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Besides the usual suspects, questions by Macon State’s Brett Norris and Cal-Berkeley’s Chris Nguyen, Paul Reverdy, Lev Trubov, & Larry Wang

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Besides the usual suspects, questions by Macon State’s Brett Norris and Cal-Berkeley’s Chris Nguyen, Paul Reverdy, Lev Trubov, & Larry Wang

1. The writings of Charles Dickens and Mark Twain were preparations for the conquest. One of the first to die in the invasion is astronomer Ogilvy, who only days before denied the existence of those who killed him. After the military is defeated, the population of London flees. The narrator spends fifteen days holed in a house on which one of the invaders' ships landed. Eventually the invaders and the "red weed" they brought with them succumb to Earth's bacteria. First descriptions of chemical weapons and kamikaze attacks occur in, for ten points, what H. G. Wells novel about a Martian invasion of Earth, most famous for its radio adaptation by Orson Welles?

Answer: The War of the Worlds
2. In April and May of 1989, it saw the construction of the “Goddess of Democracy and Freedom”, a 27 ft. polystyrene and plaster statue modeled after the Statue of Liberty. Student activists held hunger strikes here, as well as marched with pro-democracy banners proclaiming, “Give us freedom or give us death”. FTP, name this Peking square made famous in 1989 when Chinese students were fired on by tanks and military personnel.

Answer: Tienamnen Square

3. The equation assumes that the molecules involved have a volume of zero and do not attract each other, which works OK in our relatively low-pressure, high-temperature day-to-day world, but for true accuracy, the van der Waals equation must be used instead. The units most commonly used are liters, atmospheres, moles, and Kelvin, resulting in a value for the constant R of 0.08206. For ten points, this is what law of chemistry derived from Boyle’s, Charles’, and Avogadro’s Laws?

Answer: the ideal gas law (accept ideal gas equation before “law”; prompt on PV = nRT)

4. Aside from the composer's performances at the Foundling Hospital, this piece wasn't played much during his lifetime. Part 1 of the recitative was sung by a boy soprano in a prose-like style accompanied by a cello and organ. It was composed during the rule of George II who stood up at the premiere near the close of Act II to honor the "King of Kings." Often heard during Christmas, for ten points, name this Handel oratorio containing the Hallelujah Chorus.

Answer: Messiah

5. This type of map has become a subject of great controversy, as critics argue it perpetuates Eurocentrism by placing Europe in the center and downplaying the size of nations near the Equator. It is a cylindrical conformal projection, allowing for the spherical Earth to be represented as a rectangle with preservation of angle. For ten points, name this map projection, developed by Gerhard Kremer in 1569.

Answer: Mercator projection [Kremer was his German name]

6. In the movie “Serendipity,” Sara writes her phone number in this book. This book tells of the off-and-on love affair of Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza, who in the end are forced to cruise the river after raising the yellow flag representing the titular disease.  FTP name this novel, written by Gabriel García Márquez.

Answer: Love in the Time of Cholera

7. This contains over 95 percent of vitrinite, which is derived from woody plant tissue. The combination of volatile matter and low moisture content make it useful in a wide variety of industrial applications. Most notable among those is the production of coke, an important material in smelting iron ore. Also used in steam production for electricity and boiler plants, burning kinds with medium to high-sulfur content causes acid rain. Also called soft coal, name, FTP, this type of coal which is just below anthracite in carbon content.

Answer: bituminous (accept soft coal up to its appearance in the question)
8. Attempted territorial gains by Christian IV. The imposition of Catholicism by Ferdinand II. Anti-Catholic crusades by Gustavus Adolphus. The usual squabbling between France and the Habsburgs. These are all facets of this series of conflicts, often divided by scholars into five periods including the Bohemian and Palatinate. Leading to the abandonment of the concept of a Roman Catholic empire in Europe, FTP name this war, ended in 1648 with the Peace of Westphalia.

Answer: the Thirty Years’ War

9. It teaches that God is completely good and wholly spiritual, and that all his creations are perfect. Because of this, adherents believe that all evils, including disease, result from not being close to God. Therefore, they turn to prayer before modern medicine, often causing its followers to butt heads with the government over the care of minors. For ten points, what is this religion founded in 1879 by Mary Baker Eddy?

Answer: Christian Science (or Scientist)

10. Oddly enough, even though he is a star face of the series now, he didn’t appear until the third installment of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. A member of Element Skateboards, he made a name for himself on MTV, appearing in both the stunt reality show and another program. For ten points, name this “insane” skater, the star of “Viva la” himself.

Answer: Brandon Cole “Bam” Margera, or just “Bam

11. In signal detection theory, it is the name of both the outcome probabilities of hits and false alarms and the payoff table for correct responses. In biology, it is the region enclosed by the inner membrane of mitochondria containing ribosomes and DNA necessary for cellular respiration. The first word in the expansion of the name of the programming language Matlab, it is most famously used in linear algebra, where these structures can be transposed and possibly inverted. FTP name the rectangular array of numbers made into a movie starring Keanu Reeves.

Answer: matrix

12. Lord Wilmore, Sinbad the Sailor, and Abbè Busoni are among the alter egos assumed by the protagonist of this novel. Framed for treason by some neighbors, he is officially arrested on the day of his wedding to his beloved Mercedes. With the help of a priest, the Abbè Faria, the protagonist is able to escape from jail, and somewhere around Chapter 30 even the narrative stops using his real name, Edmond Dantes. FTP name this tale of revenge by Alexandre Dumas.

Answer: The Count of Monte Cristo

13. Clarence Darrow, an attorney for management, was incensed by management's handling of this event that he quit to become an attorney representing labor in future disputes. Clashes that occurred during this included one between Illinois governor John Altgeld and Grover Cleveland when Cleveland brought in federal troops to stop this event. Eugene Debs saw his rise during this event where, for ten points, the American Railway Union went on a strike that resulted in the paralysis of the railway system from Chicago to the Pacific Coast.

Answer: Pullman strike

14. Ironically, Sabina is married to one of the titular figures while the titular figures' sister Camilla was to be betrothed to his opponent. Taken from a story by Titus-Levy, this painting shows the sisters in a state of anguish on the lower left as the three titular figures, one of whom is clutching a spear, reach their hands towards the swords held by the central figure, their father, in, for ten points, what painting by Jacques Louis David [dah-VEED]?

Answer: Oath of the Horatii

15. Gnetophyta contains 70 species, including several types of tropical vine and ephedra, or Mormon tea. The sole species of gingkophyta is its namesake gingko biloba. The best known members, however, are the nondeciduous conifers. For ten points, name this group of plants which includes the four divisions of seedless vascular plants?

Answer: gymnosperms

16. She was a calypso singer before coming to prominence as a civil rights activist in the 1960’s. She read her poem “On the Pulse of Morning” at the 1993 presidential inauguration of Bill Clinton. But she is most famous for her autobiographical writings. For ten points, name this author, the writer of All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes and I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.

Answer: Maya Angelou

17. It has been used as a basis for both neutrality and federalism, although, in a pure sense, it has nothing to do with either. In its namesake novel, Captain Kirk is court-martialed for causing a nuclear war on a primitive planet. In "Who Watches the Watchers," it is violated when Jean-Luc Picard is seen by the Mintakans and is believed to be a god. In "Patterns of Force," historian John Gill violated it and set up a carbon copy of Nazi Germany on Ekos. Also known as Starfleet General Order Number One, this is, for ten points, what highest law of the Federation that prohibits Starfleet personnel from interfering with a culture that has not invented a warp drive?

Answer: the Prime Directive (accept Starfleet General Order Number One before it is mentioned)

18. Isaac Newton threatened to leave the Royal Society when this man criticized Newton’s discovery that prisms didn’t modify white light, it instead split it. He first developed the inverse square law of gravitation which Newton proved in his Principia MathematicaI without giving original credit to the author. FTP, correctly identify this 17th century scientist whose namesake law describes the relationship between applied force and the change in length of a spring.

Answer: Robert Hooke

19. Planned to be a symbolic 1,776 feet high, taller than the current world’s tallest building, it will have 70 stories and feature 2.6 million square feet of office space. An innovative design of the structure includes the integration of wind turbines, which will generate 20% of the energy for the building. For ten points, identify this future building that will replace the World Trade Center destroyed on September 11, 2001.

Answer: Freedom Tower

20. 1899: The Stanford axe was first stolen at a baseball game in San Francisco. 1920: The murders later attributed to Sacco and Vanzetti occurred. 1989: The Tiananmen Square protests began in Beijing. 1912: The RMS Titanic sank in the North Atlantic, killing 1,523 passengers and crew. 1865: Abraham Lincoln succumbed to the gunshot wound inflicted by John Wilkes Booth. For ten points, give the calendar date shared by these events, hated by many Americans as the day Federal income taxes are due.

Answer: April 15

21. It was thought that the unification of China under the Qin happened because the Qin had more access to this. China remained the only country able to use it to its full capacity until Europe's middle ages, because in its raw form it is not much harder than bronze, and it more brittle. For ten points, what is this metal that despite these shortcomings, succeeded bronze in most non-ornamental use, partly because of the victory of kingdoms such as the Hittites?

Answer: iron

22. Members of this phylum can range in size from having a body width of one millimeter to having a diameter of over two meters. Organized at the tissue level, they possess an internal gastrovascular cavity, a non-cellular mesoglea, and organelles called nematocysts. Mostly radially symmetrical, they have two major body types: the polyp and medusa. For ten points -- name this phylum that includes corals, sea anemones, hydras, and jellyfishes.

Answer: Cnidaria

23. Possibly the first use of a flamethrower occurred in the aftermath of this battle. The men from the tiny city of Thespiae sided with their traditional enemies, and were rewarded by being placed on the left wing and massacred by the Athenian right wing under Pagondas. That didn't help the Athenians, as Hippocrates, using a non-traditional phalanx 25 ranks deep, tore through the Athenian ranks and chased then back into the fort for which the battle is named. Socrates and Alcibiades both participated in, for ten points, which battle, the largest of the Archidamian War, ironically fought by Athens against not Sparta, but Thebes, in 424 B. C. E.?

Answer: battle of Delium


Mostly by the usual suspects; additional questions by Chuck Pearson of Shorter College
1. This novel introduces as a minor character Shreve MacKenzie, who later reappeared in Absalom, Absalom! as one of the two main narrators. Shreve is not one of this story’s three narrators, each of whom has a very different point of view reflecting the problems unique to each of them. The novel revolves about one particular event as seen from the view of the mean-spirited Jason, the retarded Benjy, and the delusional Quentin, each with a different obsession with their sister Caddy. For ten points, what is this William Faulkner novel about the stunningly dysfunctional Compson family?

Answer: The Sound and the Fury

2. For his many accomplishments, he was given the island of Hven between Denmark and Sweden by King Frederick II. Some of those accomplishments include the discovery of the star Stella Nova in the constellation Cassiopeia and proving that comets are not objects in our atmosphere. Recent scholarship points to mercury poisoning as the more probable cause of his 1601 death, rather than the alleged ruptured bladder. FTP name this Danish astronomer who cataloged observations later used by Kepler in his formation of laws on planetary movement.

Answer: Tycho Brahe

3. This American political party would periodically make a splash in the first half of the 20th century, most notable with major presidential candidacies in 1924 and 1948. But it self-destructed in 1950 when its executive board condemned U.S. participation in the Korean War. That led many of its members to quit, including their 1948 Presidential nominee, Henry Wallace. FTP name this party, spearheaded in the ‘20’s by Robert LaFollette.

Answer: Progressive Party

4. The earliest depictions of him date to about 800 CE. Among his responsibilities are the reproduction of game animals and changing the seasons. Some assert he evolved from depictions of Aztec traders who carried large sacks on their back. This does not explain, however, the sometimes inhumanly large phallus that, according to legend, he leaves in streams and rivers to impregnate bathing females. FTP, name this symbol of the American Southwest, an Anasazi fertility deity.

Answer: Kokopelli

5. A deadly manufactured strain of the Ebola virus is going to be released during the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. An elite group of anti terrorists led by John Clark attempt to find the culprit and stop them before the attack occurs. For ten points, name this book written by Tom Clancy, or the video game series that inspired the book.

Answer: Rainbow Six (accept “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six”)

6. There have actually been two structures that bear this name. The first one built in the 3rd century BC has been almost totally obliterated today, the exact size and total location are not even known. The second, and more famous, was built beginning in the late 15th century. It is infact not one structure but a series of fortifications that leave the frontier open in places. And, contrary to popular belief, astronauts have confirmed that it is not visible from space. It reaches from Bo Hai in the east to Gansu Province in the West. FTP name this 1500 mile long structure that is the namesake to many Asian Eateries

Answer: The Great Wall of China

7. In the preparatory type, larger quantities of the components of a mixture can be purified. Many apparatus exist, including the paper type, thin layer type, and gel permeation type. For ten points, this describes what chemical separation technique, where analytes separate due to difference in affinity to a stationary and mobile phase?

Answer: chromatography

8. Born in Lubeck in 1875, he was more successful than his older brother and fellow novelist Heinrich, although Heinrich’s Professor Unrat was made into the classic film The Blue Angel. Some of his notable works, such as The Confessions of Felix Krull, Confidence Man and Mario and the Magician, were written after he’d been awarded the 1929 Nobel Prize in literature. The citation said the award was principally for his first novel, published 28 years earlier -- Buddenbrooks. For ten points name this German author of Death in Venice, Doctor Faustus, and The Magic Mountain.

Answer: Thomas Mann

9. Though their name is derived from the Turkish term for “free man”, they have spent most of their history under Russian rule. Most of them fought against the Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution, and in World War II many of them would join the Germans to fight against the Soviet Union. A most tragic event for them occurred near Lienz in Austria where the British tricked their officers into surrendering to the Soviets, who brutally repatriated around 32,000 of them. For ten points who are these people famed for their skills as cavalrymen?

Answer: Cossacks

10. It made several far-reaching pronouncements about the nature of Christianity. Most notably, it defined the Christian God as a Trinity and was able to agree upon a statement of faith which is sometimes used as an alternative to the Apostles’ Creed. For ten points, name this council that established the divinity of Jesus Christ.

Answer: First Council of Nicaea [or Nicene Council]

11. He invented a color-television picture tube and used neutron beams to treat cancer. He also worked on the Manhattan Project, and element 103 was named in his honor. He was awarded the 1939 Nobel Prize for inventing the cyclotron. FTP, what physicist's name appears on laboratories in Berkeley and Livermore, California?

Answer: Ernest Orlando Lawrence

12. The stillness in the room and the breaths gathering firm could not keep it from performing its titular action. When the narrator signed away that portion of hers that is assignable, it interposed between the light and her, making a blue, uncertain, stumbling noise that, when the windows failed, the narrator could not see to see. FTP name this insect that went out of control when death is confronted by Emily Dickinson.

Answer: "I heard a fly buzz when I died"

13. They were formed in 1869 by Terence Powderly. They were not to last, however, with their fate sealed when a member, Alan Parsons, killed a police officer in the 1886 Haymarket Riot in Chicago. After Parsons’ 1887 execution, the organization’s image was forever tarnished, though they had already been losing popularity to Samuel Gompers’ American Federation of Labor. FTP, identify this first American labor union.

Answer: The Knights of Labor

14. Whirlwind, PDP-1, Illiac IV, EDSAC, PDP-8, CDC 6600, CLIP-4, UNIVAC, MCM/70, Altair 8800, 8085, Cray-1, Commodore PET, TRS-80, Lisa, Amiga 1000, Commodore 64, ENIAC, Macintosh IIc. For ten points what were all of those devices?

Answer: computers

15. Almost three years after its 1996 premiere, original host Craig Kilborn left the show in part due to a nasty remark he had made about producer Lizz Winstead. Without Kilborn, it went on to win a Peabody award for its coverage of the 2000 presidential election. New episodes air four times a week and end with a Moment of Zen. For ten points name this fake news show which features segments such as “This Week in God”, “Back in Black”, and “Mess O’Potamia”.

Answer: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

16. Bartolomeo Borghesi is considered one of the key figures in establishing it as a science in the 1800’s. Practitioners are defined as a step beyond average collectors, as they are not interested in merely the value of objects, but their place in context with history. While mostly concerned with the study of coins, it may expand to include any of the forms of money. For ten points, what is the name for the scientific study of money?

Answer: numismatics

17. This Argentine-born revolutionary was a Marxist who worked with Fidel Castro to seize power in Cuba in 1959. He left Cuba in 1966 to help spread Marxist revolutions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Bolivia, where was captured and executed in 1967. FTP, name this man who, after his death, became an icon of socialist and left-leaning movements throughout the world.

Answer: Ernesto “Che” Guevara [prompt on “Che”]

18. The alpha carbon is asymmetric, allowing these compounds to have L and D optical isomeric forms. At pH values commonly found in cells, both their carboxyl and amino groups are ionized. Different side chains of these 20+1 different varieties give them different chemical properties. Tryptophan, serine, and proline are examples of, FTP, these

compounds with COOH and NH2 groups that make up proteins.

Answer: amino acids
19. Often called a mock epic, it is written in dactylic hexameter and begins with the invocation of the muse. However, instead of a main epic story, there is a conglomeration of independent stories, including Baucis and Philemon, Pygmalion, and Cupid and Daphne. For ten points, identify this work, the famous compilation of mythology by Ovid.

Answer: the Metamorphoses

20. A graduate of Carnegie Institute of Technology, this man made underground, experimental films like Flesh, Trash, Blow Job, and The Chelsea Girls. He brought brief fame to a cadre of offbeat actresses such as Ondine, Ultra Violet, Edie Sedgwick, and the transvestite Candy Darling. More respectable works include giant, oddly-colored portraits of Mao Tse-Tung and Marilyn Monroe. FTP name this artist who achieved more than 15 minutes of fame by painting Campbell soup cans.

Answer: Andy Warhol; or Andrew Warhola

21. Last name's the same. The maiden name of Virginia Woolf's mother. Missouri's secessionist governor who led a rump assembly that drafted an ordinance of secession from the union in 1861. The frail, gentle being who, to the dismay of her hot tempered second husband, had apparently not yet divorced Lewis Robards. The religious leader and human rights activist who founded PUSH: People United to Save Humanity. The confederate general named Thomas Johnathan who died in Chancellorsville after securing his nickname in First Bull Run by standing erect. FTP it's also the name of Old Hickory, the seventh person to become president of the United States.

Answer: Jackson

22. Jimmy Nichols was their replacement drummer in Amsterdam and Hong Kong because the regular drummer was having his tonsils removed. Pete Best was their first drummer. Stuart Sutcliffe was their first bass guitar player. FTP, name this band composed of Richard Starkey, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and John Lennon.

Answer: The Beatles

23. Nikolai Tesla once speculated that the Ark of the Covenant was one of these electrical devices. Alternating current can generally pass through them though they eventually cut off the transmission of direct current. Another distinguishing aspect of the devices is the very large unit used to describe them, usually preceded by the prefixes pico-, nano-, or micro-. For ten points what are these circuit elements described by the equation C = Q/V [C equals Q over V]?

Answer: Capacitors


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