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Besides the usual suspects, questions by Macon State’s Travis Lightsey, Valencia C.C.’s Chris Borglum, and Cal-Berkeley’s Chris Nguyen, Paul Reverdy, Lev Trubov, & Larry Wang

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Besides the usual suspects, questions by Macon State’s Travis Lightsey, Valencia C.C.’s Chris Borglum, and Cal-Berkeley’s Chris Nguyen, Paul Reverdy, Lev Trubov, & Larry Wang

1. In this battle, the strong position of the Greeks was undermined when the traitor Ephialtes showed the Persians another pass, causing the Greek line to be turned and forcing a withdrawal. Leonidas I of Sparta ended up using his troops as a sacrificial rear-guard so that the rest of the Greek army could retreat unharmed. For ten points, name this battle in which the retreating Greeks, pursued by the Persians, eventually fled behind the wall built across the isthmus to Corinth

Answer: Battle of Thermopylae
2. Dubula is considered the heart behind the powerful voice of the main character's brother. However, his brother is considered by many as a coward for speaking of radical change, but not implementing it. This cowardice can be seen by his actions in the trial where his son and Johannes Pafuri go free while the main character's son, defended by Mr. Carmichael, is convicted and hung. For ten points, name this Alan Paton novel about Stephen Kumalo's search for his son Absalom, who murdered the South African activist Arthur Jarvis.

Answer: Cry, the Beloved Country

3 .The stereo- forms of these these can be enantiomers, which are non-superimposable mirror images, or diastereomers, such as the cis-trans configurations resulting from the rigidity of double bonds. Most commonly, though, when someone uses this term, they are referring so the constitutional, or structural, type. For ten points, identify this chemistry term for two different molecules with the same chemical formula.

Answer: isomers

4. The name by which he is best known is actually the namesake of a man he killed in Tam Quan for betraying his team. Other aliases he uses include Delta and Cain, but his real name is David Webb. After his author’s death, he reappeared in a sequel written by Eric van Lustbader. FTP name this protagonist of a trilogy of Robert Ludlum novels, played in two recent movie adaptations by Matt Damon.

Answer: Jason Bourne

5. Pencil and paper ready. You will have fifteen seconds to buzz in, but only three seconds after you buzz in. FTP, what is the sine of 90 degrees?

Answer: 1

6. Asher Durand and Frederick Church were prominent members of this movement, which attempted to portray the beauty and grandeur of nature in the American Wilderness. Beginning in 1825 and lasting until the late 1870’s, this movement was founded by Thomas Cole. For ten points name this American school of art, named after the New York Valley in which many of its paintings were set.

Answer: Hudson River School

7. It is not 1984, but it is the namesake of a book. It is not 1939, but it saw a massive invasion of Poland. It is not 1991, but during it, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania became independent. Joan of Arc was canonized, Isaac Asimov was born, and Walther Nernst won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in this year. For ten points, what year also saw Prohibition go into effect, the first meeting of the League of Nations, the ratification of the 19th Amendment, and the election of Warren G. Harding?

Answer: 1920

8. It seemed to him that he and his pain were being thrust into a narrow, deep black sack, but though they were pushed further and further in they could not be pushed to the bottom... And suddenly he broke through... In his death throes, he realizes that the life he has lived was a lie and that the urban society has corrupted him, in contrast to his assistant Gerasim, a peasant boy who understands his suffering and treats him with genuine kindness. For ten points, who is this character, whose death is the titular event of a Tolstoy novel?

Answer: Ivan Ilyich; accept either

9. Utopian writings like those taken from the "Peach Blossom Spring" often had this philosophy's undertones. Most of the sages in the 3rd century B. C. who practiced it were lowly artisans like butchers or woodcarvers who followed Zhuangzi's teachings. One of its major tenets was to live by conforming to the natural way of things which they called wu-wei. Translated as "the Way," for ten points, name this philosophy founded by Laozi in the 5th century B. C.

Answer: Taoism or Daoism

10. Its evolving domination in the mammalian brain involves its reception of wider and wider ranges of sensory information via the thalamus and the emergence of higher neural activities based on that data. Folding of its surface provides a large surface area for activity for the rich concentration of synapses. FTP name this layer of grey matter, also called the pallium, covering the cerebral hemispheres in most vertebrates.

Answer: cerebral cortex (accept early buzz with pallium)

11. Thomas Kyd accused him of treason. William Bradley had a bloody brawl with him. The Queen's secret service probably employed him. Ingram Frizer stabbed him to death by in an argument over a bill. But he is better known for dramatic successes like Tamburlaine the Great and The Jew of Malta. FTP name this English playwright who also wrote Doctor Faustus.

Answer: Christopher Marlowe

12. This folk song is thought to take the melody of a traditional English ballad and the lyrics of a pair of Kentuckians. Its subject is either a drunkard or a gambler and the narrator has different genders according to who is performing it. It has been covered by a wide variety of people, including Dolly Parton, Pink Floyd, and Peter Paul, and Mary, but most famous version single-handedly gave its one hit wonder band entrance into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. FTP, name this song, whose namesake building may or may not still exist in the town of New Orleans, a hit by The Animals.

Answer: The House of the Rising Sun

13. When the size of their motion is small, the differential equation governing their motion can be made linear, producing simple harmonic motion. For this approximate case, Christiaan Huygens proved that the period of their motion was proportional only to the object's mass and length, not, as then thought, to the size of the initial displacement, a fact used by many early clocks. For ten points, name this physical object, which comes in gravity and torsion varieties, one of which was used by Foucault in his famous experiment demonstrating the Earth's rotation.

Answer: pendulum

14. He has many names, including Smintheus, the mouse-god, as the bringer of plagues, Musagetes, leader of the Muses, as the god of music, and Loxias, the obscure one, as patron of oracles. His most famous oracle was founded at the site where he killed the serpent Python-- the island of Delphi. For ten, who is this Greek god also called Phoebus, shining, as god of the sun?

Answer: Apollo

15. Justice Story wrote the majority opinion in this 1841 Supreme Court case, which supported freedom for the clients of John Quincy Adams. When the US navy seized this ship, they found most of the crew dead, and presumably at the hands of the Africans on board. Name the ship on which Joseph Cinqué lead the mutiny, before returning to Africa and becoming a slave trader himself.

Answer: United States v The Libellants and Claimants of the Schooner Amistad

16. Despite illness, poverty, and an informal early education, he succeeded in high school and then went on to the Olmutz philosophical Institute. 8 years after becoming an Augustinian monk, he was sent to the University of Vienna, where meeting Doppler and Unger stimulated his interest in science in general and botany in particular. For ten points, who is this Austrian monk, famous for his work with peas?

Answer: Gregor Mendel

17. It is the only state whose flag has different pictures on each side. While it is the 9th largest state in terms of area, it’s only 28th by population. Its highest point, at 11,239 feet, is Mount Hood. Its major universities are in Corvallis and Eugene. For ten points, name this 33rd state to join the U.S., nicknamed the Beaver State.

Answer: Oregon

18. Originally published in 1963 under the pseudonym Victoria Lucas, this novel was re-released posthumously under the author’s real name three years later in the UK, though not in America until 1971. It chronicles college student Esther Greenwood’s spiral into depression, suicide attempt, and beginning steps to recovery. For ten points, identify this semi-autobiographical novel by Sylvia Plath.

Answer: The Bell Jar

19. It was first outlined in a speech at Khabarovsk.  While affirming the significance of the revolutionary past, it insisted on openly confronting the errors of past regimes in order to pave the way for perestroika, or restructuring.  FTP name this political reform movement launched in 1986 by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

  Answer: glasnost


20. His sight-reading ability astounded even Liszt. After he died at the young age of 36, this composer’s student work of Symphony in C Major became extremely popular when it was "discovered" in the twentieth century. Although a brilliant pianist in his time, much of his piano works remain outside the pianist's canon with the exception of his Jeux d’enfants for four hands. The composer of the l'Arlesienne Suites, FTP name this composer most famous for his opera Carmen.

Answer: Georges Bizet
21. Thomasville Furniture recently introduced a line inspired by the places associated with him. Many of his works were based upon his life experiences -- childhood summers in northern Michigan, serving as an ambulance driver in Italy in World War I, and living in Twenties Paris and pre-Castro Cuba. For ten points, name this American writer, winner of the 1954 Nobel Prize in Literature and author of The Sun also Rises and A Farewell to Arms.

Answer: Ernest Hemingway

22. It was the first number proven to be transcendental without having been specifically constructed for that purpose. It can be defined as the sum of one-over-n-factorial for n equals 0 to infinity, or as the limit as n approaches infinity of the quantity one plus one-over-n to the power of n. FTP, name this mathematical constant, the base of the natural logarithm, which is approximately equal to 2.71.

Answer: e (accept Euler’s number or Napier’s constant)

23. In anticipation of British attack, General Benedict Arnold ordered this, among others, built at Skenesborough, New York. On October 11, 1776, it was moored southwest of Valcour Island when the British fleet commanded by Captain Pringle attacked, and it was sunk in the ensuing battle. FTP, identify this continental gunboat, found preserved in the cold waters of Lake Champlain in 1934.

Answer: USS Philadelphia


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