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Questions almost completely by Georgia Tech’s Stephen Webb with a little help from the usual suspects

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Questions almost completely by Georgia Tech’s Stephen Webb with a little help from the usual suspects

1. While a student at Magdalen College, Oxford, in 1878, this author won the Newdigate Prize for his poem “Ravenna.” He later published two collections of fairy tales, The Happy Prince and Other Tales and The House of Pomegranates, but it was for plays like A Woman of No Importance that his fame began to grow. Released from prison after being accused of homosexual practices, he went to Paris under the name Sebastian Melmoth, with The Ballad of Reading Gaol and De Profundis being the fruits of his incarceration. FTP name this Irish author of Lady Windermere's Fan and The Importance of Being Earnest.

Answer: Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde
2. In its Plano Piloto, or master plan, this city was meant to have three administrative regions: Lago Sul, Lago Norte, and a namesake region. The Piloto Plano was developed by Lucio Costa, and originally it was to have no more than 500,000 residents, though now with satellite towns it has a population over 2 million. Its cost overruns in the early 1960s were in part responsible for the military coup that toppled the Jango Administration, though it had been begun by the previous president, Juscelino Kubitschek. With buildings designed by Oscar Niemeyer, FTP name this planned city, the capital of Brazil.

Answer: Brasilia

3. The Prussian forces were commanded by Gebhard von Blücher, whose forces suffered 8,000 casualties, while the French lost some 25,000 men of the 73,000 committed to battle. Taking place on June 18,1815, it the end of the Hundred Days occurred when, FTP what battle saw the Duke of Wellington defeat Napoleon and order him exiled to Saint Helena until his death?

Answer: Battle of Waterloo

4. A series of numbers also called the Euler numbers or zig numbers. A line joining two points on a curve: as one of the points is brought toward the other, the line tends to a tangent line. A trigonometric function whose square is the derivative of the tangent function. In a right triangle, the mnemonic hypotenuse over adjacent applies to, FTP, what function defined as one over cosine?

Answer: secant

5. In animal cells it is most typically produced by oxidative phosphorylation in the mitochondria, where glucose is broken down into pyruvate and cytosol, with one glucose molecule sufficient to produce two of these molecules. FTP name this nucleotide whose primary purpose is to store and transport energy within a cell.

Answer: adenosine triphosphate or ATP

6. The events that precipitated this joint resolution of Congress involved the USS Maddox, which Robert MacNamara claimed before Congress was the victim of an unprovoked attack, denying that it was aiding the South Vietnamese. Replaced by the War Powers Resolution of 1973, FTP name this resolution which gave Lyndon Johnson the power to escalate US involvement in Vietnam.

Answer: Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

7. His The Old Maid and the Thief was the first radio opera, being contracted after the success of his Amelia. Penning the libretti for Samuel Barber's A Hand of Bridge and Vanessa, he won his first Pulitzer Prize in music in 1950 for The Consul. FTP name this composer whose Amahl and the Night Visitors was the first opera composed for television.

Answer: Gian-Carlo Menotti

8. For three dimensions it is represented by a three by three matrix whose eigenvectors indicate the principal axes of a body. In one dimension, it is calculated by summing up the masses times the distance of the masses from the origin. FTP name this physical quantity, the analog of mass in rotating bodies.

Answer: moment of inertia

9. His influential works The Film Form and The Film Sense are influential books that explain this director's theories of montage. FTP name this Soviet director who was chosen to direct October: Ten Days that Shook the World after the worldwide success of his The Battleship Potemkin.

Answer: Sergei Eisenstein

10. Raising Demons and Life among the Savages are autobiographical and comical descriptions of life with her husband, Stanley Edgar Hyman, in Vermont. In contrast, many of her stories and novels, such as Hangasman and We Have Always Lived in the Castle, are psychological horror, as is her most famous work. FTP name this author of The Lottery.

Answer: Shirley Jackson

11. It was the focus of the Hay-Herran treaty, which was signed by the two nations involved, but the Colombian Senate failed to ratify it, resulting in US support of a South American revolt. The Hay-Banau-Varilla treaty then cleared the way for its construction, which was completed on October 10, 1913. FTP name this seaway connecting two oceans, which the US took up after the failure of Ferdinand de Lesseps.

Answer: Panama Canal

12. His iron oxide hydrate as a precipitating agent is still the best known treatment for arsenic poisoning, and it was this work that almost killed him, as he suffered arsenic poisoning and lost an eye in an explosion. FTP name this German chemist, whose carbon electrode replaced platinum in Grove's battery and who perfected Faraday's invention of a namesake burner.

Answer: Robert Wilhelm Bunsen

13. In their early days, they called themselves Xero (spelled with an “X”), and were frequent faces at the Whisky and other L.A. nightspots. Old-school hip-hop, classic rock, and electronic vibes were the initial factors behind the building of the alternative metal quintet from Southern California. They changed their name to Hybrid Theory, added some more members, but didn’t decide on their current name until after they were signed to Warner Bros. FTP, name this Chester Bennington-fronted band with hits like “Crawling” and “Numb.”

Answer: Linkin Park

14. Upon his return from a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and under the influence of a priest named Father Konstantinovskii, he renounced literature and burned the manuscript for the second part of his 1842 novel Dead Souls. While teaching history at Saint Petersburg University, he penned the shorter works Diary of a Madman ,The Overcoat, and The Nose. FTP name this Russian author.

Answer: Nikolai Vasilevich Gogol

15. Along with Raquel Welch, he is the only person to have to have a Texas Hold'em hand named for him, the ten and the two in the pocket, with which he won the World Series of Poker two years in a row. A total of nine World Series of Poker bracelets have come his way, and he was the first man to win a $1 million tournament. However, his biggest influence arguably came in a work with T.J. Cloutier, Tom McEvoy and others. FTP name this author and main editor of Super/System, the Bible of professional poker.

Answer: Doyle "Texas Dolly" Brunson; accept just Texas Dolly ‘cause we’re nice.

16. A phenomenological equation for this state was written down in 1950 by Lev Landau, who based it upon his theory of second order phase transitions. First discovered in 1911 by Kamerlingh Onnes, in 1986 it was discovered to occur at around 35K in LBCO by Bednorz and Müller. FTP name this physical state marked by the transport of electrons without loss of energy.

Answer: superconductivity

17. In 1709 he failed to obtain the Prix de Rome, but in 1712 he tried again and was considered so good that he received full membership to the Academy. A lover of the commedia dell'arte, he executed a painting of Pierrot, while his last masterpiece is the Shop-Sign of Gersaint. FTP name this Flemish-born French painter of the Rococo style whose most famous work is Embarkation to the Island of Cythera.

Answer: Jean-Antoine Watteau

18. William Butler Yeats wrote the introduction to his Gitanjali, and though his influence in the West has steadily declined, he established the "world university" Sanitiniketan, one hundred miles from Calcutta. FTP name this Indian author of One Hundred Poems of Kabir and The Crescent Moon, recipient of the 1913 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

19. In the later part of his life he took a wife, Euippe, who bore two children, Celeris and Melanippe, who were the origins of the pterippi. Sprung for the blood of Medusa, his name comes from the Greek for spring, as he was responsible for creating the Hippocrene at Mount Helicon. FTP name this mythical animal, on whom Bellerophon rode in his battle with the Chimera.

Answer: Pegasus

20. He was allegedly the last casualty at the Battle of Shiloh, but survived his wounds to lead a brigade of cavalry. Entering the military desiring only to be a private, because he had raised a regiment of Tennessee volunteer soldiers, he was made a colonel, and distinguished himself with cavalry tactics that were emulated by Rommel with the Afrika Korps. FTP name this Confederate general, described by Lee as the best soldier he ever commanded, who went on to become the first leader of the Ku Klux Klan.

Answer: Nathan Bedford Forrest

21. This author’s Fasti is a poetical calendar of the Roman year, though only six months were completed. His Heroides are a series of verse letters written from the points of view of mythological women to their absent lovers. His Tristia and Epistulae ex Ponto were written in order to curry favor with Augustus to recall him to Rome from exile on the Black Sea, though he never made it back. Author of Ars Amatoria, or Art of Love, FTP name this Roman who also compiled myths of shape-change in Metamorphoses.

Answer: Ovid

22. His interpretation of Aristotle's works held that religion and philosophy need not be reconciled, as they were not in conflict, a position that likely put this lawyer and physician from Cordoba on the hot seat with the Caliphs. FTP name this Spanish Islamic philosopher of the Middle Ages whose commentaries on Aristotle include Incoherence of the Incoherence and On the Harmony of Religion and Philosophy.

Answer: Averroës ibn Rushd

23. The first prime minister was Zheng Xiaoxu, who was succeeded in 1935 by Zhan Jinghui. Only three nations officially recognized the nation in its short existence, and during that short time it was ruled by the last Qing emperor, Puyi. FTP name this nation with its capital at Xinjing, a puppet state of the Japanese carved out of Manchuria in 1931.

Answer: Manchukuo or Great Manchu State


Questions by Stanford’s Eric Smith et al., Shorter College’s Chuck Pearson, U. of Florida’s Raj Dhuwalia and Kelli Barone, Rhodes College’s Andrew Willey et al., DePauw’s Stan Jastrzebski and Sarah Mordan-McCombs, South Florida’s “Nap” Napolitano, Polk C.C.’s Aaron Layton, John Mathews of Central Florida C.C., and Iowa State’s Scott Moser, Warren Miller, Sean Kinney, and Liz Carlson – plus the usual suspects

1. Born in 1265 in Florence, this writer began a study of philosophy around 1290 after the sudden death of his wife, Beatrice. About the same time, he began to intensify his political roles in Florence. In 1302, he was exiled by the Black Guelphs. While exiled, he wrote a work in three parts: Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso. FTP, name this famous Florentine, who wrote The Divine Comedy.

Answer: Dante Alighieri
2. Bernard Courtois discovered this element after adding sulfuric acid to a sample of kelp and observing a purple vapor being release and named it for the Greek word for “violet colored”. Commercial applications include photographic paper and cloud seeding from one of its compounds with silver, and medically it is used to test for thyroid disease treating goiter and was the most common antiseptic for many years. FTP what is this violet-black halogen with atomic number 53 and chemical symbol I?

Answer: Iodine

3. This creature is referred to in Ugaritic mythology where it is usually associated with the god Yam. It is also mentioned in the Old Testament in Psalms, Job, and Isaiah, and Jews include it in their final prayer at the festival of Sukkot. It also appears in several of the Final Fantasy games and in the Sci-Fi series of Farscape as a class of space vessel. Ever since Moby Dick, however, it has been associated with the Sperm Whale. FTP, name this Biblical sea-monster, the title of a book by Thomas Hobbes.

Answer: Leviathan

4. He was born in New Lebanon, NY, on February 9, 1814 and after being educated at Yale started his legal practice. Through this he became rich, and decided to turn his interest to politics as he served as the chairman of the Democratic state committee. He was elected governor, and soon became known for his aggression towards corruption, especially that of Tammany Hall and Boss Tweed and other forms of graft. However, this did not stop him being on the short end of one of the most corrupt presidential elections in US history. FTP, name this man who probably should have been president when the House of Representatives gave the office to Rutherford B. Hayes instead.

Answer: Samuel Tilden

5. Tall spindly trees with no leaves are in the foreground, with jutting peaks in the back right corner, and skaters on frozen ponds below. The artist uses atmospheric perspective, typical of northern renaissance paintings, to create distance between the mountains and the houses in the right foreground. Men with spears and dogs trod over a winter landscape in, FTP, what 1565 painting from a series depicting man's activities in different months of the year by Pieter Bruegel.

Answer: Hunters in the Snow

6. Founded in 1885, it proposed economic reforms as well as greater involvement for the indigenous peoples in the political process. By 1907 it had split into a moderate dominion-seeking faction under Gopal Krishna Gokhale and a more staunchly separatist wing led by Bal Gangadhar Tilak. In 1920 it began following Gandhi’s urgings and began a path of passive resistance in pursuit of independence. FTP name this group, long headed by Jawaharlal Nehru, the oldest political party in India.

Answer: Congress Party or Indian National Congress

7. It was written for the author’s wife on their 12th wedding anniversary in 1940 and was not released until 1956, after its author‘s death. By the action, the men are nearly passing out as a result of drunkenness. Most of the action comprises infighting among the characters, including morphine addict Mary and tuberculosis-ridden Edmund. For ten points name about the Tyrone family written by Eugene O’Neill.

Answer: Long Day’s Journey Into Night.

8. Jimmy was raised by animals in the Amazon, who taught him how to fight. After many years, he ventured into the real world and challenged local fighters. Eventually, Jimmy ended up in the World Warrior’s tournament, to not only test his skills, but to help discover his origin. He lost to Ken, but his mother recognized him, although his form had been altered. FTP, name this electrified green fighter from the Street Fighter series.

Answer: Blanka

9. Caused by the insufficient specificity of the enzyme that converts ribulose bisphosphate to 3-phosphoglycerate, it can be combated by using the PEP carboxylase or by incorporating carbon dioxide into organic acids at night. C4 and CAM plants thus avoid this process that generates no ATP and siphons off organic material. For ten points, what counter-productive process uses oxygen in place of carbon dioxide in the Calvin cycle and is named for the fact that it occurs in the light and consumes oxygen?

Answer: photorespiration

10. It produced China's most famous historian: Sima Qian, whose Historical Records included a detailed chronicle of emperor Wu Di. Tributary system was inaugurated, paper and porcelain were invented, and Confucian scholars returned to civil service. Emerging with capital at Chang'an, it was interrupted by the reign of reformer Wang Mang. FTP name this dynasty beginning in 206 B.C. that gives its name to the ethnic majority of China.

Answer: Han

11. At first glance it seems like a violation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Its explanation is that the information needed to conduct it has its own entropy, and that the increase in entropy of maintenance of this simple memory would more than make up for the decrease in entropy due to the heat flow. It postulates a perfectly insulated container of gas partitioned into two equal sides, each in thermal equilibrium with the other, with a small trap door operated by a tiny mischief maker. FTP name this hypothetical experiment illustrating the concepts of entropy, named for its British creator.

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