithmetic language bdftopcf (1) - BDF to PCF font compiler for X11 bdftosnf (1) - BDF to SNF font compiler for X11 bdiff (1) - big diff bfs (1) - big file scanner bggen (l) - generates colored backgrounds on X11 displays bgpaste (6D) - paste an image onto the root window bibtex (1) - make a bibliography for TeX bincheckr (GNUCHESS) bind (1) - Arrange for X events to invoke Tcl commands bindkey (1) - function key binding facility for use with xwsh(1G) bison (1) - GNU Project parser generator (yacc replacement) bit (1L) - Bitmap Image Touchup for SGI Workstations bitmap, bmtoa, atobm (1) - bitmap editor and converter utilities for X blanktime (1G) - set the screen blanking timeout blend (6D) - linearly interporlate two images blur (6D) - low pass filter an image bootp (1M) - server for Internet Bootstrap Protocol bootparamd (1M) - boot parameter server brc, bcheckrc (1M) - system initialization procedures broadcast (1) - send audio UDP packets to be received by radio bru (1) - backup and restore utility brushtopbm (1) - convert a doodle brush file into a portable bitmap (1) - install, using BSD-style arguments bstream (1) - many buffered filter btree (6D) - display an image using a binary tree ordering. burst (1) - explode digests into messages button (1) - Create and manipulate button widgets buttonfly (6D) - a pretty user interface for Silicon Graphics demos bz (6D) - a tank game bzlogo (6D) - convert SGI images to the logo format for bz bzviewlogo (6D) - display a bz logo file bzwho (6D) - show a list of all current bz games and players cal (1) - print calendar calendar (1) - reminder service canonhost (1M) - canonicalize hostnames canvas (1) - Create and manipulate canvas widgets captoinfo (1M) - convert a termcap description into a terminfo description cat (1) - concatenate and print files cb (1) - C program beautifier cc (1) - C compiler CC (1) - C++ compiler cccp, cpp (1) - The GNU C-Compatible Compiler Preprocessor. cd (1) - change working directory cdc (1) - change the delta commentary of an SCCS delta cddbcvt (1) - convert old (cdplayer) format CD database to new format cdinstmgr (1) - manage client installs from CD-ROM on server cdman (1) - play audio CD in CD-ROM drive through audio hardware datman (1) - play and record audio tapes in DAT drive cdplayer (1) - play audio CDs on a CD-ROM drive cdromd (1M) - automatically mount CD-ROM discs cdsend (1) - read an audio CD and convert cedit (6D) - edit colors on the screen cflow (1) - generate C flowgraph cglue (6D) - create an rgb image out of 3 black and white images chargefee, ckpacct, dodisk, lastlogin, monacct, nulladm, prctmp, prdaily, prtacct, runacct, shutacct, startup, turnacct (1M) - shell procedures for accounting check (1) - check RCS status of a file checkalias (1L) - check to see if an alias is defined. checkbutton (1) - Create and manipulate check-button widgets checkgame (GNUCHESS) checkmm (1) - checks documents formatted with the mm macros chkconfig (1M) - configuration state checker chmod (1) - change the permissions mode of a file or directory chown, chgrp (1) - change owner or group chroot (1M) - change root directory for a command chrtbl (1M) - generate character classification and conversion tables ci (1) - check in RCS revisions cjpeg (1) - compress an image file to a JPEG file ckbupscd (1M) - check file system backup schedule clear (1) - clear terminal screen clinst (1M) - diskless client software installation tool clock (6D) - analog clock in a window clri (1M) - clear i-node cl_init (1M) - init program for diskless software installation cmp (1) - compare two files cmuwmtopbm (1) - convert a CMU window manager bitmap into a portable bitmap co (1) - check out RCS revisions col (1) - filter reverse line-feeds collide (1) - look for name collisions between libraries colorbars (6D) - generate NTSC colorbars colorview (1) - display list of X11 colors and show selected color comb (1) - combine SCCS deltas comm (1) - select or reject lines common to two sorted files comp (1) - compose a message compress, uncompress, zcat (1) - compress and expand data configmail (1M) - sendmail autoconfiguration script confirm (1G) - display a message in a window and request a response conimg (6D) - create a constant image convolve (6D) - convolve an input image with a kernel copt (1) - C Scalar Optimizer cord (1) - rearranges procedures in an executable to facilitate better cache mapping. cp, ln, mv (1) - copy, link or move files cpio (1) - copy file archives in and out cpioArchive (1) - an interactive transferdevice for performing cpio within the WorkSpace. cpp (1) - the C language preprocessor cron (1M) - clock daemon crontab (1) - user crontab file crop (1) - Change the size of an RLE image crypt (1) - encode/decode cscale (6D) - scale the rgb colors of an image csh (1) - a shell (command interpreter) with C-like syntax csplit (1) - context split ct (1C) - spawn getty to a remote terminal ctags (1) - create a tags file ctrace (1) - C program debugger cu (1C) - call another UNIX system cube (6D) - real-time display of famous cube puzzle cubitorle (1) - Convert cubicomp image to an RLE format file. curve (6D) - interactive cubic curve demonstration cut (1) - cut out selected fields of each line of a file cvd (1) - The WorkShop Debugger cvdbinmp (1) - dump out the contents of a WorkShop profiling binmap file cvdgraph (1) - dump out the contents of a WorkShop profiling graph file cvexprnt (1) - print out the contents of WorkShop performance experiment records or data files cvhang (1) - create a process in a hung state cvheapvu (1) - WorkShop Performance Heap View cvinstr (1) - add WorkShop Performance instrumentation code to a program cvmeter (1) - examine process resource consumption data cvprocvu (1) - WorkShop Performance Process View cvprofvu (1) - WorkShop Performance Profiling View cvspeed (1) - The suite of WorkShop Performance Tools cvstatic (1) - static analysis tool cvusage (1) - run a command, and print out the resources it used cvxhang (1) - create a process in a hung state and inform requestor's window cv_gl_controller (1) - service program for gldebug cxref (1) - generate C program cross-reference cyclops (1G) - perform video adjustments for SkyWriter Cyclops configuration. cycol (6D) - display a pallete of colors date (1) - print and set the date dbx (1) - a source-level debugger dbx_CC (1) - a source-level debugger dc (1) - desk calculator dd (1M) - convert and copy a file delta (1) - make a delta (change) to an SCCS file demograph (6D) - graphs demographic data in 3D over time. deroff (1) - remove nroff/troff, tbl, and eqn constructs destroy (1) - Destroy one or more windows devnm (1M) - device name df (1) - report number of free disk blocks dgld (1M) - Graphics Library server dglfax (1) - electronic fax program dgn_comp (6) - NetHack dungeon compiler diff (1) - differential file and directory comparator diff3 (1) - 3-way differential file comparison diffmk (1) - mark differences between files dig (1) - send domain name query packets to name servers dircmp (1) - directory comparison dirview (1G) - an interactive interface to the contents of a directory dis (1) - disassemble an object file disks (1G) - interactive local and network disk mounts tool diskusg (1M) - generate disk accounting data by user ID dist (1) - redistribute a message to additional addresses distcp (1M) - copy or compare software distributions distort (6D) - real time image distortion demo djpeg (1) - decompress a JPEG file to an image file dncp (1) - transfer files to, from, and between remote systems dnex (1) - execute files on a remote system dnlp (1) - print file(s) on remote printer dnls (1) - list the contents of a directory on a remote system dnmv (1) - moves or renames a file or a group of files dnrm (1) - remove specified file(s) from a remote directory dnserver (1) - 4DDN universal server. domainname (1) - set or display name of current NIS domain dotgen (6D) - make an image of two crossed sinusoidal wave patterns dpsexec (1) - Display PostScript Executive drm_admin (1M) - Data Replication Manager Administrative Tool dscribe (1) - DataScribe, a tool for building IRIS Explorer data conversion modules. du (1M) - summarize disk usage dump, rdump (1M) - incremental file system dump duotone (6D) - make a color duotone image from a black and white image dvhtool (1M) - modify and obtain disk volume header information dvips (1) - convert a TeX DVI file to PostScript dvirle (1) - convert dvi version 2 files, produced by TeX82, to RLE images dvitype (1) - translate a dvi file for humans dynadraw (6D) - caligraphic drawing program ecc (1) - dump memory ecc log echo (1) - echo arguments ed, red (1) - text editor edge (1) - window based debugger edit (1) - text editor (variant of ex for casual users) editres (1) - a dynamic resource editor for X Toolkit applications edquota (1M) - edit user quotas edt+ (1) - Screen-oriented text editing utility egrep (1) - search a file for a pattern using full regular expressions eject (1) - eject a CD-ROM or floppy elm (1L) - an interactive mail system emacs (1) - GNU project Emacs enable, disable (1) - enable/disable LP printers endsession (1) - terminates a login session enscript (1) - convert text files to POSTSCRIPT format for printing entry (1) - Create and manipulate entry widgets env, printenv (1) - set environment for command execution, print environment eprft (1) - Simulation and least squares fit of isotropic EPR spectra eqn (1) - format mathematical text for troff Etherhist (1) - display history of network traffic. Etherview (1) - display network traffic in a graphical manner. ex (1) - text editor Explorer (1) - the IRIS Explorer Map Editor exportfs (1M) - export and unexport directories to NFS clients expr (1) - evaluate arguments as an expression extcentry (1) - extract FORTRAN-callable entry points from a C file f2c (1) - Convert Fortran 77 to C or C++ f2p (1) - translates fig output into pic language f2ps (1) - Fig to Postscript translator f77 (1) - MIPS FORTRAN 77 compiler factor (1) - obtain the prime factors of a number famd (1M) - file alteration monitor fant (1) - perform simple spatial transforms on an image fastmail (1L) - quick batch mail interface to a single address fax2ps (1) - convert a TIFF facsimile to compressed PostScript fax2tiff (1) - create a TIFF Class F fax file from raw fax data faxaddmodem (1M) - configure a facsimile modem for use with FlexFAX faxalter (1) - alter parameters of a facsimile job queued for transmission faxanswer (1M) - tell facsimile server to answer the telephone faxcover (1) - generate a cover page for an outgoing facsimile faxmail (1) - convert a mail message to PostScript for sending as facsimile faxquit (1M) - tell facsimile server to terminate faxrm (1) - remove a facsimile job queued for transmission faxstat (1) - display facsimile server status fcatcmd, fcat (1) - copy files in the FSP database to stdout fcdcmd, fcd (1) - change client's current working directory in the FSP database Fetch (1) - locate files (a la which) and display them in WorkSpace. fgetcmd, fget (1) - download files from the FSP database fgrep (1) - search a file for a character string fieldmerge (6D) - merge two field images into one frame file (1) - determine file type filter (1L) - filter incoming messages before adding to mailbox find (1) - find files finger (1) - user information lookup program fingerd (1M) - remote user information server fitimg (6D) - force an image to be a specific size. fitstopgm (1) - convert a FITS file into a portable graymap flex (1) - fast lexical analyzer generator flight, dog, shadow (6D) - simulate the flight of any of several aircraft flon (1) - show which of your friends are logged on flscmd, fls (1) - list the contents of a FSP database fmkdir (1) - create directories in the FSP database fmt (1) - simple text formatter fmtosnf (1) - FM to SNF font compiler for X11 focus (1) - Direct keyboard events to a particular window fold (1) - fold long lines for finite width output device folder, folders (1) - set/list current folder/message fontview (1) - Display PostScript font viewer fopt (1) - Special Scalar Optimizer forw (1) - forward messages fping (l) - send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts fprocmd, fpro (1) - get or set permissions for directories in the FSP database fput (1) - upload files to the FSP database frame (1) - Create and manipulate frame widgets freeze, unfreeze, melt, fcat (1) - compress and uncompress files frm,nfrm (1L) - list from and subject of selected messages in mailbox or folder frmcmd, frm (1) - remove files from the FSP database frmdircmd, frmdir (1) - remove directories from the FSP database fromalias (6D) - converts an Alias image to an Iris image frombin (6D) - create an RGB Iris image file from a binary dump of image data fromcmap (6D) - convert a color map into an image with one scanline fromcube (6D) - convert a Cubicomp/Vertigo image file to IRIS format fromdi (6D) - convert an old .di dithered image into an RGB image fromface (6D) - convert a UNIX faceserver image into IRIS format fromgif (6D) - convert a GIF image into an IRIS image frommac (6D) - convert a MacPaint image into an IRIS image frompic (6D) - convert a MOVIE BYU .PIC image to an IRIS image fromppm (6D) - convert an image in Jef Poskanzer's format into an IRIS image fromrla (6D) - converts a Wavefront image to an IRIS image fromsun (6D) - convert a sun image into an IRIS image fromtarga (6D) - convert a targa image into an IRIS image fromxbm (6D) - convert an X Bitmap image into an IRIS image fromxud (6D) - convert an xwd file into an IRIS image fromxwd (6D) - convert an xwd file into an IRIS image fromyuv (6D) - convert an Abekas yuv image into an IRIS image fsck, dfsck (1M) - check and repair file systems fsdb (1M) - file system debugger fsn (1) - file system navigator fspd, in.fspd (1) - server for the FSP database fsplit (1) - split FORTRAN or RATFOR files fsr (1M) - file system reorganizer fsstat (1M) - report file system status fstopgm (1) - convert a Usenix FaceSaver(tm) file into a port- able graymap fstyp (1M) - determine file system identifier ftimer (1) - control clock and itimer resolution ftoc (1) - interface between prof and cord ftp (1C) - Internet file transfer program ftpd (1M) - Internet File Transfer Protocol server ftr (1) - IRIS WorkSpace file type rules compiler funzip (1) - extract from a ZIP archive file as a filter fuser (1M) - identify processes using a file or file structure fver (1) - displays the version number string of the FSP database fwtmp, wtmpfix (1M) - manipulate connect accounting records fx (1M) - disk utility g++ (1) - GNU project C++ Compiler (v2 preliminary) g3topbm (1) - convert a Group 3 fax file into a portable bitmap gamcal (6D) - visually check gamma display calibration gamma (6D) - get or set the system gamma value gammawarp (6D) - lighten or darken an image gated (1M) - gateway routing daemon gawk (1) - pattern scanning and processing language gc (l) - Gram's Commander gcc (1) - GNU project C Compiler gcc, g++ (1) - GNU project C and C++ Compiler (v2 preliminary) gclear (1G) - clear IRIS graphics screen gdb (1) - The GNU Debugger gdiff (1) - graphical differential file comparator gemtopbm (1) - convert a GEM .img file into a portable bitmap gendit (6D) - perform general image dithering get (1) - get a version of an SCCS file get4d (1) - get RLE images to a Silicon Graphics Iris/4D display getap (1) - get RLE images to an Apollo display getbob (1) - Display RLE files on HP Bobcat screens. getfb (1) - display an RLE file on a BRL libfb frame buffer. getgmr (1) - Restore an RLE image to a Grinnell GMR-27 frame buffer. getiris (1) - display an RLE image on a Silicon Graphics Iris Workstation. getmac (1) - Display RLE images on a MacIntosh display. getmex (1) - get RLE images to an Iris display under the window manager getopt (1) - parse command options getopts, getoptcvt (1) - parse command options getqcr (1) - Photograph an RLE image with the Matrix QCR-Z cam- era getren (1) - get RLE images to an HP98721 ("Renaissance") display getsun (1) - get RLE images to a sun window gettaac (1) - display an RLE image on a Sun TAAC-1. getty (1M) - set terminal type, modes, speed, and line discipline getx10 (1) - get RLE images to an X display getx11 (1) - get RLE images to an X11 display get_orion (1) - get RLE images to an Orion graphics display gftodvi (1) - make proofsheets from generic font files gftopk (1) - convert generic font files to packed font files gftype (1) - translate a generic font file for humans to read ghostview (1) - View PostScript documents using ghostscript gif2tiff (1) - create a TIFF file from a GIF87 format image file giftoppm (1) - convert a GIF file into a portable pixmap giftorle (1) - Convert GIF images to RLE format glbd (1M) - Global Location Broker Daemon gldebug (1) - debug utility for GL programs glp, PrintPanel (1) - graphical lp printing command glprof (1) - profiling utility for GL programs gnuan (GNUCHESS) gnubc (1) - An arbitrary precision calculator language gnuchess (6) - Chess gnufind (1L) - search for files in a directory hierarchy gnuplot (1) - an interactive plotting program gopher (1) - connect to gopher document server gouldtoppm (1) - convert Gould scanner file into a portable pix- map gpshandler (1) - driver for PostScript printers gpsinterface (1) - Generic PostScript model for System V spooling. grab (1) - Confine pointer and keyboard events to a window sub- tree grap (1) - pic preprocessor for drawing graphs graytorle (1) - Merges gray scale images into an RLE format file. grelnotes (1) - graphical on-line release notes viewer grep (1) - search a file for a pattern greyscale (6D) - make different patterns grid (6D) - generate a 10 by 10 grid groups (1) - show group memberships growfs (1M) - expand a filesystem gr_osview (1) - graphical system monitor gr_top (1) - display processes having highest CPU usage in a window gs (1) - Ghostscript version 2.6 interpreter/previewer gzexe (1) - compress executable files in place gzip, gunzip, zcat (1) - compress or expand files h2ph (1) - convert .h C header files to .ph Perl header files halftone (6D) - half-tone an image halt (1M) - halt the system haven (1G) - use a GL program as the screen saver head (1) - give first few lines help (1) - ask for help about SCCS error messages and commands hffit (1) - Simulation and least squares fit of isotropic EPR spectra hffits (1) - Simulation and least squares fit of isotropic EPR spectra hinv (1M) - hardware inventory command hipass3 (6D) - high pass filter an image hipstopgm (1) - convert a HIPS file into a portable graymap hist (6D) - compute and display the histogram of an image file. histeq (6D) - histogram equalize an image file host (1) - look up host names using domain server hostid (1) - set or print identifier of current host system hostname (1) - set or print name of current host system hp2xx (1) - A HPGL converter into some vector- and raster formats hpgl2ps ((1L) - convert HPGL (Hewlett Packard Graphic Language) to PostScript hyphen (1) - find hyphenated words hyroute (1M) - set the HyperNet routing tables iavg (6D) - average a set of images iblend (6D) - blend two images using a mat ical (1G) - calendar ico (1) - animate an icosahedron or other polyhedron IconSmith (1) - an interactive tool for editing polygon-based icons icontopbm (1) - convert a Sun icon into a portable bitmap icut (6D) - obsolete id (1) - print user and group IDs and names idbg (1M) - kernel debugger print utility ideas (1D) - Ideas in Motion: the Movie ident (1) - identify files ifconfig (1M) - configure network interface parameters iflip (6D) - flip an image igif (1) - display GIF images on SGI machines ilbmtoppm (1) - convert IFF ILBM file into a portable pixmap ilIndexableList - Indexable linked list imake (1) - C preprocessor interface to the make utility imean (6D) - find the average pixel value of an image imgcopy (1) - copy and convert image file imged (1G) - small image editor imgexp (6D) - expand the range of pixel values in an image. imginfo (1) - obtain information about image files imgprint (1) - Layout and printing utility for color images imgscan (1) - tool to create images using selected scanners imgsize (6D) - print the size of an image imgsnap (1) - save all or part of the screen in an image file imgtoppm (1) - convert an Img-whatnot file into a portable pix- map imgview (1) - displays image files imgworks (1) - visual tool for enhancing image files imgwrap (6D) - shift pixels left one bit. Impressario (1) - visual printing environment for SGI systems inc (1) - incorporate new mail inetd (1M) - Internet ``super-server'' infocmp (1M) - compare or print out terminfo descriptions inform (1G) - display a message in a window init, telinit (1M) - process control initialization insect (6D) - simulates a walking, six-legged creature/robot. insight, iiv (1) - The IRIS InSight Viewer inst (1M) - software installation tool install (1) - install files in directories interp (6D) - gamma-corrected color ramp generator into (1) - copy into a file without destroying it intro (1) - introduction to commands, application programs, and programming commands. intro (1M) - introduction to maintenance commands and application programs intro (6) - introduction to games and demos invert (6D) - invert an image ipaint (6D) - Paint using bitmap images as brushes ipaste (1G) - display an image ipcrm (1) - remove a message queue, semaphore set or shared memory id ipcs (1) - report inter-process communication facilities status ipfilterd (1M) - IP packet filtering daemon iroll (6D) - roll an image in x and y directions iset (6D) - set the type of an image. isSuper (1) - supertype checking utility for use with file type rules istat (6D) - print the header information of a list of image files. izoom (6D) - magnify or shrink an image jello (6D) - simulates nonrigid body dynamics join (1) - relational database operator jot (1G) - a simple mouse-based text editor kermit (1C) - kermit file transfer keyboards (1) - set the keyboard layout kill (1) - terminate a process killall (1M) - kill named processes ksh, rksh (1) - KornShell, a standard/restricted command and programming language label (1) - Create and manipulate label widgets labelit (1M) - provide labels for file systems lasergnu (l) - send gnuplot output to a printer last (1) - indicate last logins of users and terminals latex (1) - intensional text formatting and typesetting launch (1) - graphical utility to enter arguments and invoke commands lboot (1M) - configure bootable kernel lb_admin (1M) - Location Broker Administrative Tool ld (1) - MIPS link editor uld (1) - ucode link editor less (1) - opposite of more lesskey (1) - specify key bindings for less lev_comp (6) - NetHack special levels compiler lex (1) - generate programs for simple lexical tasks line (1) - read one line link, unlink (1M) - link and unlink files and directories lint (1) - a C program checker lispmtopgm (1) - convert a Lisp Machine bitmap file into pgm format listalias (1L) - list user and system aliases listbox (1) - Create and manipulate listbox widgets listres (1) - list resources in widgets List_tape (1) - list the contents of a given backup tape llbd (1M) - Local Location Broker Daemon loadmap (1G) - loads the colormap from a file lockd (1M) - NFS lock daemon logger (1) - make entries in the system log login (1) - sign on logname (1) - get login name lorder (1) - find ordering relation for an object library lp, cancel (1) - send/cancel requests to an LP line printer lpadmin (1M) - configure the LP spooling system lpc (1M) - BSD line printer control program lpd (1M) - BSD line printer daemon lpq (1) - BSD print spool queue examination program lpr (1) - BSD print spooler lprm (1) - remove jobs from the BSD line printer spooling queue lpsched, lpshut, lpmove (1M) - start/stop the LP scheduler and move requests lpstat (1) - print LP status information lptest (1) - generate lineprinter ripple pattern lptops (1) - convert any file into a PostScript file ls (1) - list contents of directory ls_admin, cls_admin (1M) - Display and edit the license server database ls_rpt (1M) - Report on license server events ls_stat, cls_stat (1M) - Display the status of the license server system ls_targetid (1M) - Prints information about the local NetLS target id. ls_tv (1M) - Verify that Network License Servers are working lvck (1M) - check and restore consistency of logical volumes lvinfo (1M) - print information about active logical volumes lvinit (1M) - initialize logical volume devices m4 (1) - macro processor machid: pdp11, u3b, u3b2, u3b5, u3b15, vax, m68k, m68000, mips, 4d, 4d60 (1) - get processor type truth value macptopbm (1) - convert a MacPaint file into a portable bitmap macref (1) - produce cross-reference listing of macro files mag (6D) - pixel replication and magnification in a window Mail (1) - send and receive mail mail (1) - send mail to users or read mail mailagent (1) - an automatic mail-processing tool mailbox (1) - mail notification maildist, mailhelp, maillist, mailpatch (1) - mailagent's commands make (1) - maintain, update, and regenerate groups of programs makedbm (1M) - make an NIS dbm file makedepend (1) - create dependencies in makefiles MAKEDEV (1M) - Create device special files makekey (1) - generate encryption key makemap (1G) - store colors into the gl color map makeob - creates an object makewhatis (1M) - make manual page "whatis" database for use with apropos man (1) - print entries from the on-line reference manuals; find manual entries by keyword manwsh (6D) - display a man page and then prompt for input mapimg (1G) - translates a screen image into an RGB image mark (1) - mark messages max (6D) - get the maximum of two images maze (1) - an automated maze program... [ demo ][ X11 ] mbuilder (1) - The IRIS Explorer Module Builder mcut (1) - Quantize colors in an image using the median cut algorithm mcvert (LOCAL) - BinHex 4.0 to MacBinary file conversion utility menu (1) - Create and manipulate menu widgets menubutton (1) - Create and manipulate menubutton widgets merge (1) - three-way file merge mergechan (1) - merge channels from several RLE files into a single output stream mesg (1) - permit or deny messages message (1) - Create and manipulate message widgets messages (1L) - quick count of messages in mailbox or folder mf, inimf (1) - Metafont, a language for alphabet design mft (1) - translate Metafont code to TeX code for prettyprinting mgrtopbm (1) - convert a MGR bitmap into a portable bitmap mh (1) - Message Handler mh-chart (1) - Chart of MH Commands mhl (1) - produce formatted listings of MH messages mhmail (1) - send or read mail mhn (1) - multi-media MH mhook, rcvdist, rcvpack, rcvtty (1) - MH receive-mail hooks mhparam (1) - print MH profile components mhpath (1) - print full pathnames of MH messages and folders min (6D) - calculate the minimum of two images MIT X Consortium (1) mkalias (1M) - NIS mail alias tool mkboottape (1M) - make a boot tape mkcentpr (1M) - register a Centronics-interface printer with LP mkdepend (1) - compute header file dependencies mkdir (1) - make directories mkdirhier (1) - makes a directory hierarchy mkf2c (1) - generate FORTRAN-C interface routines mkfile (1M) - create a file mkfontdir (1) - create fonts.dir file from directory of font files. mkfs (1M) - construct a file system mklv (1M) - construct or extend a logical volume mknetpr (1M) - provide access to a remote printer mknod (1M) - build special file or named pipe (FIFO) mkPS (1M) - register a LaserWriter printer with LP mkshlib (1) - create a shared library mkstr (1) - create an error message file by massaging C source mm (1) - prints documents formatted with the mm macros mmt (1) - typeset documents more, page (1) - file perusal filter for crt viewing mount, umount (1M) - mount and dismount file systems mountall, umountall (1M) - mount, unmount multiple file systems mountd (1M) - NFS mount request server mousemon (6D) - display state of mouse buttons mousewarp, dialwarp, keywarp (6D) - set input warping and repeat parameters movie (6D) - show a series of images in a sequence moviemaker (1) - Basic tool for making and editing movies. movieplayer (1) - play movie files (picture and sound) mpadmin (1) - control and report processor status mrouted (1M) - IP multicast routing daemon msdosd (1M) - automatically mount floppy discs msgchk (1) - check for messages msh (1) - MH shell (and BBoard reader) mt (1) - magnetic tape manipulating program mtvtoppm (1) - convert output from the MTV or PRT ray tracers into a portable pixmap mult (6D) - multiply two images multgrps (1) - spawn a shell with membership in multiple groups multi (1M) - switch the system to multi-user mode multitrack (1) - digital multi-track recorder muncher (1) - draw interesting patterns in an X window mvdir (1M) - move a directory mvt (1) - typeset view graphs and slides mwm (1X) - The Motif Window Manager. named, named-xfer (1M) - Internet domain name server nawk (1) - pattern scanning and processing language NcFTP (1) - Internet file transfer program ncheck (1M) - generate path names from i-numbers ncp (1) - network control program ndx (1) - create a subject-page index for a document neqn (1) - format mathematical text for nroff netaccount (1M) - generate a report from a network traffic data file netcollect (1M) - collect network traffic statistics netgraph (1M) - display strip charts of network traffic nethack (6) - Exploring The Mazes of Menace netlook (1M) - graphically display network traffic netlsd (1M) - The NetLS license server daemon netpack (1M) - coalesce network traffic data files netsnoop (1M) - capture and decode network traffic netstat (1) - show network status network (1M) - network initialization and shutdown script newalias (1L) - install new elm aliases for user and/or system newaliases (1M) - rebuild the data base for the mail aliases file newave (1D) - real-time simulation of an idealized surface newform (1) - change the format of a text file newgrp (1) - log in to a new group newmail,wnewmail (1L) - programs to asynchronously notify of new mail news (1) - print news items newton (6D) - a physical modeling demo next (1) - show the next message nfsd, biod (1M) - NFS daemons nfsstat (1M) - display Network File System statistics nice (1) - run a command at low priority nl (1) - line numbering filter nm (1) - name list dump of MIPS object files nn (1) - efficient net news interface (No News is good news) nnacct (1m) - news accounting and access authorization (nn) nnadmin (1M) - nn database administration nncheck (1) - check for unread articles nngoback (1) - make news articles unread on a day-by-day basis (nn) nngrab (1) - news retrieval by keyword (nn) nngrep (1) - grep for news group names (nn) nnpost (1) - post news articles (nn) nnstats (1M) - display nnmaster collection and expire statistics nntidy (1) - tidy your personal .newsrc file nnusage (1M) - display nn usage statistics noblack (6D) - remove all the black from an image nohup (1) - run a command immune to hangups and quits notepad (1) - little yellow note poster npri (1) - modify the scheduling priority of a process NQS (1) - Network Queueing System NQSCONFIG (1) - Network Queueing System Configuration NQSGS (1) - Getting Started with NQS NQSRN (1) - Network Queueing System Release 3.31 Release Notes. nroff (1) - format or typeset text nslookup (1C) - query Internet name servers interactively nullimg (6D) - make a black image file nvram, sgikopt (1M) - get or set non-volatile RAM variable(s) ocean (1) - pleasant underwater background program for SGI graphics consoles oclock (1) - display time of day od (1) - octal dump odump (1) - dumps selected parts of an object file on (1C) - execute a command remotely oneband (6D) - get a single band of an image option (1) - Add/retrieve window options to/from the option database options (1) - Standard options supported by widgets osview (1) - monitor operating system activity data over (6D) - put one image on top of another pac (1M) - BSD printer accounting information pack (1) - Geometry manager that packs around edges of cavity pack, pcat, unpack (1) - compress and expand files packf (1) - compress an MH folder into a single file painttorle (1) - Convert MacPaint images to RLE format. pal2rgb (1) - convert a palette color TIFF image to a full color image palette (6D) - display a palette of colors in the colormap pandora (1) - login on the graphics console passmgmt (1M) - password file management passthru (1) - pass audio sample data from an input port to an output port passwd (1) - change login password and password attributes paste (1) - merge same lines of several files or subsequent lines of one file patch (1) - a program for applying a diff file to an original pathconf (1) - get configurable pathname variables (POSIX) pathto, uupath (1) - calculate mail paths pbmlife (1) - apply Conway's rules of Life to a portable bitmap pbmmake (1) - create a blank bitmap of a specified size pbmmask (1) - create a mask bitmap from a regular bitmap pbmreduce (1) - read a portable bitmap and reduce it N times pbmtext (1) - render text into a bitmap pbmto10x (1) - convert a portable bitmap into Gemini 10X printer graphics pbmtoascii (1) - convert a portable bitmap into ASCII graphics pbmtoatk (1) - convert portable bitmap to Andrew Toolkit raster object pbmtobg (1) - convert a portable bitmap into BitGraph graphics pbmtocmuwm (1) - convert a portable bitmap into a CMU window manager bitmap pbmtoepson (1) - convert a portable bitmap into Epson printer graphics pbmtog3 (1) - convert a portable bitmap into a Group 3 fax file pbmtogem (1) - convert a portable bitmap into a GEM .img file pbmtogo (1) - convert a portable bitmap into compressed GraphOn graphics pbmtoicon (1) - convert a portable bitmap into a Sun icon pbmtolj (1) - convert a portable bitmap into HP LaserJet format pbmtomacp (1) - convert a portable bitmap into a MacPaint file pbmtomgr (1) - convert a portable bitmap into a MGR bitmap pbmtopi3 (1) - convert a portable bitmap into an Atari Degas .pi3 file pbmtoptx (1) - convert a portable bitmap into Printronix printer graphics pbmtox10bm (1) - convert a portable bitmap into an X10 bitmap pbmtoxbm (1) - convert a portable bitmap into an X11 bitmap pbmtozinc (l) - convert a portable bitmap into a Zinc bitmap pbmupc (1) - create a Universal Product Code bitmap pc (1) - MIPS Pascal compiler pcxtoppm (1) - convert a PCX file into a portable pixmap perfly (6D) - Performance in Visual Simulation perhist (6D) - print percent histogram values for an image perl (1) - Practical Extraction and Report Language pg (1) - file perusal filter for CRTs pgmbentley (1) - Bentleyize a portable graymap pgmedge (1) - edge-detect a portable graymap pgmenhance (1) - edge-enhance a portable graymap pgmhist (1) - print a histogram of the values in a portable graymap pgmnorm (1) - normalize the contrast in a portable graymap pgmoil (1) - turn a portable graymap into an oil painting pgmramp (1) - generate a grayscale ramp pgmtexture (1) - calculate textural features on a portable gray- map pgmtofits (1) - convert a portable graymap into FITS format pgmtofs (1) - convert portable graymap to Usenix FaceSaver(tm) format pgmtolispm (1) - convert a portable graymap into Lisp Machine format pgmtopbm (1) - convert a portable graymap into a portable bitmap pgmtoppm (1) - colorize a portable graymap into a portable pix- map pgmtorle (1) - convert a pbmplus/pgm image file into an RLE image file. pgmtoybm (1) - convert a portable bitmap into a Bennet Yee "face" file phandler (1) - generic parallel printer driver pi1toppm (1) - convert an Atari Degas .pi1 into a portable pix- map pi3topbm (1) - convert an Atari Degas .pi3 file into a portable bitmap pic (1) - troff preprocessor for drawing simple pictures pick (1) - select messages by content picttoppm (1) - convert a Macintosh PICT file into a portable pixmap pine (1) - read and send electronic mail with an easy user interface ping (1M) - send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts pixie (1) - add profiling code to a program pixstats (1) - analyze program execution pjtoppm (1) - convert an HP PaintJet file to a portable pixmap pktogf (1) - convert packed font files to generic font files pktype (1) - translate a packed font file for humans to read place (1) - Geometry manager for fixed or rubber-sheet placement | plan (1L) - interactive X/Motif calendar and day planner pland (1L) - daemon for plan notifier (1L) - X/Motif text displayer for plan playaifc, playaiff (1) - play an AIFF-C (or AIFF) audio sample file pltotf (1) - convert property list files to font metric (tfm) format pmake, smake (1) - create programs in parallel pnmarith (1) - perform arithmetic on two portable anymaps pnmcat (1) - concatenate portable anymaps pnmconvol (1) - general MxN convolution on a portable anymap pnmcrop (1) - crop a portable anymap pnmcut (1) - cut a rectangle out of a portable anymap pnmdepth (1) - change the maxval in a portable anymap pnmenlarge (1) - read a portable anymap and enlarge it N times pnmfile (1) - describe a portable anymap pnmflip (1) - perform one or more flip operations on a portable anymap pnmgamma (1) - perform gamma correction on a portable anymap pnmindex (1) - build a visual index of a bunch of anymaps pnminvert (1) - invert a portable anymap pnmmargin (1) - add a border to a portable anymap pnmnoraw (1) - force a portable anymap into plain format pnmpaste (1) - paste a rectangle into a portable anymap pnmrotate (1) - rotate a portable anymap by some angle pnmscale (1) - scale a portable anymap pnmshear (1) - shear a portable anymap by some angle pnmsmooth (1) - smooth out an image pnmtile (1) - replicate a portable anymap into a specified size pnmtops (1) - convert portable anymap to PostScript pnmtorast (1) - convert a portable pixmap into a Sun rasterfile pnmtotiff (1) - convert a a portable anymap into a TIFF file pnmtoxwd (1) - convert a portable anymap into an X11 window dump podd (1M) - Printer Object Database (POD) server portmap (1M) - TCP,UDP port to RPC program number mapper postcard (6D) - make an image look like a postcard postprint (GNUCHESS) powerdown (1M) - stop all processes and halt the system powerflip (6D) - spin 3D objects in a window ppmdither (1) - ordered dither for color images ppmhist (1) - print a histogram of a portable pixmap ppmmake (1) - create a pixmap of a specified size ppmpat (1) - make a pretty pixmap ppmquant (1) - quantize the colors in a portable pixmap down to a specified number ppmquantall (1) - run ppmquant on a bunch of files all at once, so they share a common colormap ppmrelief (1) - run a Laplacian relief filter on a portable pix- map ppmtogif (1) - convert a portable pixmap into a GIF file ppmtoicr (1) - convert a portable pixmap into NCSA ICR format ppmtoilbm (1) - convert a portable pixmap into an IFF ILBM file ppmtopcx (1) - convert a portable pixmap into a PCX file ppmtopgm (1) - convert a portable pixmap into a portable graymap ppmtopi1 (1) - convert a portable pixmap into an Atari Degas .pi1 file ppmtopict (1) - convert a portable pixmap into a Macintosh PICT file ppmtopj (1) - convert a portable pixmap to an HP PaintJet file ppmtopuzz (1) - convert a portable pixmap into an X11 "puzzle" file ppmtorgb3 (1) - separate a portable pixmap into three portable graymaps ppmtorle (1) - convert a PBMPLUS/ppm image file into an RLE image file. ppmtosixel (1) - convert a portable pixmap into DEC sixel format ppmtotga (1) - convert portable pixmap into a TrueVision Targa file ppmtouil (1) - convert a portable pixmap into a Motif UIL icon file ppmtoxpm (1) - convert a portable pixmap into an X11 pixmap ppmtoyuv (1) - convert a portable pixmap into an Abekas YUV file pr (1) - print files preset (1M) - reset the lp queue system to a pristine state by deleting printers prev (1) - show the previous message printmail (1L) - format mail in a readable fashion for printing printstatus, PrintStatus (1) - graphical printer status tool prof (1) - analyze profile data profiler: prfld, prfstat, prfdc, prfsnap, prfpr (1M) - UNIX system profiler progname (1) - a prog for naming prom (1M) - PROM monitor prompter (1) - prompting editor front-end for MH protoize (1) - convert K&R C source code to ANSI C prototype format prs (1) - print an SCCS file prtvtoc (1M) - print volume header information. ps (1) - report process status ps2fax (1M) - image PostScript for facsimile transmission ps4014 (1) - convert a Tektronix 4014 files to POSTSCRIPT format ps630 (1) - convert Diablo 630 print files to POSTSCRIPT format pschunky (1) - Convert a PostScript(tm) file to CHUNKY printer data format pscomm, psrv, pstext, psbanner, psinterface (1M) - TRANSCRIPT spooler filters for POSTSCRIPT printers psdit (1) - convert troff intermediate format to POSTSCRIPT format psfonts (1) - POSTSCRIPT font information for TRANSCRIPT psidtopgm (1) - convert PostScript "image" data into a portable graymap psplot (1) - convert plot files to POSTSCRIPT format psrev (1) - select or reverse page order of a POSTSCRIPT file psroff (1) - troff to a POSTSCRIPT printer psselect (1) - select pages from a PostScript file PSSYMBOLS (1) - List of symbols for ditroff in TRANSCRIPT pswrap (1) - creates C routines from pieces of PostScript language ptx (1) - make permuted index puzzle (1) - 15-puzzle game for X pwck, grpck (1M) - password/group file checkers pwd (1) - print working directory name pyrmask (1) - Blend two images together using Gaussian pyramids. python - an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language qacct (1) - display NQS accounting information. qcat (1) - display NQS request output. qcmplx (1) - display status of NQS complex(es) qdel (1) - delete or signal NQS request(s). qdev (1) - display status of NQS devices qhold (1) - hold NQS request(s). qjob (1) - display status of NQS queues in a networked environment qlimit (1) - show supported batch limits, and shell strategy for the named host(s). qmgr (1M) - NQS queue manager program qpr (1) - submit a hardcopy print request to NQS qresume (1) - resume NQS request(s). qrls (1) - release NQS request(s). qrttoppm (1) - convert output from the QRT ray tracer into a portable pixmap qstat (1) - display status of NQS queue(s) qstatc (1) - display status of NQS requests and queues. qsub (1) - submit an NQS batch request. qsuspend (1) - suspend NQS request(s). quant (6D) - quantify an image quot (1M) - summarize file system ownership quota (1) - display disk usage and limits quotacheck (1M) - filesystem quota consistency checker quotaon, quotaoff (1M) - turn file system quotas on and off radio (1) - receive audio UDP packets transmitted by broadcast radiobutton (1) - Create and manipulate radio-button widgets randimg (6D) - generate a noise image rarpd (1M) - DARPA Reverse Address Resolution Protocol daemon ras2tiff (1) - create a TIFF file from a Sun rasterfile rastorle (1) - Convert sun raster file image to an RLE format file. rasttopnm (1) - convert a Sun rasterfile into a portable anymap ratfor (1) - rational FORTRAN dialect rawtopgm (1) - convert raw grayscale bytes into a portable gray- map rawtoppm (1) - convert raw RGB bytes into a portable pixmap rawtorle (1) - Convert raw image data to RLE. rc0 (1M) - run commands performed to stop the operating system rc2 (1M) - run commands performed for multi-user environment rclinst (1M) - diskless client software auto-installation tool rcp (1C) - remote file copy rcpDevice - an interactive transferdevice for performing rcp within the WorkSpace. rcs (1) - change RCS file attributes rcsclean (1) - clean up working files rcsdiff (1) - compare RCS revisions rcsfreeze (1) - freeze a configuration of sources checked in under RCS rcsintro (1) - introduction to RCS commands rcsmerge (1) - merge RCS revisions rcvstore (1) - incorporate new mail asynchronously rdist (1) - remote file distribution client program rdist (1C) - remote file distribution program rdistd (1) - remote file distribution server program read98721 (1) - read an image from the HP-98721 frame buffer readmsg (1L) - extract messages from a mail folder reaper (1) - manages a login session reboot (1M) - reboot the system recordaifc, recordaiff (1) - record an AIFF-C (or AIFF) audio sample file recover (6) - recover a NetHack game interrupted by disaster rectimg (6D) - display a color or BW image on the iris redirect (6D) - run a demo with error output directed to /dev/console refile (1) - file message in other folders regcmp (1) - regular expression compile registrar (1M) - IP address update command for NIS hosts data base relnotes (1) - on-line release notes viewer renice (1M) - alter priority of running processes repcolor (6D) - replace specified colors within an image repl (1) - reply to a message repos (1) - reposition an RLE image repquota (1M) - summarize quotas for a local file system resize (1) - utility to set TERMCAP and terminal settings to current window size Restore (1) - restore the specified file or directory from tape restore, rrestore (1M) - incremental file system restore revolve (6D) - surface of revolution demonstration rexd (1M) - RPC-based remote execution server rexecd (1M) - remote execution server rgb (1) - convert a rgb spec file to ndbm files rgb2ps (1) - Convert an SGI image to PostScript rgb3toppm (1) - combine three portable graymaps into one port- able pixmap rlatorle (1) - convert a Wavefront "rlb" image file into an RLE image file. rle (6D) - force an image to be stored using run length encoding rleaddcom (1) - add picture comments to an RLE file. rleaddeof (1) - Put an end of image marker on an RLE file. rlebg (1) - generate simple backgrounds rlebox (1) - print bounding box for image in an RLE file. rlecat (1) - concatenate and repeat images. rleClock (1) - Generate a clock face in RLE format rlecomp (1) - Digital image compositor rledither (1) - Floyd Steinberg dither an image to the given colors. rleflip (1) - Invert, reflect or rotate an image. rlehdr (1) - Prints the header of an RLE file rlehisto (1) - generate histogram of RLE image. rleldmap (1) - Load a new color map into an RLE file rlemandl (1) - Compute images of the Mandelbrot set. rlenoise (1) - Add random noise to an image rlepatch (1) - patch smaller RLE files over a larger image. rleprint (1) - Print the values of all the pixels in the file. rlequant (1) - variance based color quantization for RLE images rlescale (1) - produce gray scale images. rleselect (1) - Select images from an RLE file. rlesetbg (1) - Set the background value in the RLE header. rleskel (1) - A skeleton tool. rlespiff (1) - Use simple contrast enhancement to "spiff up" an image. rlesplice (1) - Splice two RLE files together horizontally or vertically. rlesplit (1) - split a file of concatenated RLE images into separate image files rlestereo (1) - produce anaglyph from stereo pair rleswap (1) - swap the channels in an RLE file. rletoabA60 (1) - convert RLE images to Abekas yuv format rletoabA62 (1) - Convert from RLE Format to Abekas A62 Dump For- mat rletoascii (1) - Print an RLE image as ASCII chars. rletogif (1) - Convert RLE files to GIF format. rletogray (1) - Splits an RLE format file into gray scale images. rletopaint (1) - convert an RLE file to MacPaint format using dithering rletoppm (1) - convert a Utah RLE image file into a PBMPLUS/ppm image file. rletops (1) - Convert RLE images to PostScript rletorast (1) - Convert an RLE file to a Sun rasterfile. rletoraw (1) - Convert RLE file to raw RGB form. rletorla (1) - convert a Utah RLE image file into a Wavefront "rlb" image file. rletotiff (1) - Convert 24 bit RLE image files to TIFF. rlezoom (1) - Magnify an RLE file by pixel replication. rlog (1) - print log messages and other information about RCS files rlogin (1C) - remote login rlogind (1M) - remote login server rm, rmdir (1) - remove files or directories rmail (1M) - receive mail via UUCP rmdel (1) - remove a delta from an SCCS file rmf (1) - remove an MH folder rmm (1) - remove messages rmprinter (1M) - remove a printer from the LP spooling system rmt (1M) - remote magtape protocol module rock (6D) - play the indigo rap route (1M) - manually manipulate the routing tables routed (1M) - network routing daemon routeprint (1) - route file to printer or to specified filetype rpc.passwd (1M) - server for modifying NIS password file rpcgen (1) - an RPC protocol compiler rpcinfo (1M) - report RPC information rquotad (1M) - remote quota server rsh (1C) - remote shell rshd (1M) - remote shell server rstatd (1M) - kernel statistics server rtnetd (1M) - daemon to enable preemptable network packet processing rtquery (1M) - query routing daemons for their routing table runacct (1M) - run daily accounting runon (1) - run a command on a particular cpu rup (1C) - show host status of local machines (RPC version) ruptime (1C) - show host status of local machines rusers (1C) - who's logged in on local machines (RPC version) rusersd (1M) - network username server rwall (1) - write to all users over a network rwalld (1M) - network rwall server rwho (1C) - who's logged in on local machines rwhod (1M) - system status server s2p (1) - Sed to Perl translator sact (1) - print current SCCS file editing activity sar (1) - system activity reporter sar: sa1, sa2, sadc (1M) - system activity report package saturate (6D) - change an image's saturation savecore (1M) - save a core dump of the operating system savemap (1G) - saves the current contents of the colormap scale (1) - Create and manipulate scale widgets scan (1) - produce a one line per message scan listing scanner (1) - scan color images sccs (1) - front end for the SCCS subsystem sccsdiff (1) - compare two versions of an SCCS file scope (6D) - explore an image of any size scratchpad (1) - Display PostScript text "playground" screen (1) - screen manager with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation script (1) - make typescript of terminal session scrollbar (1) - Create and manipulate scrollbar widgets scrsave (6D) - save a part of the screen in an image file sdiff (1) - side-by-side difference program Seahaven Towers (6) - A solitaire game sed (1) - stream editor selection (1) - Manipulate the X selection send (1) - Execute a command in a different interpreter send (1) - send a message sendfax (1) - submit a facsimile job for transmission sendmail, newaliases, mailq (1M) - send network mail sethost (1) - log on to a remote DECnet or 4DDN node. setlum (6D) - modifies the luminance on an image setmnt (1M) - establish mount table setmon (1G) - set the current and default monitor video output format setsym (1) - set up a debug kernel for symbolic debugging setup (1) - initialize system for first user setxkeymap (1) - set the keyboard map using a compiled keymap file sfconvert (1) - convert soundfiles sfinfo (1) - display soundfile information sfkeywords (1) - soundfile keywords used in sfinfo, sfplay, and sfconvert sfplay (1) - play soundfile sgi2fax (1) - convert a Silicon Graphics image file for facsimile transmission sgi2tiff (1) - create a TIFF file from an SGI image file sh, rsh (1) - shell, the standard/restricted command programming language shad (6D) - A demonstration of real-time shadows shar (1) - create shell archives shear (6D) - shear an image diagonally show (1) - show (list) messages showcase (1) - Basic drawing and presentation tool showmap (6D) - display the contents of the color map showmount (1M) - show all remote NFS mounts showpcf (1) - display contents of an font file showrgb (1) - print the rgb database shutdown (1M) - shut down system, change system state single (1M) - switch the system to single-user mode size (1) - print the section sizes of an object file sleep (1) - suspend execution for an interval slide (6D) - zoom an image up for full screen display slip (1M) - Serial Line IP slitex (1) - make LaTeX slides slocal (1) - special local mail delivery smush (1) - defocus an RLE image. snap (1G) - saves part of the screen in an image file snapshot (6D) - save a portion of the screen in an image file snftopcf (1) - SNF to PCF font compiler for X11 snmpd (1M) - Simple Network Management Protocol daemon snoop (6D) - magnify and report on the screen under the mouse pointer snoopd (1M) - network traffic monitoring daemon snowflake (6D) - pretty audio spectrum analyzer socket (1) - create tcp socket and connect to stdin/out soelim (1) - eliminate .so's from nroff input sort (1) - sort and/or merge files sortm (1) - sort messages soundeditor (1) - digital two-track recorder soundfiler (1) - soundfile utilities sox (1) - SOund eXchange - universal sound sample translator spaceballd (1M) - Spaceball daemon spctoppm (1) - convert an Atari compressed Spectrum file into a portable pixmap spell, spellin, spellout (1) - find spelling errors split (1) - split a file into pieces spray (1M) - spray packets sprayd (1M) - spray server sputoppm (1) - convert an Atari uncompressed Spectrum file into a portable pixmap startconsole (1) - provides a uniform interface for opening a terminal emulator as the system console startmidi, stopmidi (1) - start MIDI daemon startx (1) - sample front end to xinit statd (1M) - network status monitor daemon statist (1) - calculate Huffman distribution for freeze(1) stcode (1M) - translate a hexadecimal status code value to a textual message stdump (1) - dump a file of intermediate-code symbolic information strings (1) - find the printable strings in an object, or other binary file strip (1) - remove symbols and relocation bits stty (1) - set the options for a terminal su (1M) - become super-user or another user sub (6D) - subtract two images subimg (6D) - extract a sub-region from an image subj (1) - generate a list of subjects from a document sum (1) - print checksum and block count of a file super (1) - execute commands setuid root. swap (1M) - swap administrative interface symmon (1M) - kernel symbolic debugger sync (1M) - update the super block synthia (6D) - MIDI synthesizer sysadm (1) - menu interface to do system administration sysconf (1) - get configurable system variables (POSIX) sysinfo (1) - print system identification syslogd (1M) - log systems messages sysmeter (1) - display system performance values systemdown (1G) - interactive script for shutting the system down. tabs (1) - set tabs on a terminal tag (1) - tag a MIPS executable or shell script with an identifying number tail (1) - deliver the last part of a file talk (1) - talk to another user talkd (1M) - remote user communication server tangle, weave (1) - translate WEB to Pascal and/or TeX tar (1) - tape archiver tarArchive (1) - an interactive transferdevice for performing tar within the WorkSpace. targatorle (1) - Convert Targa 32 TIPS images to RLE format. tbl (1) - prepares tables for nroff or troff tc (1) - troff output interpreter tcsh (1) - C shell with file name completion and command line editing tee (1) - pipe fitting telnet (1C) - User interface to the TELNET protocol telnetd (1M) - Internet TELNET protocol server test (1) - condition evaluation command tex, initex, virtex (1) - text formatting and typesetting text (1) - Create and manipulate text widgets textcolors (1G) - set the colors used by a xwsh window tftopl (1) - convert font metric (tfm) files to property list format tftp (1C) - trivial file transfer program tftpd (1M) - Internet Trivial File Transfer Protocol server tgatoppm (1) - convert TrueVision Targa file into a portable pixmap thresh (6D) - threshold one image with another tic (1M) - terminfo compiler tiepoint (1) - Demonstration of Warping and Registration by Specifying Tie Points tiff2bw (1) - convert a color TIFF image to grayscale tiff2ps (1) - convert a grayscale TIFF image to PostScript tiffcmp (1) - compare two TIFF files tiffcp (1) - copy (and possibly convert) a TIFF file tiffdither (1) - convert a grayscale image to bilevel using dithering tiffdump (1) - print verbatim information about TIFF files tiffgt (1) - display an image stored in a TIFF file (Silicon Graphics version) tiffinfo (1) - print information about TIFF files tiffmedian (1) - apply the median cut algorithm to data in a TIFF file tifftopnm (1) - convert a TIFF file into a portable anymap tifftorle (1) - Convert 24 bit TIFF image files to RLE. tile (6D) - repeats an image in two dimensions time (1) - time a command timed (1M) - time server daemon timedc (1M) - timed control program timeslave (1M) - 'slave' local clock to a better one timex (1) - time a command; report process data and system activity tk (1) - Manipulate Tk internal state tkerror (1) - Command invoked to process background errors tkwait (1) - Wait for variable to change or window to be destroyed tk_listboxSingleSelect (1) - Allow only one selected element in listbox(es) tk_menuBar, tk_bindForTraversal (1) - Support for menu bars tlink (1) - clone a file tree using symbolic links to8 (1) - Convert a 24 bit RLE file to eight bits using dither- ing. toalias (6D) - Convert an IRIS image to an Alias image toascii (6D) - use text characters to represent an image tobin (6D) - Convert an Iris image to binary dump of pixel data tobw (1) - Convert a 24 bit RLE file to eight bits of gray scale value. tobw (1G) - convert a color image to black and white tochunky (1) - Convert an SGI image to CHUNKY printer data format togif (6D) - convert an IRIS image to a Compuserve GIF image tomac (6D) - convert an IRIS image to MacPaint format tonews (6D) - convert an IRIS image into NeWS format toolchest (1X) - Utility menu program top (1) - display processes having highest CPU usage topict (6D) - convert an IRIS image to Macintosh PICT format toplevel (1) - Create and manipulate toplevel widgets toppm (6D) - convert an IRIS image file into Jef Poskanzer's ppm image format tops (6D) - Convert an iris image to PostScript toscitex (6D) - Convert IRIS images into Scitex CT2T images tosun (6D) - convert an IRIS image to a sun raster file totarga (6D) - Convert from an IRIS image to a type 2 (RGB) targa image touch (1) - update access and modification times of a file toyuv (6D) - convert an IRIS image to yuv format to_dos, to_unix (1) - convert text files between MSDOS and UNIX tput (1) - initialize a terminal or query terminfo database tr (1) - translate characters trace (1) - trace system calls and signals traceroute (1M) - print the route packets take to a network host transcript (1) - Programs for accessing POSTSCRIPT printers transfermanager (1G) - provide a visual interface for selecting entries in the workspace transfer menu troff (1) - text formatting and typesetting language true, false (1) - provide truth values tset (1) - terminal dependent initialization tsort (1) - topological sort ttcp (1) - test TCP and UDP performance tty (1) - get the name of the terminal twilight (6D) - twilight sky screen background twm (1) - Tab Window Manager for the X Window System uadmin (1M) - administrative control uconv (1) - convert FORTRAN unformatted file uil (1X) - The user interface language compiler for X window system. ul (1) - do underlining umask (1) - set file-creation mode mask uname (1) - identify the current IRIX system unexp (1) - Convert "exponential" files into normal files. unget (1) - undo a previous get of an SCCS file unifdef (1) - strip or reduce ifdefs in C code uniq (1) - report repeated lines in a file units (1) - conversion program unprotoize (1) - convert ANSI C source code to K&R C (unprototyped) format unshar (1) - unpack a shar file unslice (1) - Quickly assemble image slices unzip (1) - list/test/extract from a ZIP archive file update (1) - Process pending events and/or when-idle handlers | updbootparam (1M) - NIS bootparams database update program uptime (1) - show how long system has been up urt (1) - overview of the Utah Raster Toolkit userenv (1) - print user's login environment utmp (1) - translate between binary and textual utmp files uucat (1L) - concat the parts of an multipart uuencoded file uucheck (1M) - check the uucp directories and permissions file uucico (1M) - file transport program for the uucp system uucleanup (1M) - uucp spool directory clean-up uucp, uulog, uuname (1C) - UNIX-to-UNIX system copy uuencode, uudecode (1C) - encode/decode a binary file for transmission via mail uugetty (1M) - set terminal type, modes, speed, and line discipline uuid_gen (1M) - UUID generating program uusched, pollhost, uudemon.hour, uudemon.poll (1M) - the scheduler for the uucp file transport program uustat (1C) - uucp status inquiry and job control uuto, uupick (1C) - public UNIX-to-UNIX system file copy Uutry (1M) - try to contact remote system with debugging on uuwho (1) - show map entry for a site uux (1C) - UNIX-to-UNIX system command execution uuxqt (1M) - execute remote command requests uwm (1) - a window manager for X vacation (1) - return ``I am not here'' indication vadmin (1G) - interactive system administration tool val (1) - validate SCCS file variables (1) - Variables used or set by Tk vc (1) - version control vcl (1) - VMS shell for UNIX verbatim (6D) - force an image to be stored without run length encoding versions (1M) - software versions tool vftovp (1) - convert virtual font (vf) files to virtual property list format vgrind (1) - print nice-looking listings of programs vhist (6D) - display a 3-D volume histogram of a color image vi, view, vedit (1) - screen-oriented (visual) display editor based on ex viewres (1) - graphical class browser for Xt vilearn (1) - present menu of tutorials for vi vim (1) - Vi IMitation, a programmers text editor vis (6D) - Copy the bytes of a file to the screen vmh (1) - visual front-end to MH vmsprep (1) - VMS tape preparation aid vout (1V) - video ``output'' control panel vptovf (1) - convert virtual property list files to virtual fonts w (1) - who is on and what they are doing wait (1) - await completion of process wait4wm (1) - waits for the window manager wall (1) - write to all users wasatchrle (1) - Convert Wasatch Systems image files to RLE for- mat wc (1) - word count weave (6D) - a weaving loom simulator for the IRIS. what (1) - identify SCCS files whatis (1) - describe what a command is whatnow (1) - prompting front-end for send whereis (1) - locate source, binary, and or manual for program which (1) - locate a program file including aliases and path (csh only) who (1) - who is on the system whoami - print effective current user id whodo (1M) - who is doing what whom (1) - report to whom a message would go winattrd (1M) - for internal use only winfo (1) - Return window-related information winterm (1) - provides a uniform interface to the user's preferred terminal emulator, called from the workspace and toolchest wherever an application needs a shell running in its own windowed context. wish (1) - Simple windowing shell wm (1) - Communicate with window manager WorkSpace (1G) - graphical interface to file system worm (6D) - draw wiggly worms write (1) - write to another user wsh (1G) - compatibility front end for xwsh X (1) - a portable, network-transparent window system X Standards (1) xarchie (1) - X11 browser interface to archie, version 2.0.4 xargs (1) - construct argument list(s) and execute command xauth (1) - X authority file utility xautolock (l) - locks X display after a period of inactivity xball (6) - bounce colored balls on the screen xball (6D) - bounce balls around in the window xbattle (4.0) - a multi-user battle strategy game xbclock (1) - a binary clock for X xbiff (1) - mailbox flag for X xbmtopbm (1) - convert an X11 or X10 bitmap into a portable bit- map xboard (6) - X user interface for GNU Chess and the Internet Chess Server xcalc (1) - scientific calculator for X xcalendar (1) - calendar with a notebook for X11 xcdplayer (1) - X window system interface to run the sun or sgi cdrom drive as a typical audio CD player. xclipboard (1) - X clipboard client xclock (1) - analog / digital clock for X xconfirm (1G) - general purpose dialog box xcutsel (1) - interchange between cut buffer and selection xditview (1) - display ditroff files xdm (1) - X Display Manager xdpr (1) - dump an X window directly to a printer xdpyinfo (1) - display information utility for X xdvi (1) - DVI Previewer for the X Window System xedit (1) - simple text editor for X xev (1) - print contents of X events xeyes (1) - watch over your shoulder xf (1) - interactive interface builder for Tcl/TK xfappdef (1) - interactive Tk/X Resource editor xfd (1) - font displayer for X xfhardcopy (1) - interactive Tk hardcopy program xfhelp (1) - interactive Tk help program xfig (1) - Facility for Interactive Generation of figures under X11 xfontsel (1) - point & click interface for selecting X11 font names xfpixmap (1) - a small icon editor for Xpm 3 files xftutorial (1) - interactive Tk tutorial program xgc (1) - X graphics demo xgopher (1) - gopher client for the X window system xgraph (1) - Draw a graph on an X11 Display xhost (1) - server access control program for X xhpgl (1) - HPGL version 7470a Xwindow display program ximtoppm (1) - convert an Xim file into a portable pixmap xinit (1) - X Window System initializer xkill (1) - kill a client by its X resource xless (1) - File browsing program for the X Window System. xlistscrns (1) - prints available screens for an X server xload (1) - load average display for X xlock (1) - Locks the local X display until a password is entered. xlogo (1) - X Window System logo xlsatoms (1) - list interned atoms defined on server xlsclients (1) - list client applications running on a display xlsfonts (1) - server font list displayer for X xlswins (1) - server window list displayer for X xmag (1) - magnify parts of the screen xmailtool (1) - X-Window(X11R4)- and mouse-based interface for mail xman (1) - Manual page display program for the X Window System. xmh (1) - X interface to the MH message handling system xmj (6D) - Mahjong game xmkmf (1) - simple interface to the imake utility for generating X11 Makefiles xmodmap (1) - utility for modifying keymaps in X xmol (1MSC) - X-based molecule viewer and format converter xmoon (1) - display current moon phase on X-window xnetlib (3.3) - an X interface to netlib xp (1) - print a file in an X window xpick (1) - pick arguments via an X window xpilot (6) - XPilot/UX Multiplayer gravity war game hand-shake program xpilots (6) - XPilot/UX Multiplayer gravity war game server xpmtoppm (1) - convert an X11 pixmap into a portable pixmap xpr (1) - print an X window dump xprop (1) - property displayer for X xpsview (1) - Adobe Systems Display PostScript Document Previewer, Version 1.2 xrdb (1) - X server resource database utility xrefresh (1) - refresh all or part of an X screen xrjetool (1) - X11 Application for handling batchjobs in the network (specially for use with cray supercomputers of the ZIB) xscope (1) - X Window Protocol Viewer xset (1) - user preference utility for X xsetroot (1) - root window parameter setting utility for X Xsgi (1) - X Window System server under Sgi IRIX. xshowcmap (1) - show colormap xspringies (1) - a mass and spring simulation system for X windows xstdcmap (1) - X standard colormap utility xstr (1) - extract strings from C programs to implement shared strings Xswarm Version 2.3 (6) - X11 animated toy xterm (1) - terminal emulator for X xtmines (6) - X11-based minefield game xv (l) - interactive image display for the X Window System xwatchwin (1) - watch a window on another X server xwd (1) - dump an image of an X window xwdtopnm (1) - convert a X11 or X10 window dump file into a portable anymap xwininfo (1) - window information utility for X xwsh (1G) - creates and specifies a window shell xwud (1) - image displayer for X XYZ (5MSC) - Cartesian molecular model file format xzap (1) - X Process Zapper xzoom (6D) - magnify or minify an image in the x direction yacc (1) - yet another compiler-compiler YAODL (6D) - the 3D data format used by the powerflip demo ybmtopbm (1) - convert a Bennet Yee "face" file into a portable bitmap ypcat (1) - print values in NIS databases ypchpass (1) - change selected NIS passwd fields ypinit (1M) - build and install NIS database ypmake (1M) - rebuild and distribute NIS databases ypmatch (1) - print key values in NIS map yppasswd (1) - change NIS login password yppoll (1M) - show version of NIS map on NIS server yppush (1M) - force propagation of a changed NIS map ypserv, ypbind (1M) - NIS server and binder processes ypset (1M) - point ypbind at a particular NIS server ypupdated (1M) - server for changing NIS information ypwhich (1) - print the NIS server or map master hostname ypxfr (1M) - transfer an NIS map from some NIS server to here yp_bootparam (1M) - update NIS bootparams database yp_host (1M) - update NIS hosts database yuvtoppm (1) - convert Abekas YUV bytes into a portable pixmap zcmp, zdiff (1) - compare compressed files zforce (1) - force a '.gz' extension on all gzip files Zip (1) - package and compress (archive) files zipinfo (1) - list detailed information about a ZIP archive file zmore (1) - file perusal filter for crt viewing of compressed text znew (1) - recompress .Z files to .gz files zsh (1) - the Z shell

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