Using rubrics in student self-assessment: student perceptions in the English as a foreign language writing context

Self-reflection stage aiding students self-feedback and self-grading

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Using rubrics in student self-assessment

Self-reflection stage aiding students self-feedback and self-grading
At the self-reflection stage, the rubric was perceived by the students as guiding them to diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of writing as well as aiding their generation of self-feedback. For instance, a student held that:
The rubric enables me to review my writing in a comprehensive manner. Without it, I would have only focused on the mistakes with the minor aspects of my writing, like vocabulary use, grammar and mechanics, paying no heed to such global aspects as content development, organization, etc. (Student 68, reflective journal)
Moreover, a student said that the gradations of quality performance in the rubric enable me to fine-tune my feedback on a specific dimension of writing, like organisation or vocabulary use. (Mary, interview data)
It is also interesting to note that the students widely regarded the rubric’s scoring section as being valuable for providing diagnostic information and enhancing the objectivity of their self-ratings. For instance:
The scores assigned by myself to my writing are an important source of information about the placement of my writing, since they are important reference points for me to compare the quality of my essays written at different time points. (Student 19, reflective journal)

ASSESSMENT & EVALUATION IN HIGHER EDUCATION Additionally, score assignment in self-assessment is also valued by the students in that it is generally perceived as an indispensable means of quantifying writing performance and making it measureable, which largely guarantees the objectivity of self-assessment’ (Student 26, reflective journal).
It can be summarised that, in the self-reflection phase, the rubric was valued by students as a means of identifying developmental stages of EFL writing, aiding their feedback generation and quantifying their EFL writing performance.
RQ 2. What factors, if any, were perceived by the students as affecting the rubric’s

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