Us history Unit Objectives Mr. Thorsen American Revolution

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US History Unit Objectives Mr. Thorsen
American Revolution

-Compare and contrast the Northern & Southern colonies

-Identify the causes of the American Revolution

-Who were the main people, events and locations of the Am. Rev.?

-Analyze the colonial justification for independence. Were they justified?

-Analyze the effectiveness of the Articles of Confederation

-Identify the key concepts discussed at the constitution convention and the reasons for holding the convention

-Describe the beliefs of the Federalists and the Anti-federalists and the people who supported each side

-Analyze the effectiveness of the United States constitutional government in light of the events that tested it

-Compare and contrast the beliefs and followers of the Federalists and Democratic Republicans

-Identify and analyze the impact of the significant US Supreme Court cases under Chief Justice John Marshall

-Relate the US foreign policy decisions to the political party in the White House at the time of the decision, especially regarding France and England

-Identify the causes of the War of 1812

-Who were the main people, events and locations of the War of 1812?


-Identify the major US Supreme Court Cases and their significance upon the formation of the Federal Govt.

-Why was the Erie Canal built & analyze its impact upon the political power of the North & South

-Assess the effectiveness of John Q. Adam's presidency and his tenure as Secretary of State under Pres. Monroe.

-Explain the Monroe Doctrine and analyze the reason for the European reaction to it.

-Compare and contrast the Northern and Southern reaction to the Missouri Compromise.

-Assess the impact of the Bank of United States on the American economy and stability of the dollar

-Compare and Contrast the Northern and Southern view concerning tariffs and the need for them.

-Identify and describe the impacts of the Peggy Eaton scandal on Jackson's presidency.

-Explain how Jackson handled the Nullification Crisis, the Bank of US and the Indian question

-Identify the major events in VanBuren's presidency.
Market Revolution

-Compare & Contrast the Northern and Southern economies in the 1830's-50's.

-Assess the impact of growing sectionalism upon politics.

-Identify main inventors and inventions and assess their impacts upon society.

-Identify key changes in transportation and assess their impact on society.

-What was the Market Revolution and in what ways did it impact society?

-Identify the main conflicts with Indians and the policy the Federal government used to handle the Indians.

-Were the Mexicans justified in launching attacks against the Texan rebels and how did the Texan Revolution impact US and Mexican relations?

-What was Polk's vision for America and how did he fulfill it?

-Describe the impact of the Wilmot Proviso on the war effort and relations between the northern and southern states

The Prelude and the Civil War

-Discuss the evolution and solidification of slavery in the Southern States

-Identify key events and people that moved Northerners to support the abolitionists and assess how these events and people impacted North/South relations

-Synthesize all the events that led to the Civil War

-Compare & contrast the strengths & weaknesses of the Union & Confederacy

-Compare & contrast the Union & Confederate strategies & their tactics to win the war

-Identify the main characters, weapons and events of the Civil War and evaluate their significance

Reconstruction & the Wild West

-How were the plans for reconstructing the South different from each other?

-How did freed blacks attempt to assimilate their freedom and how did Southerners attempt to hinder former slaves' freedoms?

-What events led to the demise (death) of reconstruction for freed slaves and the regaining of Southern white power?

-Describe plains Indians' culture and how they were subdued by Federal government

-How "wild" was the Wild West, especially between cattlemen and sheep herders?

-Identify some of the famous gunslingers of the West

-What was the effect of Glidden's barbed wire upon Western culture?

Industrialization to Progressives

-How did immigrants assimilate into American society?

-Describe city life for immigrants

-How did political machines dominate cities and state politics?

-Over what were stalwarts and reformers arguing and how did it affect the presidency?

-What was the Civil Service Act?

-Describe the arrival experience for the main immigrant groups in America

-What was the debate over currency and who won by the early 1900's?

-What caused the rise of the Grange Movement, Farmer's Alliance and the Populists?

-Describe the impacts railroads had on America

-What caused the rise of unions and who are robber barons?

-What were the ways robber barons took control of the economy?

-What is social Darwinism and who supported it and why?

-What political reforms did the progressives pass and what prompted these reforms?

-How did women win the struggle for suffrage?

-Evaluate the effectiveness of the progressive movement in improving life of common Americans and minorities

-Describe the nature of Teddy Roosevelt's style of being president
Imperialism & WWI

-What are the reasons nations started imperializing the world?

-What were the US Foreign policies concerning Asia and Latin America?

-Explain the causes of the Spanish American War

-Compare and contrast the Spanish-American War with goals of imperialism

-Compare and contrast the conflicting views over annexation of the Philippines

-Evaluate the US government's handling of the territories acquired from the war with Spain

-Describe Theodore Roosevelt's foreign policy and evaluate the effectiveness of his actions

-Describe Taft and Wilson's foreign policy and evaluate the effectiveness of their actions

-What are the factors that led to the most destructive war the world had yet seen?

-How did the Franco-Prussian War lead to the Great War?

-What finally caused the European powers to unleash their fury on one another?

-What was the significance of the battles of the Marne, Tannenberg, Verdun, Somme, and 2nd Marne?

-What made life in the trenches a living nightmare?

-What made 1917 a dark year for the Allies?

-Why did the US stay neutral and what finally caused the US to join the Allies?

-What was the strategic reason for Wilson issuing the 14 points?

-What were the consequences of the Treaty of Versailles?

20’s & The Drepressing Depression

-Compare and contrast traditional versus flapper views.

-What was the controversy surrounding prohibition?

-Explain the cultural and criminal reaction to prohibition.

-How did fundamentalists and liberals differ on biblical creation story?

-How did the Scopes trial relate to this issue?

-Summarize the impact of the automobile and other consumer goods on American life

-In what ways was the country's prosperity superficial?

-Summarize the reaction in the US to the perceived threat of communism?

-Analyze the cause and effects of the quota system.

-Describe some of the postwar conflicts between labor and management.

-Describe the Harding presidency

-What factors led to the Great Depression?

-What were Hoover's attempts to stop the growing economic crisis?

-What was Roosevelt's plan to bring the US out of the depression?

-Why didn't FDR's plan work?

-What forced FDR to become more liberal in his policies?

-Relate FDR's court packing plan to the demise of the New Deal?

March of Dictators and WWII

-What are the conditions that give rise to radicalism in a society?

-How did the nazis and Hitler gain control of Germany?

-Analyze the effectiveness of the Allies handling of German violations to the Treaty of Versailles.

-What are the steps of Germany taking over Europe?

-What are the significant battles and or events of WWII in Europe and why?

-What are the social, economic, and political reasons why the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor?

-How did the United States defeat Japan?

-Analyze the reasons why the United States dropped the atomic bomb on Japan
Cold War & Social Upheaval

-What were the American foreign policies during the Cold War?

-What caused the Korean War and how was it resolved?

-What was life like for Americans right after WWII?

-What was the government's response to the communist threat in America?

-What led to the Cuban Missile Crisis and how was it resolved?

-What led to the US involvement in the Vietnam War?

-How was 1968 a pivotal year in Vietnam and the US?

-What was the goal of LBJ's Great Society and how was he going to accomplish it?

-What are the methods civil rights leaders used to bring about racial equality?

-What are the key Supreme Court decisions in the struggle for racial equality?

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