Us history- acc mrs. Heidmann Lap 1 Fall 2014 The Sectionalism, Compromise, and the Road to War

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Activity 3 Class Prep: Go to the class page on Mrs. Heidmann’s Weebly——and download/ print the “1850s” (Lap 1) notes. On it, define Wilmot Proviso and list the major provisions of the Compromise of 1850. Continue to define any other bolded words (8!) in the download.

Choosing Sides: Read Chapter 14 and the “1850s” notes. In your notebook, write a mini- paragraph (6-8+ sentences) in which you agree/ disagree with the following: Congress made a mistake by killing the Wilmot bill. Explain why using info from the notes. THEN, do the same with the following: Henry Clay failed to settle the question of slavery in the territories. 15 pts Due in Class

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