Usii. 7a + 7b Changes in American Policy and Major Events of wwii key

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Holocaust and Atomic Bombs
Central Themes

The Holocaust is an example of prejudice and discrimination taken to the extreme.

Despite initial Axis success in both Europe and the Pacific, the Allies persevered and ultimately defeated Germany and Japan.

The Holocaust

  • ________________________________

  • ________________________________

  • Systematic attempt to rid Europe of all ________________________________

  • Tactics:

    • ________________________________ of Jewish stores

    • ________________________________

    • ________________________________

    • Imprisonment and ________________________________ of Jews and others in ________________________________ camps and death camps

  • Liberation by the ________________________________ forces of Jews and others who survived in concentration camps

Atomic Bombs and Japanese Surrender

  • The United States dropped two ________________________________ bombs on Japan (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) in 1945, forcing Japan to surrender and ending World War II.

Discussion Questions

What was the Holocaust?

What were the major events and turning points of WWII?

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