Us history- acc mrs. Heidmann Lap 1 Fall 2014 The Sectionalism, Compromise, and the Road to War

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Activity 6 Primary Documents: A Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass: An American Slave.

  1. Answer the following questions: (Here’s where you show that you read the book!)
    1. List five facts or scenes from the book you thought were most memorable from the story.
    2. Explain several ways family life was impacted by slavery.
    3. What did you think about his experiences/ respond to his treatment by different people:
    4. How did this information affect your perception of the slave experience/ or racism?
    5. How do you think Northerners would have reacted to the book? Southerners?

  2. Also, choose one of the following and respond thoughtfully (6-8+ sentences):
    1. How does Douglass’s portrayal of slavery compare to your prior knowledge of slavery.
    Choose quotes and describe how they explain his experiences.
    2. Written by a former slave, is Douglass’s book believable and convincing? Consider the
    language, writing style, and attitude to his subjects.
    3. Douglass interacted with many white Southerners throughout the book. Choose two and
    explain how the actions of both could be seen as an example of Southern attitudes to
    slavery as a whole. 15 pts Turn In

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