Unwritten Law of White supremacy/Racism Blacological research has revealed there is an

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Unwritten Law of White supremacy/Racism
Blacological research has revealed there is an Unwritten Law of White supremacy/Racism that has functioned since the time of captivity, enslavement and bondage of BlacPeople. This law was put in place to keep BlacPeople under white oppression. It continues to operate because there has been and is no system to eliminate this law. It may function covertly or overtly depending or the Cultural Nahlej of BlacPeople. If BlacPeople are not Blacologically educated they will systematically think in the perpetual motion of this unwritten law. Because by this law being unwritten it is assumed that it does not exist. In affect it may be carried on with out BlacPeople knowing it is functioning. It is like a cancer or sickness you have and do not know it. By the time you find it, it is too late. It is a silent system that affects you and you may not even be aware of it. The only way you can cure it, is that you have to be aware and educated about it and how it works.
The Unwritten Law of White supremacy/Racism works like this:
1. If you are white you are right,

2. if you are passing you are right,

3. if you are almost white you got hipe,

4. if you are light you might,

5. if you are yellow you are mellow,

6. if you are brown stick around,

7. if you are red you are all most dead,

8. if you are Black get back.

This law affects everything we do in the world. It has been in operation for over 450 years in the U.S. and world.

  • It affects our conception of hair the closer to straight the better according this law.

  • It affects our facial features nose, eyes, lips and body shape,

  • It affects our speech, how we pronounce our words and the language we speak. It promotes impeccable European languages and denouncification of BlacAfrican languages and tones.

  • It affects our culture, the more you practice European culture you are seen as better than other Blacks. Black culture is seen as inferior.

  • It affects our thinking, the more you quote eurological scholars the more intelligent you are.(i.e. if you study sociology, psychology, anthropology, and other eurological studies the more credible you are.)

  • It affects how we see Black Institutions versus white institutions, the practice of institutional racism. (i.e. HBCU are seen as inferior to White Universities. Some people Black and white think if they attend a white university or white school they will be better than other Blacks.)

  • It affects how we vote. No one in the U. S. will vote for a BlacMan or BlacWoman for president, vice-president, or and very few for governor.

  • It affects how we see who is beautiful and who is not. (White standard of beauty)

  • It affects our religious belief. if the religion is not certified or sanctioned by the eurological religious intellectuals and institutions or God is not white, the angels are not white and Jesus is not white, most BlacPeople and white people will not believe in the religion. If white people do not believe in a religion most BlacPeople will join the religion.

  • It affects how we chose our friends. If we have a white friend he/she controls all that we do. If we have a white friend he/she is more than the struggle and heritage of BlacAfrican Culture. We will turn our backs on our parents if they do not like them. Some BlacPeople think that white friends are better than all the Black friends they have had in their pass not because they are but because they are white.

According to this unwritten law of white supremacy/racism. In affect it only dehumanizes BlacAfrican People and their Culture.

Blacologically speaking, I refuse to accept the ideal that the presence of the Eurological Scholars makes the BlacZchalaz morally incapable of reaching up for the BlacNahlej that forever confronts them.”


Prof. W. Cross 11- 14- 02

Cross, Walter. Blacology Research and Development Institute Inc., CulturalScience@cs.com, BLACOLOGY.COM, Landover, Maryland 20785, 1997

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