Upper-division Writing Requirement Review Form (2/11)

Reports: Gould, Mismeasure of Man (Gwen)

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Reports: Gould, Mismeasure of Man (Gwen)

Tierney, Darkness in Eldorado (Lopez)

Week 3 February 12, 14: Traditional Societies: Pascua, “Ozette;” Heavy Runner and Morris, “Traditional Native Culture and Resilience;” Greaves, “IPR;” Davies, “Navajo Healing;” Barsh, “Ethnogenesis”

Reports: Schele and Freidel, Forest of Kings (Heidi)

Johnston, The Manitous (Julian)

Week 4 February 19, 21: Oral Tradition/Literate Tradition: Deloria, Waterlily Chapter 8; Northrup, Selections; Wilson, “Story Telling;” Finney, “With Myth.”

Reports: Earling, Perma Red (Cicily)

Yellow Robe, Grandchildren (Jason)

Week 5 February 26, 28: Invasion: McNeil, “How the Potato;” White, “The Middle Ground;” Fussell, “Translating Maize into Corn;” Canny, “The Ideology of English Colonization;” Dempsey, “Small Pox;”

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