Us history- acc mrs. Heidmann Lap 1 Fall 2014 The Sectionalism, Compromise, and the Road to War

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Activity 1 Class Prep: Go to the class page on Mrs. Heidmann’s Weebly——and download/ print the “Failure of Leadership?” (Lap 1) notes.

Choosing Sides: Read Chapter 14 and the “Failure” notes. In your notebook, write a mini- paragraph (6-8+ sentences) in which you agree/ disagree with the following: The Constitution, by supporting slavery, was a failure. Explain why using info from the notes. THEN, do the same with the following: In 1820, Henry Clay failed to settle the sectional issues of the day. 10 pts Due in Class
Activity 2 Writing Skills: Complete the “Essay Analysis” wksht. Readings found on Weebly.

Primary Documents: Read the Mexican War documents. Make a two- column chart in your notebook to group the arguments in the quotes as either Supporting or Opposing War with Mexico.

Writing Skills: Read the ABC in Action paper on Weebly. Use the ABC example to find 5 or more ways to improve the paper. Make the changes and bring the PRINTED revision to class. 15 pts Due in Class

Map Skills: Follow the directions to complete the Map of the US. 10 pts Turn In

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