Unsolved Mysteries Research Project Sign up with a partner you want to present with later

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Unsolved Mysteries Research Project
Sign up with a partner you want to present with later.

Big Foot

Loch Ness Monster


Near-Death Experiences

Psychic Abilities


Alien Abduction

Shadow People

Building of Pyramids


Bermuda Triangle



Mayan Calendar (end of the world)

Time Travel

Spontaneous Human Combustion


Psychic Healing

Crop Circles

King Tut’s Murder


King Arthur’s Existence

Statues on Easter Island

Secret of the Iceman

Knights Templar/Treasure

Amelia Earhart

Alcatraz Escape

WWII Ghost Blimp

D.B. Cooper

Mary Celeste

Unsolved Mysteries Presentation (Partners)

Create a 2-slide PowerPoint presentation using the “Basis” design.
Slide 1: Title slide containing the "unsolved mystery", and student names
Slide 2: 3-6 pictures that pertain to your unsolved mystery
Each person must present. You may use one index card to write down the information you will share. DO NOT read your index card. It is simply a “help” to remind you what to say. The information you present must include the following:

What is your mystery?

Why is it a mystery?

What is the important “must know” information about your mystery?

What are the theories? (what do people think may have happened? Why?)

What evidence is there to prove or disprove your mystery?

What do you and your partner believe? (You do not have to agree)
You will have 3 minutes to present your mystery.
You will be individually graded on the following:

  • I followed the directions for the PowerPoint.

  • I presented my part with confidence and content knowledge.

  • I maintained good eye contact while presenting.

  • I spoke loudly and clearly while presenting.

  • I took responsibility to make sure my group answered every question above.

  • I took responsibility to make sure my group worksheet was completed and turned in.

Each person must complete the worksheet below to organize

information for the index cards/presentation


Vocabulary—as a class
Central idea:

You may work together on this part:

1. Unsolved mystery:
2. What is the central idea of this mystery?
3. Links to three web sites you have found about this mystery:
4. Choose the most reliable web site you found. List five relevant facts about this mystery:
5. List three theories as to what may have happened:
Stop. Do this part on your own:
6. What do you infer happened?
7. State direct evidence (in quotation marks) from the web sites you listed above to support your answer:
8. Summarize your research below:
When you are finished, you may start working on your index cards/presentation with your partner.

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