Us history- acc mrs. Heidmann Lap 1 Fall 2014 The Sectionalism, Compromise, and the Road to War

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Activity 4 Primary Documents: Complete the “DBQ, pg 260” wksht. Readings on Weebly. 15 Turn In
Activity 5 Document Based Question: Using info from the Act 4 readings (p260) and skills from the in class analysis, agree or disagree with the following in a well structured (10-12+, ABC format) paragraph: The North is most to blame for Southern secession and the Civil War. Reminders: Answer the question in your topic sentence, Back it up by paraphrasing/ quoting and explaining three or more varied readings, and Comment/ explain how each document supports your position. 10 pts Turn In

Scoring Guide for Act 5 Primary Documents Paragraph

Topic and Conclusion sentences which address the question 1 point ______ pts

Evidence: identified three clear points from the readings

to support the argument 3 points ______ pts

Evidence: explains ideas/ details/ quotes supporting the argument

3 points ______ pts

Analysis: explains how evidence supports the argument 3 points ______ pts

10 points possible

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