Useful Websites for teaching American Symbols

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Useful Websites for teaching American Symbols

How the flag has changed over 200 years

Teaching the Pledge of Allegiance through pictures

Learn about many flags, the history of our flag and make your own flag!

Lesson on understanding symbols: American Flag

U.S. Symbols booklet

Lesson plan for symbols using pictures and facts for each

Links for all American Symbols for lesson plans, activities, etc.

Links to "Ben's Guide" "White House for Kids" "Kids in the House" "Virtual Tour of the White House"

Discovery Education lesson on American Symbols

American Symbols Matching Game

The American Flag and the Pledge of Allegiance—Lesson plan and background info

Scholastic American symbols lesson

American Flag—Links to flag activities and crafts

Patriotic Symbols Lesson Plans

Instructional plans for symbols lesson

Symbols lesson with US map

American Flag Lesson

Celebrations, Symbols and their Meanings

Symbols lesson with lots of resources—book lists, websites, facts, background info, etc.

3rd grade—American Heritage Unit

Grades 3-5 Statue of Liberty lesson plans

5th grade—Patriotic Symbols Researching and Graphing

5th grade—Bald Eagle Researching and Graphing

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