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Besides the usual suspects, questions by Stanford’s Eric Smith et al. with a little help from Bevill State’s Glenn Allen Bobo and Cal-Berkeley’s Chris Nguyen, Paul Reverdy, Lev Trubov, and Larry Wang

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Besides the usual suspects, questions by Stanford’s Eric Smith et al. with a little help from Bevill State’s Glenn Allen Bobo and Cal-Berkeley’s Chris Nguyen, Paul Reverdy, Lev Trubov, and Larry Wang

1. In 1979, he was the winning pitcher of the finals of the Los Angeles City Baseball Championships, a game that starred Darryl Strawberry as the losing pitcher. His performance led the Kansas City Royals to draft him later that summer. Rather than join the Big Leagues, he decided to attend Stanford, where he earned a degree in economics after a celebrated two-sport college career. For ten points, name this retired NFL quarterback, known for his performances in Super Bowls XXXII (32) and XXXIII (33).

Answer: John Albert Elway
2. After a trip to Iowa he decided his country should grow large amounts of corn, neglecting the difference in climate. He was placed in charge of the Ukraine during World War II, and his rise to power came when he ousted Georgi Malenkov with the assistance of Nikolai Bulganin. During the 20th Party Congress he famously denounced Stalin's excesses--not mentioning his own part in them. For ten points, name this protégé of Stalin who led the U.S.S.R until he was driven from power by Leonid Brezhnev in 1964.

Answer: Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev

3. It may have been originally used by primitive bacteria to remove oxygen, which was toxic to them. The reaction varies in different species, but in most it occurs when ATP activates luciferase, which enables luciferin. In fish this occurs in organs called photophores. The result is a release of energy with almost no waste heat. Exhibited in over half of animal phyla, for ten points, name this biological phenomenon, exhibited by the foxfire fungus and Photinus Pyralis, the firefly, in which an organism emits light.

Answer: bioluminescence

4. In this novel, the protagonist attends Clongowes Wood school until his family runs out of money. Chapter Two sees the protagonist switch to the Belvedere school after the family's move to Dublin. An encounter with a prostitute unleashes a storm of guilt, and at one point, the protagonist even considers becoming a priest. Eventually, Stephen Dedalus decides to become an artist. For ten points, this is what novel by James Joyce?

Answer: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

5. At over an hour, this symphony, opus number 125, was unusually long, but that novelty was overshadowed by another more striking feature. In 2003, part of its fourth movement, without the lyrics, was chosen as the anthem for the European Union. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, a performance was given in which the German word for "freedom" was substituted for "joy" in the fourth movement of, for ten points, what Beethoven symphony which includes soloists and a chorus in a musical setting of Schiller's "Ode to Joy?"

Answer: Ninth Symphony in D Minor; or Choral Symphony [they also need to say Beethoven's if it hasn’t been said yet, so prompt on partial answer]

6. The atmospheric methane of this planet absorbs light at the red end of the spectrum, while an unusual magnetic field governs its rotation. William Lassell discovered two of its moons: Umbriel and Ariel, while Gerard Kuiper found Miranda. The only planet with an equator lying on a perpendicular plane, it has 11 rings, the outermost of which is called the epsilon ring. Discovered in England by the German astronomer William Herschel, FTP, name this third largest planet in the solar system that lies beyond Saturn.

Answer: Uranus

7. His brother died in a rebellion in Central Italy, and his sympathy for suppressed people caused him to support the Italians against the Austrians and the Pope. After the death of the Duke of Reichstadt, this man considered himself his family's claimant to the throne. His time as the leader of his country included the Crimean War, the debacle with Maximillian in Mexico, and, worst of all, the Franco-Prussian War. For ten points, name this man who established the Second Repulic after the 1848 outster of Louis-Philippe and who attempted to recapture the glory of his famous uncle.

Answer: Napoleon III; or Charles-Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte

8. After objects called Laeding and Dromi failed to hold him, dwarves crafted a silken bond called Gleipnir, which the gods attached to a heavy chain run through a hole in a large rock. This setup was finally able to hold him, but in attempting to escape he bit off the right hand of Tyr. For ten points, name this offspring of Loki and Angerboda and brother of Hel and Jormungand, a giant wolf who will remain chained until Ragnarok.

Answer: Fenrir; or Fenris wolf

9. In 1598 he was branded but not executed after killing a fellow actor in a duel. Early satirical works like Cynthia's Revels and Poetaster were the result of a quarrel with John Marston and Thomas Dekker. He often met in the Devil Tavern with poets like Suckling, Lovelace, Herrick, and Carew, who considered him their literary father. Noted for characters like Morose, Kno'well, Surly, Corbaccio, Mosca, and Subtle, for ten points, this is what author of Bartholomew Fair, Epicene, The Alchemist, and Volpone?

Answer: Ben Jonson

10. White-naped and red-crowned cranes are flourishing thanks in part to this unintentional wildlife refuge. Aside from a single village and a few incursions by railway lines, few humans have entered this area for the past 50 years, and natives have to obtain special permission form the government just to go within several miles of it. To date, four tunnels have been found underneath it, penetrating from the North over one kilometer into the region, possibly for a covert invasion. FTP what region, established in 1953, extends for 2 kilometers on either side of Korea's Military Demarcation Line?

Answer: De-Militarized Zone; or Hyujeonseon; or Sampalseon

11. In rotational motion, it can be expressed as the product of the torque and the angular velocity. Although in optics a quantity of the same name can be expressed in diopters, the more common property can be measured in kilogram meters squared per second cubed. Calculated in an electrical circuit as the voltage times the current and measured in Watts is, for ten points, what property, the time rate of doing work?

Answer: power

12. Two of his paintings titled The Lovers show a couple with sheets over their heads and were influenced by the sight of his mother with her dress draped over her head after she drowned herself. His 1926 Le Jockey Perdu shows a horseman traveling perpendicular to a tree-lined road and is considered his first surrealist work. His Betrayal of Images is sometimes called This is not a pipe. FTP, name this surrealist whose recurring motifs include blue skies and bowler hats.

Answer: René François Ghislain Magritte

13. Pencil and paper ready. You will have fifteen seconds to buzz in, but only three seconds after you buzz in. FTP, convert the following number into binary: 33.

Answer: 100001

14. Her attention to her ward is so devoted that it causes the protagonist, Giovanni Guasconti, to ominously wonder whether they are actually sisters. By the end of the story, this suspicion is found to be true, which explains why both of them, and now Giovanni as well, are fatally poisonous. For ten points, name this titular character of a Hawthorne short story with a mysterious connection to the plants in her father's garden.

Answer: Beatrice; accept Rappacini's Daughter

15. This Civil War battle saw 160,000 union troops led by “Fighting” Joe Hooker take on 60,000 confederate troops led by Robert E. Lee. The death toll favored the Confederates, as they lost only 13,000 troops to 17,000 Union dead and even saw Hooker knocked unconscious, but it is remembered better for what the Confederates lost. Occurring from May 1st through 4th, 1863, FTP name this battle which saw Robert E. Lee lose his right-hand man when “Stonewall” Jackson was shot by one of his own men.

Answer: Chancellorsville

16. Of the platinum group, it has the highest melting point and the lowest vapor pressure. In 1803, one year before iridium, it was discovered by Smithson Tennant as residue when crude platinum was dissolved by aqua regia. For ten points, what is this element, one of the two densest in the world along with iridium, with atomic number 76 and symbol Os?

Answer: osmium

17. Anne Marie Vicksey died in it and Julia Hickson got rescued from it, despite looking very much like a doll. Dr. Mariam Kent has devised a new therapeutic technique to be used on the son of a billionaire who went into a coma. Accompanied by his dog Valentine, Carl Stargher captures his victims, bleaches them, then hangs them on rings pierced into the body. Peter Novak and Catherine Deane go inside the mind of Stargher to destroy the evil force that controls him, only to find the child in him dead. FTP name this 2000 movie in which Jennifer Lopez enters the title contraption of the criminal mind.

Answer: The Cell

18. Failing to gain a seat in the Senate in 1894, he became editor of the Omaha World Herald, two years before his most famous public performance. As Secretary of State, he supported the 1914 Mexican intervention but resigned after the Lusitania incident, becoming at odds with the Wilson administration by advocating prohibition of loans to Britain and France to ensure neutrality in World War I. Dying a week after winning a case against a teacher who taught evolution in Tennessee, he fought unsuccessfully to repeal the Sherman Silver Purchase Act. Running and losing three times for the presidency, FTP, name this Populist-Democrat who gave the "Cross of Gold" speech.

Answer: William Jennings Bryan

19. Transported on an adventure through time and space with her friend Calvin O’Keefe and her brother Charles Wallace, Meg Murry seeks the salvation of her father, a gifted scientist, from the evil forces on a distant planet that hold him hostage. The plot begins when Ms. Whatsit arrives at the Murry house one night and indicates the existence of a Tesseract in the universe, which would allow Meg and her companions to travel through a fifth dimension to rescue Mr. Murry. FTP, name this book by Madeleine L’Engle.

Answer: A Wrinkle in Time

20. The first rational explanation of these came from Theodoric of Freiberg in 1307. Others to advance theoretical explanations of them include Descartes and Isaac Newton. Alternately, their origins have place in Greek, Chinese, Hindu, Norse, and Irish mythology. Their ultimate cause involves refraction and reflection in raindrops. FTP, name this phenomenon, which, according to the Bible, is a sign of God’s covenant with mankind which was given to Noah.

Answer: Rainbow

21. His opponents included Porus in the battle of the Hydaspes, and Darius III at the battle of Issus. Among his generals were Antigonus the One-Eyed, Seleucus, and Ptolemy. The son of Olympias and Phillip II of Macedon, he supposedly loosed the Gordian knot by cutting it with his sword. FTP, name this conquering Macedonian whose empire stretched from Greece into India before his 323 BC death.

Answer: Alexander the Great or Alexander III Phillipoupou Makedonon Alexandros III Philippou Makedonon

22. Less common ones include Diego, Duffy, Lutheran, and Bombay. They are dictated by glycoprotein antigens, and Karl Landsteiner won the 1930 Nobel prize in Medicine for their discovery. Mismatches can cause an immune response, resulting in renal failure and hemolysis. FTP, what are these biological classifications, the most common of which globally are O-positive and A-positive?

Answer: blood types

23. One way to demonstrate this effect is to ask subjects to repeat words they see, some of which have previously been shown. Reaction times for previously shown words should be smaller, because they have already been processed by implicit memory. FTP name this psychological phenomenon that is taking place as we speak as I get you ready to answer this question.

Answer: priming (also accept prime; or semantic priming; or repetition priming)


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