Us foreign Policy in the 20th Century General Books

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US Foreign Policy in the 20th Century


General Books

Walter LaFeber, The American Age (1989)

John Lewis Gaddis, We Now Know (1997)

Selig Adler, The Isolationist Impulse (1966)

Herbert Feis, From Trust to Terror (1970)

Stephen Ambrose, Rise To Globalism (1971)

Melvyn Leffler, A Preponderance of Power (1992)

Thomas G Paterson, Dennis Merrill eds., Major Problems in American Foreign Relations: Documents and Essays Vols 1 & 2 (1995)

Specialised books

Richard H Collin, Theodore Rooseveltâs Caribbean (1990)

Arthur S Link, Woodrow Wilson: Revolution, War and Peace (1979)

Joan Hoff-Wilson, American Business and Foreign Policy, 1920-1933 (1971)

Emily S Rosenberg, Spreading the American Dream (1982)

Robert Dallek, Franklin D Roosevelt and American Foreign Policy, 1932-1945 (1979)

Robert Divine, The Reluctant Belligerent (1979)

Gar Alperovitz, Atomic Diplomacy: Hiroshima and Potsdam (1985)

Callum MacDonald, Korea: The War before Vietnam (1986)

Richard Immerman, The CIA in Guatemala (1982)

Gabriel Kolko, Vietnam: Anatomy of a War, 1940-75 (1985)

William Shawcross, Sideshow: Kissinger, Nixon and the Destruction of Cambodia (1979)

Michael Herr, Dispatches (1978)

Raymond Garthoff, DÎtente and Confrontation: American-Soviet Relations from Nixon to Reagan (1985)

Roger Morris, Uncertain Greatness: Henry Kissinger and American Foreign Policy (1977)

Fred Halliday, The Making of the Second Cold War (1986)

Jim Mann, About Face: A History of Americaâs Curious Relationship with China (1998)

William Hyland, Clintonâs World: Remaking American Foreign Policy (1999)


John Milton Cooper, Î ãAn Irony of Fateä: Woodrow Wilsonâs Pre-World War I Diplomacyâ Diplomatic History 3 1979 pp. 260-77

Eugene Trani, ÎWoodrow Wilson and the Decision to intervene in Russia: A Reconsiderationâ Journal of Modern History 48 1976 pp. 440-61

Melvyn Leffler, ÎPolitical Isolationism, Economic Expansionism, or Diplomatic Realism: American Policy Towards Western Europe, 1921-33.â Perspectives in American History 8 1974 pp. 413-61

Rodney Carlisle, ÎThe Foreign Policy Views of an Isolationist Press Lord: W. R. Hearst & the International Crisis, 1936-41.â Journal of Contemporary History (July 1974)

Waldo Heinrich, ÎPresident Franklin D Rooseveltâs Intervention in the Battle of the Atlantic, 1941.â Diplomatic History 10 1986 pp. 311-32

Howard Jones and Randall B Wood, ÎOrigins of the Cold War in Europe and the Near East: Recent Historiography and the National Security Imperative.â Diplomatic History 17 (2) 1993 pp. 251-76

Robert Messer, ÎPaths Not Taken: The US Department of State and Alternatives to Containment, 1945-1946.â Diplomatic History 1 1977 pp. 297-319

George Kennan, ÎThe Sources of Soviet Conduct.â Foreign Affairs 25 1947 pp. 566-82

Burton Kaufman, ÎThe United States Response to the Soviet Economic Offensive of the 1950s.â Diplomatic History 2 1978 pp. 153-65

Philip Bonsal, ÎCuba, Castro, and the United States.â Foreign Affairs 46 1967 pp. 260-76

Walter LaFeber, ÎThe Constitution and United States Foreign Policy Making: An Interpretation.â Journal of American History 74 (3) 1987 pp. 695-717

Elton Atwater. ÎThe American Foreign Service Since 1939.â American Journal of International Law 41(1) 1947 pp. 73-102

James M. Lindsay, ÎCongress and Foreign Policy: Why The Hill Matters.â Political Science Quarterly 10 (4) 1992-93 pp. 607-28

James McCormack, Eugene Witkopf, ÎBipartisanship, Partisanship, and Ideology in Congressional-Executive Relations, 1947-1988.â The Journal of Politics 52 (4) 1990 pp. 1077-1100

Barton Bernstein ÎRoosevelt, Truman, and the Atomic Bomb, 1941-1945: A Reinterpretation.â Political Science Quarterly 90 1975 pp. 23-69

Robert J McMahon, ÎEisenhower and Third World Nationalism: A Critique of the Revisionistsâ Political Science Quarterly 1986 101 (3) pp. 453-73

Steven Metz, ÎAmerican Attitudes Towards Decolonization in Africa.â Political Science Quarterly 99 (3) 1984 pp. 515-33

Barton Bernstein, ÎThe Cuban Missile Crisis: Trading the Jupiters in Turkey?â Political Science Quarterly 95 1980

Anna Schreiber, ÎEconomic Coercion as an Instrument of Foreign Policy: US Economic Measures Against Cuba and the Dominican Republic.â World Politics 25 (3) 1973 pp. 564-90

David Skidmore, ÎCarter and the Failure of Foreign Policy Reform.â Political Science Quarterly 108 (4) 1993-94 pp. 699-729

Robert Ross, ÎInternational Bargaining and Domestic Politics: US-China Relations Since 1972.â World Politics 38 (2) 1986 pp. 255-87

Bruce Jentleson, ÎThe Reagan Administration and Coercive Diplomacy.â Political Science Quarterly 106 (1) 1991 pp. 57-82

Walter LaFeber, ÎThe Reagan Administration and Revolutions in Central America.â Political Science Quarterly 99 (1) 1984 pp. 1-25

David Forsyth, ÎHuman Rights in US Foreign Policy: Retrospect and Prospect.â Political Science Quarterly 105 (3) 1990 pp. 435-54.

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