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Additional questions by U. of Florida’s Raj Dhuwalia and Kelli Barone

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Additional questions by U. of Florida’s Raj Dhuwalia and Kelli Barone

1. Strictly speaking, this term refers to the presidency of Amr Bil Maruf, under which Sharia was enforced by the Munkrat, or religious police.  Under this regime, medical practices, the use of music in public spaces, and even personal hygiene were strictly regulated.  FTP name this regime, which took power in 1994 in Afghanistan.

  Answer: Taliban


2. It was written by a famous pied-noir, who based the book partly on his own upbringing in Algeria. In it, the main character kills an Arab on a sun-drenched beach. But, the authorities are not concerned with the murder; to them, Mersault’s lack of remorse at his mother’s funeral is more dangerous and worthy of punishment. For ten points, name this book, the work of existentialist Algerian-French author Albert Camus.

Answer: The Stranger or L’étranger
3. After attacking Persia in 547, he was defeated by Cyrus. He made notably generous gifts to the temple at Delphi and was misled by a prophecy that he would destroy a great kingdom. For ten points, identify this last king of Lydia whose lasting claim to fame is as a personification of wealth.

Answer: Croesus

4. The only major substance of abuse that mice will not self-administer, its endogenous ligand is also found in chocolate. Stephen Jay Gould was among those who endorsed it for treating nausea from chemotherapy, but short-term memory impairment, anxiety, and appetite enhancement overshadow its anti-emetic and analgesic effects. Binding of anadamide to cannabinoid receptors produce the effect of, FTP what drug used to treat Glaucoma made from hemp?

Answer: marijuana; accept THC; prompt on cannabis, or any other common euphemisms

5. Pencil and paper ready. You will have fifteen seconds to buzz in, but only three seconds after you buzz in. FTP, what is the value of six factorial?

Answer: 720.

6. A film based on this story, La Rivière du hibou, appeared on “The Twilight Zone” in 1962. First appearing in the author’s story collection, Tales of Soldiers and Civilians, the action of the story takes place over the course of just a few minutes. However, the author distorts the reader’s notion of time to allow for an extended escape sequence in which Peyton Farquhar returns to his farm and is reunited with his wife. FTP name this Ambrose Bierce story that ends with a return to reality and the protagonist swinging from the eponymous structure.

“An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”

7. He patented an all-plastic car in 1942, ten years after his last major engineering triumph, the one-piece V-8 engine. In his later years he was convicted of NLRB violations and forced to negotiate a standard labor contract after a 1941strike at his River Rouge plant. This was long after he’d instigated massive profits by improving employee morale with a $5 wage and an 8-hour day. For ten points, name this automotive giant who pioneered the assembly-line system.

Answer: Henry Ford

8. The highest point in this country is the 11,000-foot Njesuthi [in-juh-SOO-thee]. It is home to some of the world’s largest chromium, platinum, gold and diamond mines, and its mineral wealth was a major factor in the Boer Wars. It is the only nation of the world with three official capital cities: Bloemfontein, Cape Town, and Pretoria. For ten points, name this African nation, which struggled with the problems of apartheid for more than forty years.

Answer: South Africa

9. Writing to R. W. Wood, its formulator called it "an act of desperation." Rewriting the law of equipartition of energy so that average energy goes to 0 as frequency goes to infinity, we find that energy density is proportional to the -5th power of wavelength. Replacing the Rayleigh-Jeans theory of blackbody radiation, FTP name this law named after a German physicist that quantizes energy.

Answer: Planck's Law

10. Leonard Washington was a favorite in the World Series of Dice, and was also one of the husbands featured on Trading Spouses. Cornrow Wallace learned how to make crack from a man he shared a prison cell with, Tyrone Biggums. For ten points, these are all characters from what Comedy Central sketch comedy show hosted by the former star of Half-Baked, who you might remember better as Rick James?

Answer: Chappelle’s Show (prompt on “Dave Chappelle” up until “show”)

11. Developed in the 1950’s in Japan, it was modeled after the natural process of learning language. The early stages focus on training by ear, rather than learning musical notation. Although it can be applied to any instrument, literature has been specifically published for the viola, cello, bass, flute, guitar, and most popularly, the violin. Also known as “talent education,” for ten points, identify this method of musical teaching.

Answer: Suzuki method

12. Born Albino Luciani, his sunny demeanor and earnest desire for reform earned him the nickname “Good Pope.” Unfortunately, his was the 11th shortest tenure in that office, only thirty-three days. For ten points, name this pope whose, successor, Karol Wojtyla, remains the current Pope.

Answer: Pope John Paul I

13. Christopher Durang and Wendy Wasserstein’s parody of it includes the chorus breaking out into “Camptown Races” and the conflict being resolved by lobotomizing Jason. In the real play, however, things don’t end so well, with the title character poisoning Creon and his daughter and killing her own sons. For ten points, name this Euripides play set in Corinth.

Answer: Medea

14. Made up of calcite and dolomite, it is usually pure white, but this can be altered through the use of other minerals, like serpentine. There have been major deposits found in the United States, largely in the South, such as Tennessee and Georgia. For ten points, what is this metamorphic rock, made from limestone that is used in such buildings as the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument?

Answer: marble

15. No person shall be held to answer for a capital or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury.  No private property shall be taken for public use without just compensation.  No person shall be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb.  FTP name this constitutional amendment, whose most famous provision prevents a person from having to testify in his own defense.

Answer: Fifth Amendment


16. He met the fellow writers with whom he is usually linked while attending Columbia University on a football scholarship. However, he dropped out of college his sophomore year and went on to travel extensively. Supposedly, the first draft of his second and best-known novel was typed over the course of three days, on a fifty-foot long roll of paper, while he was high on Benzedrine. For ten points, who is this Beat Generation author of On the Road?

Answer: Jack Kerouac
17. Isolated by the Hall-Heroult process, this metal is often used in power lines because it is cheaper and much lighter than copper. Located in Group 13 of the periodic table, it is extracted from bauxite and is the most abundant metal in Earth's crust. FTP, name this element used in making aircraft parts and soda cans.

Answer: aluminum

18. While primarily French, this movement did gain a minor following in America, primarily practiced by Alfred Maurer and Bob Thompson. This artistic movement of the early twentieth century got its name because critics said they used intense colors in a violent, uncontrolled way. For ten points, name this artistic movement led by Henri Matisse, named from the French for “wild beasts.”

Answer: Fauvism or Fauves

19. Originating in the United States around 2003, the phenomenon has spread worldwide, and has had purposes ranging from none at all, a form of protest, even a experiment in supercomputing. Its existence is made possible by the Internet, as details can be spread wide and anonymously. For ten points, what is the name of this sort of activity, where random people gather at one site at a specified time, perform some sort of random task, then quickly disperse?

Answer: Flash mob

20. The second one occurred at the trial of William Slavata and Jaroslav Martinic. However, neither Imperial governor was badly hurt as they both landed in a pile of manure after being thrown out throw a window. FTP, name this event in Prague which was central to the start of the 30 year’s war.

Answer: The Second Defenestration of Prague

21. Symbiotic relations between plant roots and these organisms are called mycorrhizae. Their body consists of filaments of hyphae which form a mycelium. One division of them, the ascomycetes, includes morels, truffles, ergot, chestnut blight, and many molds. FTP, name this group of organisms which combine with algae to form lichens, and which include mushrooms.

Answer: fungus or fungi

22. After receiving a doctorate in physics at Kiel in 1881, he changed his focus to psychophysics, and later, geography. However, his greatest calling would be anthropology as he laid the basis for cultural relativism, which argued against the evolutionary scale leading from savagery to “culture.” In 1911, he wrote The Mind of Primitive Man, demonstrating that there was no such thing as a "pure" or superior race. For ten points, name this man, often named the Father of American Anthropology.

Answer: Franz Boas

23. Cosmo composed its score by making them laugh. Produced by Monumental Pictures, this imitation of The Jazz Singer turned Dueling Cavalier into Dancing Cavalier. Lina Lemont was dubbed by Kathy Selden, the girl who popped out of a cake, but Don Lockwood sings "Broadway Melody" and makes Kathy a star. Notoriously quoted in A Clockwork Orange, he stamps his feet into a puddle of water, sees a policeman, and hands his umbrella to a stranger, while humming the title tune in, FTP, what Gene Kelly musical?

Answer: Singin' in the Rain


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