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Justin Wikler


UNST Portland Frinq

Professor Farr

Research Paper: Public Transportation Expansion


Based on my research, the assumption that public transportation is accessible throughout all of Portland, Oregon appears to be inaccurate because when you are in downtown Portland, of course there are many different types of Public Transportation systems available. But if you are in the suburbs or more specifically East Portland there aren’t as many opportunities available. In this research paper I will describe how it will benefit Trimet, if they open more MAX stations in East Portland and around the other suburbs of Portland. I believe that they are the people who actually need to use public transportation. They don’t all have the money to pay for a car, and even if they do I am sure that a car payment per month or per year is much more expensive than public transportation. According to the website “trimet.org/max/” it says that Trimet photo passes which are good for a year cost $1,100 for an adult ages 18-64. For youth ages 7-17 the photo passes only cost $308. Honored Citizens or people over the age of 65 or if they have Medicare or a disability can buy a photo pass for $286. This photo pass can be used on any of the three trimet transportation services.

The three different services are the MAX Light Rail, which I am focusing on in this report, as well as the Portland Street Car, and on buses. The Passes are also accessible for the WES commuter Rail. The WES commuter Rail is a commuter rail line that serves the people of Beaverton, Tigard, Tualitin, and Wilsonville. The WES Commuter Rail runs every 30 minutes during the weekday morning and afternoon rush hour. The WES Commuter Rail is a quick and easy way to get to the MAX line of your choice.

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