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It is recognized that there is difficulty in demonstrating the effects of a single injurious assault of limited duration upon the developing brain, although such insults to the developing brain have been previously demonstrated in other scientific studies, e.g., Faro and Windle (1969). An important part of this difficulty are the ameliorative influences of subsequent positive developmental life experiences upon the developing brain and behavior. For these reasons, it is imperative to control, as much as possible, for the presence or absence of such ameliorative developmental life experiences in the selection of the subject sample for study. The crucial variables of control involve the degree of somatosensory stimulation and deprivation (presence or absence of pain or pleasure, specifically, Somatosensory Affectional Deprivation--SAD) and of sexual activity/expression during the formative periods of development. It is these considerations that have influenced the selection of the subject sample and experimental design that are described below.

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