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US History II
Time Magazine – “War of 1912”

  1. Was Theodore Roosevelt’s campaign for President in 1912 a popular one?

  1. What did Taft fail to do that caused Roosevelt to run for the now unattainable “third term”?

  1. Name three things the author claims the Bull Moose Party shaped.

  1. What new political innovation allowed citizens to choose candidates of their political party?

  1. Where was the Republican National Convention held in 1912? The first ever National Progressive Party Convention?

  1. Cite two example of why the Bull Moose party was ahead of its time.

  1. Why did W.E.B. Dubois call Roosevelt a hypocrite? Where did he throw his support?

  1. How many times was TR interrupted in his acceptance speech?

  1. Roosevelt and Wilson were similar candidates- but what issue were they polar opposites on?

  1. Name the two urgent questions of the day in 1912.

  1. Describe how Roosevelt and Wilson differ on their views of trusts?

  1. What happened to TR on October 14 in Milwaukee, WI? What did he do immediately afterward?

  1. Who won the Election of 1912?

  1. According to the author, did the Republican’s party split cause each President to lose or was the public in favor of the Democratic Party regardless?

  1. According to the author, why does this “War of 1912” and Roosevelt’s efforts and foresight still “quicken the pulse”?

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